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Hi Brankic,

Still the instagram feeds don’t work, and neither do the twitter feeds, even with your twitter update you posted. The demo version of your twitter update doesn’t work either. Can you please help??


If you have problems with Instagram feed showing, you’ll have to generate your own here http://www.brankic1979.com/instagram

hi ; ?f your template fonts support Turkish character i wanna but it…


If there is Google Web Font which supports Turkish characters – you can buy it.

Hello, is considered an update, some time has passed. Thank you!


No update is planned. Is there something what doesn’t work?

hi, i am interested in purchase this theme, but i want to know first if its possible to add a newsletter suscriber form, just entering the email. It would be possible to place it in the footer? thanks


This is HTML template, so everything is possible. Of course, you have to do it yourself (or to hire a freelancer)

Just 1 question before the buy, the only thing i need besides what is included (wich i think is amazing) is a map generator that is actually gonna work without do a mess with the code, or move the pin in the map, because in every portafolio item i have to add a map and just 1 pin, since is MY work to do that, i only ask: wich one do your reccomend, or know is gonna work in the theme? what do you reccomend, do you have a plug-in that integrates with this theme for that? THANKS, great work!

Hello Brankic,

The twitter update still doesn’t function; which also can be seen on your live preview example…

Can you figure out a way to solve this problem? Thanks


I would like to add a phone number option for the contact form. I would like the contact form to validate that the input is numbers. Please advise how to do this!

Thank You!


This is beyond our free support. Google for “phone number jQuery validation” and if you find the solution, please post it on our support forum.

After installing iOS 7 on my iPad, I noticed that BigBang theme have some targeting errors on iOS 7 at the iPad, here you can see how BigBang theme looks on iOS 6 (iPad 4 retina display):


And here how it’s shown on iOS 7 (iPad 4 retina display):


As you can see, something has changed on Apple’s new OS, I think the media queries needs some kind of adjustment. Now there are not differences on portrait and landscape visualizations.

Best regards.



Hi there, could you please help me with the tweeter feed….it doesn’t work…. I would apreciate if you can give me a solution. regards

K don’t know if this has already been answered previously but very simple question and I can’t seem to be able to find it anywhere:

Where do you go to change the BG color of this template to anything else but white??



K never mind this found it in the body CSS tag where it should be :P

Never mind.

Thanks for the beautiful template, even a novice like myself made it work! Question: would it be possible to add a downloadable pdf portfolio somehow?

may07 Purchased


Amazing template! Can you help me with the portfolio, please. I used the portfolio 4 columns but I want to add some items (more than 12, I wanted 48 items in the same page). However, when I add the html to obtain more items it looks good,but when the prettyphoto gallery is opened, it shows the same number and doesn’t charge items in the right order (it appears only 16). Coulld you please help me to modify the javascript code and html code to update with new items in order that new items appears in the right order? Thanks in advance for your help…

may07 Purchased

It’s ok… I have found the solution… Need no reply

Theme won’t install, no style.css.


It’s not a WordPress version. There’s also a WP version. Check with Envato support about refund.

The twitter and instagram functionality is broken. Is there something that I’m missing?

Do you have any plans to update this to the latest Bootstrap version?

flickr photostream widget not working please advise?

It appears the Flickr stream is down here, and I’ve never been able to get the Twitter stream working. Is there a fix planned?


My portfolio page consist of videos (no images) and it’s working great. I would just like the videos to play back larger. It looks like they are set to fit viewport. Can I set them to play at a specific size, such as 960×540?



Quick fix: replace

    if ($shape != "" && $shape != "triangle") 
        $thumb_image = $square_size_image[0]; 
    if ($shape != "" && $shape != "triangle") 
        $thumb_image = $square_size_image; 
in includes/bra_shortcodes.php (Appearance -> Editor)