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Hi, can i have the exact same demo as on your live demo site?

thanks Michelle


Hello Michelle, all you have to do is to go to “appearance > theme settings > other settings > dummy data” and import the demo content. Then use our website images in your website.

Hi. Preset Color doesn’t work. Theme version is 1.0.8. Web browser version is Explorer 10.


Hi, please send us your website URL and WP login information via http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow :)

Setup is going well so far, though I am unable to find the PSD file with (what I’m assuming) icons and the rest. The demo site said, “organized PSD file”. Maybe that was just fluff for the demo site?


Glad to hear that, unfortunately the PSD files are not included in Big Junior package, if you want to make sure what comes with the package, read the “ThemeForest Files Included” section in item page. :)

Great theme! I have one quick issue. I recently migrated the site from a staging site to live, seamlessly transferring over all databases and files. Once transferred, the shortcode button in the TinyMCE editor has disappeared from the new live site. (It does still show on the staging site though).

Any assistance here? I’ve disabled all plugins, reuploaded theme files, and repaired the database, but still no luck.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you mate :)
This issue happened becaused of tiny MCE update on WP 3.9, we are still investigating the issue and trying to fix it as soon as we can, your paitence is much appreciated. :)

Good morning,

We updated to WordPress 3.9 and now we are not able to see the option of the “+30 short codes” in addition the side widget area is not displayed on blog pages. Can you please help us?


Hello mate, please send us an email using http://themeforest.net/user/PixFlow so i can help you fix it.

Hi, After the update to WP3.9 the short code icon disappear from the WYSIWYG. is there an update for this? if so how do we get it?


Hello mate, you can either join our support forum @ support.pixflow.net to download the related files or send us an email using pxflow@gmail.com so i can send you the patch.

hello. i bought ur theme today.

but i cant make wordpress like your sample.

Q1. how to use your slide?

Q2 where is the icon like u?

Q3 how to use contact page like u?

Q4. broke in IE10


Hello mate, Thank you for buying Big Junior.
1) Open the downloaded package from themeforest and go to ’’LayerSlider Templates”, you should import the files inside this folder to “Layer slider” panel in admin dashboard.
2,3) Go to “appearance > theme settings > other settings > import dummy content” and import our website pages, you can see how they work now.
4) Please send us a screen shot of the issue using pxflow@gmail.com so i can help you fix it.

Hi, Is the theme ready for WP 3.9 ? Many thanks.


Hello mate, yes we have fixed the WP 3.9 issues, the update will be available in next 24 hours. :)

Hi, We too are having issues with the sidebar showing up on single blog post pages. How can we fix this?


Hello mate, please send us an email using ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and mention the issue. Also we need your website URL + WP login information, FTP Address and FTP login info.

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Hi. I have 2 issues. I cant get the slider to work. I tried to import the textfile you mention and I have also imported the “demo content” from the Slider but it says “Slider not found”.

I have also a question. Can I integrate WooCommerce to this website if I buy woocommerce?

Thanks for your help!


Hey mate, i should check your website, please send us your website URL and WP login information using pxflow@gmail.com , also Big Junior is not Woo Commerce ready, you should add some styles and codes to the theme. :)

I see the preview is down. Could you let me know when it’s back? Cheers!


It’s online mate. :)

I see the preview is down again. Can you let me know when its back online?



It’s online now. :)

Hi there,

Have been using and loving this theme for about 6 months with just a few top-level pages. I went to add a blog area today (had not been using blog) and begin posting. Unfortunately, the only options I see for displaying recent posts is the Post Slider shortcode. I can’t seem to figure out how to get recent posts to display like it appears on the demo site in the list format not the carousel or slider. Any help?

Thanks a bunch!


Hello dear mbutler05, thank you for your great comment. Simply create a page with default template and set it as your post page in “settings > reading”. :)

Great theme, but now it’s broken after upgrade at wp3.9.2 Any tips?


Thank you, please send me your website URL and WP login information and I will investigate the issue.

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Thanks for such a great theme!

Is there a possibility to add full width description after “split” portfolio? In case I’m adding new container with content after “split” portfolio, it begins from the half of the page.


Thank you mate, why don’t you use full width portfolio?

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because I really need split portfolio (slider on the left side, short description on the right side), but add full width after this.


Unfortunately it’s not simply possible.