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Hi, its possible pagination of portfolio categories like in this theme? http://theme-fusion.com/avada/4-column/
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Last things is the portfolio circles seem to have a small line showing under each of them http://fiveshades.com.au/?page_id=10 can you tell me how to get rid of them http://cl.ly/image/0s0j1v3q3p3Z
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Hello, I’m experiencing an issue with the theme where some elements of the site aren’t consistently displaying as they should. I’ve noticed (1) my menu item text occasionally displays as grey (instead of white) after it’s clicked/highlighted. (2) My grid items sometimes appear way out of alignment. Finally, (3) I’m using the ninja forms plugin and that too is occasionally appearing completely jumbled and broken.

With each of these occurrences, refreshing the page or clearing cache will eventually solve the issue but it’s often a problem when the page loads for the first time.

How can I fix this?


www.dfpdx.com (pass: designforum1)

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hi there- just installed this theme, runs great in site but the admin panel won’t let me do anything, I get this- Warning: fopen(E:\Sites\home/wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/includes/portfolio_select.txt) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in E:\Sites\Single1\home\wp-content\themes\bigbangwp\includes\bra_create_portfolio_select.php on line 6 due to your server settings, you have to CHMOD 777 file E:\Sites\Single1\home/wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/includes/portfolio_select.txt This file is used only for portfolio shortcode dropdown. You’ll still be able to use portfolio shortcode if you don’t CHMOD txt file, but you’ll have to manually insert ID of parent category. Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in E:\Sites\Single1\home\wp-content\themes\bigbangwp\includes\bra_create_portfolio_select.php on line 45

Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in E:\Sites\Single1\home\wp-content\themes\bigbangwp\includes\bra_create_portfolio_select.php on line 46

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at E:\Sites\Single1\home\wp-content\themes\bigbangwp\includes\bra_create_portfolio_select.php:6) in E:\Sites\Single1\home\wp-includes\option.php on line 568

Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at E:\Sites\Single1\home\wp-content\themes\bigbangwp\includes\bra_create_portfolio_select.php:6) in E:\Sites\Single1\home\wp-includes\option.php on line 569

Can you please help? Thank you so much in advance!

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I try for the second time (first time was 14 days ago..), I hope i will have an answer that time ; )

I’ve got a little problem : I’m using the “4 columns” static page on my home page. If I’m looking for my website via google, the description of my website is wrong, I’ve got the details of my last post ( category + extract of the article + “detailspreview” ). How can I change that ? Where do I have to put the metas ? I tried to put meta on the header.php and I also tried a SEO pluggin but nothing is working… still the same description on google…

Thanks in advance.


Photostream Not Working

Definitely really dig the theme and I’m trying to work my way through all of the installation kinks. I’m having two problems:

1) I installed the dummy content, as I’ve found it’s always easier to reverse engineer content from existing content. Nothing is showing up on any of my portfolio or blog pages … they’re just blank.

2) the Photostream widget does not seem to work. When embedded in my footer, like you have on your live preview, I don’t get any content. I did a little digging and the instagram feed you’re pulling for the LivePreview is from a guy’s site who’s using BigBang. I checked, and low and behold, his footer instagram feed doesn’t work. What gives? Am I putting in the wrong information? I went through the code and can’t see where I’m doing things wrong.

I would appreciate the help.

Dear Brankic1979 the bigbang template is amazing!

I am thinking of bying it for my personal portfolio work.

I just need to ask if i have the possibility to replace the main menu on the upper right with the project filters that is placed above the projects grid.I like the fact that you are always viewing the main menu and i would like to have it as a filter.

Looking forward for your reply.


Have some questions with the icon boxes on the front page.

Is there anyway to make these smaller? I have changed the icons that appear but the white boxes are quite larger now as I am not using text above or below them.


Awesome theme, I am almost there with my site but just need some pointers on a few things. Hope you can help.


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How do I make a portfolio item clickable, and upon click open up the image lightbox? As opposed to on hover give the user two options – image zoom or post.

I will also need to remove those options.


just checked my site and the twitter widget feed is not working. It has been running fine on the footer for months but even if i delete and replace it does not appear. The header appears but not the twitter feed.


Since I am not sure wether you read my comment or not, Im reposting it as i feel that it is a serious formatting issue that I cant seem to fix even by trying to edit style on style.css.

‘I have been trying to set some social icons on my page’s footer, but haven’t managed to get the result I’m looking for. More specifically, ive realised that social icons on the footer only appear correctly if they set (via shortcode) in a text box on the Footer Boxes (Footer_1st_box, Footer_2st_box, Footer_3rd_box and Footer_4th_box). Since i have very few bits of information i want to put in the footer (and because i want to keep it short-thin) i want to use only the Footer_left and Footer_right boxes. In specific, i want to enter copyright information on the left box and add social icons on the right one. Inserting the shortcode on the Footer_right box though, doesn’t seem to show them properly. The icons have a txt title (instead of icons only), they superimpose one another, they are not aligned to the right (as expected) and also tend to ‘thicken’ the footer bar for no apparent reason. Any suggestions on how to make show correctly (like the Footer_1st_box for example) without thickening the footer bar?’

I have made a couple of screen shots in order to see for yourself the effect that adding social icons to the footer_right have on the page: http://justpaste.it/2h6r. Do you have any idea how this could be fixed (even if css editing is required)? Thanx


First of all, I love the theme.

I have two questions:

1. I can’t seem to change the image proportions of blog3. I found the 270×270 parts, but when I change it, nothing happens.

2. I would like to arrange the portfolio overview in alphabetical order.

Sincerely, Nadine

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Hi Brankic1979, Please disregard my previous long post above for the error. Took me a while but finally figured it out! For those who have a similar error go through the help files! :)

Hello, is the 3 column work page template the only work page design with click through to case study descriptions?

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This might be a silly question, but is there any way to make the extra images within a portfolio item appear at a standard height?

Several of my portfolio items have images with both landscape/portrait orientations, and the navigation arrows for the slider seem to only be appearing at the lowest point of the tallest image in the series, which can be disorienting for landscape-oriented images.

I know I can resize images prior to upload, but I was just curious if there was a quicker fix.

My ‘contact to the right’ template somehow got all messed up. check out the below


the bottom footer is all the way to the left, any idea?

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how to get the title link in the portfolio? I want the text to appear only when you put the mouse over together as Title.

How do I add a function to the toggle so when a user is not focused/clicks outside of the toggle div it closes it?

On a portfolio item, is it possible to have text underneath the image, photo or artwork and above the comment and sociables area? Here is a sample page: http://bit.ly/12j1G8p


Purchased your 1st theme today – I must say Very Impressed with so simple to setup theme.

Found BUG and Have a question -

BUG:- Noticed that on mobile device (iphone) navigation defaults to “site navigation’ no matter what page I am on.

Question: Can you tell me how to setup portfolio image link with “Just Popup Image” & no internal link?

Link :http://tinyurl.com/cjphe6z 

Thank you!