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If you go to Brankic Panel—> Contact page you should write in the first text box your email. Then everything would be fine (at least worked for me).

Hi there, This may seem a very silly question but it’s what’s making me hesitate from purchasing this theme.

Is it possible to change all the orange to a green??


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Hello Guys!

If somebody could answer this, it would be great. How to turn the slider a little slower?



How do you switch the mobile viewer off? Also the images all show up full size and are not scaled :-/

onickz619 Purchased


I have a question, why does my images appears very poor in quality in my portfolio?

please see: http://creativekeno.com/portfolio/banners/

I have save it enough in quality but it appears very poor when displayed in the website.

hope to hear from you.

sullusta Purchased

I need the logo icon for Instagram social media, just like Twitter or Facebook… but it isn’t avaiable.

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How to deactivate flexslider only on porfolio page

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Like many other buyers, I am having problems with the upload button within the Brankic Panel.

This means I can’t upload a new logo (or remove BigBang logo) so I can’t allow my site to go live yet.

Please can you at least post an update on when buyers can expect their support issues to be resolved.

Thank you.

yes, i have the same problem of Nadimh.

@petergr, Thank you for the answer!!

I did that and steel not working… I´ve seen some other people has the same problem (Contact form not sending message, regardless of the success “Thank you…” message popping up).

Lets hope this guys start support soon!

hi! on portfolio items… is there a way to add a message to a .swf file so that if a person is viewing it on their iphone or ipad gets a message saying “must have flash to view” so they don’t just see a blank screen?


My photostream is always disappearing. I’ll get it to work and then sometimes I’ll refresh and the photos will be gone. I’m trying to use the instagram stream with 9 photos (3×3) shown as small squares. This is the code I’ve been using, is something wrong with it?

[bra_photostream limit=”9” social_network=”instagram” layout=”small” shape=”” user=”myname”]


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On the Widgets page the Footer_left won’t save text box. Also the Footer_right won’t align right. Please see www.beerbrewhq.com

Thanks for the help – great theme, looking forward to getting up and running

kaydub15 Purchased

Re: my above post – I found a workaround where I had to add 2 text boxes into the widget and one of them finally saved. Issue resolved.

Hi, I am interested on buying the theme for a bilingual blog. Can you please tell me if multilanguage is supported?

Thanks, Best Regards,

10kro Purchased

How do I save the pattern I have selected as a background. I have to keep selecting it and it never saves.

Thanks so much, love the theme.

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Site: http://www.newtwistcreative.com

Hi There,

When I try to reduce the ‘Recent Work’ portfolio on my home page from 4 columns to 2, it still displays it as 4 columns. I’m trying to separate the content so there is text on the left and 2 columns of the portfolio on the right using the [one_half] tags, however, when I do this the portfolio stays as 4 columns and 2 of the boxes are displayed outside off the page. How do I correct this?

Hi Brankic, I want to include the social media icons in my footer, but I cannot find the ‘socialize icons widget’ in my overview of widgets. What can I do? Best regards, Roger

Hey! Is there a way to put an opacity on the grey boxed arrows on the portfolio items?

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Man you need to get a support forum!

As you haven;’t answered my other question yet i went through loads of your comments and figured it out. Support forum would solve all this, especially in this day and age!

My clients don’t have time to wait!

Anyway – my issues is slowing the slider down.

I see i got to go to “You have to do it manually in slider.inc.php (Appearance -> Editor)”

But where do i put the code for the homepage slider? Where exactly?