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Hi Brankic,

I left this comment two months ago when I purchased this template, I hope you can help… The instagram photostream doesn’t work with Firefox (tested on Mac), nor IE.. I also checked it on your live preview here in themeforest, and it doesn’t work there either. http://demo.brankic.net/bigbang/streched/elements.html No pictures show up on the preview. Can you help?? Thanks so much!

Note: it does work on Chrome, but if I have other javascript scripts on the same page, it won’t work….



Weird, I’ll try to find solution in next few days. Really don’t know why this happen, maybe Instagram changed their API or something…


Hi Brankic, any updates?

dutchess Purchased

I know this is an older template but there are some issues upgrading to jquery 1.9.0 and up, “header.js” and select menu won’t work.



Don’t use 1.9.0 :)

Is there any particular reason for using this version of jQuery?

dutchess Purchased

No particular reason, just like to keep things ‘up to date’. Updated “Flexslider” to current version and it uses jquery v1.9.1 but it caused problems with some template features so I’m currently using v1.7.2. Just wanted to let you know, if this template is still pretty popular the v1.4.4 version it currently uses is a little outdated and many add-ons won’t work with it.

kfal Purchased

I’m having trouble installing Big Bang theme. Using WordPress 3.5.1 on GoDaddy.

Following instructions on following link: http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/269 I zipped up the boxed and stretched folders separately and tried to upload them via the dashboard. This is the error I got.
The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.
I then followed the instructions explicitly and only uploaded the zipped css folder (which is where the style.css file is), and I got this error:
The package could not be installed. The style.css stylesheet doesn’t contain a valid theme header.

Theme install failed.

I then FTPed the folders into the themes directory, and when I go to manage themes, I get the following error

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name            Description

                    Template is missing. Template is missing.

I then created a folder to contain both the stretched and boxed themes. I then got this error when I went into Manage Themes:

Broken Themes

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template.

Name                                                  Description

Bigbang-Responsive_HTML_Template     Stylesheet is missing.

What, if anything, am I doing wrong? It seems that files are missing.

kfal Purchased

I also tried taking the opening comment from a working template and copied it into style.css, and created a copy of style.css in the theme’s root directory. Did not help.

I googled “Template is missing” and found out that each theme must have an index.php file to call various files., which the current zip does not. So clearly, files are missing. Re-downloaded file several times (as folks using other themes with the same problem have been successful resolving that way – assuming different versions on different download servers), but files still missing.

Will request a refund if this is not resolved quickly.


About refund you’ll have to ask Envato because you’ve bought HTML instead of WordPress theme :(

kfal Purchased

:sick: Um yeah. Client bought wrong template. Purchasing the WordPress one now. So sorry. Please disregard.

However, can we somehow get credit for the HTML purchase? We won’t be using it. . . . Thanks so much.



You have to contact Envato support…


Can you check the twitter feed? it’s not showning info right now, it freezes on “loading tweets…”

Twitter feed isn’t working, could you help me?

Hi, I really like this theme but is it possible to make this a single page and then the navigation will update the state depending on what section you are? (e.g about, portolio etc.)

This sites navigation is a good example: http://plberret.fr/



I have a question re: the contact form. I followed the instructions from the help document – and it works on my localhost – but once I upload it to the site, the fields populate/mark “required” but the send command doesn’t do anything.

No edits have been made to the forms except editing my email address in and the tags are all in order. Thoughts?


Thanks in advance.

I would like to buy this one. Before, is that possible to change the “PORTFOLIO THUMBNAIL HOVER” to grey transparent?

Thank you

Hi, I really love this template :) But could you take a look on this little issue with the gallery? See the video link below :( Could you possibly fix that bug please?


Sorry, I missed the cursor. Find the bug in this one err1_bigbang.mp4

BewareCo Purchased

Hello any news on instagram stream ? cuz I mine is not working :( Cheers

BewareCo Purchased

Also will there be a fix for contact2.html to work on iPhone?



Instargam stream on our live preview is working http://demo.brankic.net/bigbang/streched/elements.html

Sorry, but we’re not planning any update on this theme :(

First off, this template is awesome!!! the js and features make using and updating so simple.

I do have a question about directing the Header links to style and js files. I directed portfolio pages to a new sub-directory on the server, but the single page detailed html file (folio-template.html) does not link everything back as the other pages in the root directory.

“blue” css theme is missing some of the menu items are missing -min.png logo not following on sub-directory pages – regular log is.

i added an additional ”/” folder indicator per css and js link at the top and adjusted the picture files throughout the html file

A little insight would be helpful.

Hello Brankic,

I’m thinking of purchasing the HTML theme. However, I’m wondering how you can create posts in this theme? Is there also a loginfunction like in a wordpress theme to allow my client to create his own posts, or should I purchase the wordpres theme then (if your theme should exist in a wordpress flavour)?



Can you centre the slider? and the rest of the page? If so then i will for sure purchase.

Hello Brankic,

The instagram feed doesn’t seem to work, even on your demo page: http://demo.brankic.net/bigbang/streched/elements.html

Can you help? It used to work at some point but then stopped working….. Thank you!



Hi Brankic, any updates??

Any way we can disable the mobile phone mode with the small menus? I think viewing this seeing this site full on a mobile device is much better!! Any help appreciated!

You’ll have to remove these 2 lines from the HEAD section (from each page)
<meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1" />
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width" />
Also, from CSS files, you’ll have to disable media queries (near the end of the file) Also, from javascript/custom.js you’ll have to remove

    var $menu_select = $("<select />");    
    $("<option />", {"selected": "selected", "value": "", "text": "Site Navigation"}).appendTo($menu_select);

    $("#primary-menu ul li a").each(function(){
        var menu_url = $(this).attr("href");
        var menu_text = $(this).text();

        if ($(this).parents("li").length == 2) { menu_text = '- ' + menu_text; }
        if ($(this).parents("li").length == 3) { menu_text = "-- " + menu_text; }
        if ($(this).parents("li").length > 3) { menu_text = "--- " + menu_text; }
        $("<option />", {"value": menu_url, "text": menu_text}).appendTo($menu_select)

    field_id = "#primary-menu select";
       value = $(this).attr('value');
       window.location = value;


Perfect! Great work & thank so much for the quick follow up!

The twitter feed stopped working for me all of a sudden, what could of caused that?

Is anyone else having the problem when you scroll in Chrome, the header area jitters, the fonts get blurry, and the top doesn’t remain fixed? When you roll over certain items, the header jitters, I’ve never seen anything like this before. :(


If this happens only in Chrome, please check if there’s some add-on, plugin in Chrome activated.

We’ve started Support Forum, so please register and post your questions there