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Great looking theme!

Thanks Mixey :-)

Gorgeous. Good luck with sales. Any chance of this becoming a Wordpress theme in the not too distant future?

Thanks Nvotto, glad you like it. Wp version is still in progress, hope it will be finished within next 2 weeks.

Great job, wonderlicious design ! :)

Thanks Bedros, we really appreciate your kind words :-)

great stuff…I’m sure this will be WP.

Thanks Wesleysoccer…your’re absolutely right about WP :-)

Incredible work!

I’ve been using the Typetailor template for my creative portfolio, and I definitely plan on purchasing Bigbang as a successor!

Your attention to detail is great, keep up the good work.

Thanks Dreamlyfe,

your portfolio looks great, I just love the way you used our typetailor template. Glad you like our style, and we’ll try to keep up this way.

Very nice theme. Any chance the WP-version will include a black edition as well? Love your old design in black :)

Hi Andy77,

thanks for advice, we’ll keep it in mind, and it will probably be included.

I reallly want this as a Wordpress Theme! Will work perfectly for the re-brand of my site,

Two weeks, you say? Is that a definite? ; )

Hi Silentalibi,

we’ll give our best to finish it in next two weeks, but I really can’t make any promises at this moment.

Beautiful work!

Thanks Louiejie :-)

Design looks good but Responsive temp is not working on ipad or iphone.

btw will you have it for Joomla ?? design look very good.

THank you

Hi Veltelcom,

we’ve been checking it zillion times on different devices and browsers, and everything look just fine. Joomla is not something we are familiar with, so this not an option. Sorry.

Awesome! Waiting for the Wordpress version

Thanks Paul, wp is coming soon,

waaiaiaiaiaiaiiaiaiaiaaiaiting for the wordpress, pleeeeeeease.

Probably in next two weeks, we’ll give our best.

Will buy this in WP. Can you make the footer “minimizable” rather than static? That would be perfect.

Yeah, that’s a great suggestion. Thanks.

Responsive design doesn’t work on smaller screen… try to resize window and you’ll see!

By the way, GREAT DESIGN ! :)


we’re just making update for portrait orientation on smartphones.

Another great one! :D

Hvala Dule ;-)

Really great design!

Just checked it on Galaxy S II and it’s too wide for portrait, does fit in landscape ..

Thanks pixelgrease,

we’re just making update for portrait orientation on smartphones.

very nice theme

Thanks Behzadg :-)

I purchased this with the impression that it would work with wordpress. What are my options at this point?

Hi Hennelly,

so sorry but this is html template, therefor it’s not working with wordpress. Making this template as a wordpress requires a lot of additional coding. You can always ask envato support for refund.

Regards Brankic1979

Vi ste moji idoli :) Very nice template indeed! GLWS !

O hvala hvala Anps na divnim recima i željama :-)

when will big bang be available for as wp theme?

Starting today, BigBang is available as WordPress theme…