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hello, my logo in the portfolio home looks larger than before, I just upgraded to wordpres, how can I put it in the original size it was before? Thank you

Hello mate, please send us your website URL and WP login information to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and we will check that issue. :)

In case anybody has trouble importing ‘Layer Slider Slides.txt’ file rename it to ‘Layer Slider Slides.json’ and try again.

Thank you for sharing this mate. :)

Hello, is the theme ready for WP 4.1 update ? Thank you for your reply.

Hello, we haven’t checked that yet, but you can contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com to know that.

revslider exploited in package. make sure to download latest version of revslider.

Revslider is not included in Big Junior.

Short code link is not there. I see this is a common problem, what is the fix?

Trying to find an answer and your support forum is not loading. Any help?

We are fixing the support forum issue at the moment. Please send us an email via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and we help you.

Hello. Purchased Big Junior theme last week. Great theme. Having some problems thought:

1. The blog page – posts are set to show as “summary” in the ‘Reading’ settings. But on the blog page they show as the full post. Could you tell me what settings need to change, if any, or if there is another problem.

2. When I imported the Wordpress theme to my site, none of the dummy pages for the blogs are included. I imported twice and still the same problem. In the archives section they show but in the Pages section there are no template pages I can use or copy from for any of the blog posts. Rather frustrating because the blog is important to my site.

Your assistance will be great appreciated.


Also, the video widget in the sidebar section does not work. The URL does not show any video. Only the heading and description work.

Sorry for delay, our support staff @ ticket.pixflow@gmail.com will help you with all your questions soon.

Hi, our staff has asked you to send him the login details, did you receive our email?

Worse Support ever. I bought your theme BIG JUNIOR and have been requesting for the sample data ever since I purchased it. Can you please send me the sample data or tell me how to get it to look like the demo. I have emailed you several times but you guys dont answer.

How the hell did they get 5 stars for this

Hi, I can see that you have send us and email 10 days ago and we have answered you 9 days ago, then you didn’t respond until 4 days ago. Our primary support channel is support.pixflow.net , also I have answered your mail. :)

Hello, is the theme ready for WP 4.2 update ? Thank you for your reply.

Hello, yes we don’t have any issue with WP 4.2 . Just make a back-up of your current website.

Ok, thank you !

You’re welcome.

Hello, I’ve just installed the theme and I’ve been trying to add sliders to my webpage but neither the samples nor the images I upload show. It just shows an icon as if it were loading. I wonder if the problem is with the version of the plugin (as I’ve seen that the latest is 5.3.2. and i have 5.1.1.) or the wordpress version (I’m using 4.2.1) or any other problem…

Thank you!

Hi, I apologize for delay. Please contact ticket.pixflow@gmail.com if you still have any issue.

Hello! Unfortunately I have a problem with the Shortcodes. The “green plus” is not in the editor windows any more. Everything is fine with the WYSIWYG-Editor, only the button is missing. Can you tell me, where I can find it, or if I can fix the code or something else?

Greetings and thanks a lot!

Hi, sorry for delay. If you still have any issue, make sure you are using the latest version of big junior, if you do please contact us via ticket.pixflow@gmail.com

Hi there…

Drop down menus seemed to stop functioning after the latest WP update. Any insight to this matter?


Hello mate, can you please send us your website login information to ticket.pixflow@gmail.com so we can investigate this issue?

i am not able to use button in my site for big junior theme. what would be the reason


PxJoe Author Team

Dear Daddybrand

hi there , please contact us on ticket.pixflow@gmail.com and i will be glad to answer you there

Hello, is the theme ready for WP 4.3 update ? Thanks


PxJoe Author Team

Dear Pixflow User

till now we did not receive any report about WP 4.3 problem , but if any issue happens we will do our best to solve the issue