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elbnetz Purchased

Hi there,

we can’t update from 1.9.5 to the latest version, as the footer is positioned to high and covering main content.

What do you suggest?

Thanks, T.


Another update (which fix this in stretched layout) is approved.

With the new version, What are the updates? Where is the changelog? I do not see that posted.


Hi there! Since the last theme update, my blog pages are now displaying videos at a much shorter height. Please see: http://www.foxaccountingservices.com/blog/

Is there an easy way to fix the video display dimensions?

Thank you!


Thank you for fixing the video height in the last update! :-)

capegold1 Purchased

Hi after the update of a few hours ago, the colors are not changing on mine. I’m using Visual Composer on a static homepage but that shouldn’t affect it. They used to change in that setup. Thanks.

siddd Purchased

Well!! My home page title is working again after the update!!

And so is the slider timer!!


firstunit Purchased

In my installation, after updating from 1.9.5 to, the portfolio shortcode is no more working, I cannot see it from the list of shortcodes (the others seems to be all in there, but not the portfolio one) in the post editor.

I’ve updated just the files found in the changelog. Any idea?


Edit: I went back to the 1.9.5 and the list of shortcodes is the same. I’ll look for help in the brankic forum.

Hello, if it’s not too much trouble, can you please update the changelog in the Item Details? Thank you :)


My photography page contents have just disappeared. I have no idea why :/ any help would be appreciated. The page should link to Flickr xx

Ipad view is shagged on your demo!

Offirk Purchased

Hi, how can i make the portfolio card in the homepage (the color hover of the image) clickable and link to the portfolio page?