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How could i upgrade to the last version of Bigbang ? without any risk to destroy all my work ? ;)

Bests regards, Raphaƫl

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I’ve purchased the theme and started making adjustments. However, I cannot seem to control the size of images inserted into the portfolio, and I’d like to know the way to do it before I put in all the images for projects in an incorrect size… have a look here: http://www.storey-arch.com/portfolio/palace-court-residence/ and http://www.storey-arch.com/portfolio/nim-gardens-apartment/ see, differnt image take up a different sizes when i choose ‘medium’ or ‘full size’ in the Media Library.

Please assist, thanks, I.B.

When I view my site (jordanwetherbee.com/crossroads) on the iPad or iPhone, the slider images on the homepage glitch and flash instead of fading smoothly. What can I do to fix that?

@tuami tuami Gracias por escribir. Instale el plugin, hice los pasos que me indicaste y corregi todo a mi idioma, pero sigo sin poder ver los cambios. Es mas cuando chequeo que todo este bien encuentro que el propio wordpress me da un error de scrip “Scripting Guard [ details ] The Plugin Codestyling Localization was forced to protect its own page rendering process against 19 incidents ! ” No puedo corregirlo, no se que sucede. Sera un problema de la plantilla que no me deja? Desde ya muchas gracias por tu interes. Saludos

Hello. Is there a way to manually arrange the order in which portfolio items appear on the thumbnail page?

Hi Guys,

How on earth do I set a slider like the one on the homepage for this theme? I’ve looked everywhere

Love this theme but I have one question. How do I set up the portfolio page? I have added two portfolio items and only one is showing up? The other will not appear unless it is in the same category as the other. I am at a loss as to how to fix it? Would appreciate your help.

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I need to increase the default font size as it’s too small but there isn’t such option in Brankic panel. Where can I do that please?

Blog Template! HELP! =/ I have been trying to set the blog page (News) with the Template Blog 3, unfortunately it deformats my settings of the blog page. No matter what template I choose for the blog it does not update.

I have realized that if I change Settings > Reading > Posts pages , from the blog page (News) that I want to a different one (Blog), than my page named News gets the correct blog template I want.

Did anyone else had the same problem?

I would really appreciate some help. Thank you

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stupid question…I want to show the full blog post and not see the “Continue Reading…” link.

How do I set that up? Thanks!

I purchased the theme two days ago. Works great but I can’t find the Latest Tweets Widget anywhere. It is not in the Available Widgets Panel. Am I missing something? Another question, what’s the short code for Facebook Like buttons or Pin It buttons? I hope it’s not a stupid question. Thanks beforehand.

Hi wonderful theme! Is there any possibility of centering both the header logo and menu? If so Im definitely going to purchase. Any help on doing so would be grateful!

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I am a little unclear on the concept of single-page websites and Wordpress. The final result I want is that everything: portfolio, contact, about, etc. is viewable on the one home page. Do you create separate pages and then some how hook them onto the Home page? Or do you just put all your content into the Home page?

Does anyone know if you could install an Instagram plugin and still allow the hex / circle / thumbnail masks over them? Or do you HAVE to use the default gallery?

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stmainec Purchased

I activated the theme and it’s very nice, but for some reason the Site Title and Tagline only show up on my Posts page, and not my Home page. I would instead want the Site Title and Tagline on the Home page, how can I do this??

So, is there ANY documentation on HOW to use this theme? It’s gorgeous and all the bangs and whistles seem really cool, I just need some guidance on how to set things up? ie – the Gallery where you can choose the shape around the thumbnail… I have no idea how to set that up…

Is it possible to have those thumbnail mask shapes be OTHER shapes if I export a new PNG?

Could you use an instagram plugin or pull in instagram feeds and STILL have the thumbnail masks work on them?

Sorry for all the n00byness … I’m actually a UIE designer, and am still getting into how wordpress works… I always seem to run into 3 walls after I knock down one.

Hi Brankic,

is it possible to add videos (e.g. Youtube) as an “Extra Image” so that it is included within the slider? That would be pretty amazing!

Cheers Max

Hi Brankic,

it seems that there’s a bug at the social icons: when embedding a youtube link, it will always be opened as a page within the theme.

And another question: can I set those links to open in a new window?

Cheers Max

nice template :)