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Quick question… How can you get rid of the link on Portfolio popups?

...also, this is a badass theme!!



Do you mean – pop-up when you click on preview icon? If this is the case, add this to Extra CSS in Brankic panel
.preview {dsplay:none;}

ah…I need to start learning CSS. Thanks!!

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I like the theme so far, but I’m having some problems with the shortcodes.

Most of the selections in the Shortcodes menu don’t function – clicking on them doesn’t do anything. The only selections that do work are Social Icons and all of the Column shortcodes at the bottom. I have been able to copy/paste the shortcodes from the .txt and get them to work, but it’s much harder than it would be to just use the shortcodes menu.

I have tried using Safari, Chrome, and Firefox with the exact same results. I have verified that the theme folder is correctly named bigbangwp on the server.

I can’t find any solutions here in the forums, in the FAQ, or the Help documentation. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you in advance!



You’ll have to update the theme. This issue is fixed few months ago…

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I have a problem with my footer. I would like put: Footer_left (TEXT) and Footer_right (Brankic Social Media Widget)

I configure it in: Appearance > Widgets > Footer_left (TEXT) and Footer_right (Brankic Social Media Widget)

But this is the bad result :/ www.nolose.es/footer_fail.jpg

Can I solve it? Thanks!



Sorry, but I can’t see that image :(

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Can you try again? Thanks!!!!!!!

Hi! I really love this theme but I’m still trying to figure out some things. I’ve scanned through some of the questions and answers that are already posted and you’ve mentioned that there is a manual included in the folder that was downloaded. But I couldn’t seem to find it, neither are the widget plugins in the folder I’ve downloaded (I already found the widgets on one of the answers you provided for another customer). Can you tell me exactly where to find that manual? Because I’ve looked through the folder and subfolders.

Maybe a dumb question, but I’m still fairly new with WP, but how do I add a “blog” like how you did with the demo? Do I create another page or should I create a category to be added to the menu? And how can I create the blog themselves? Should they be “posts” or “page” or something else? And how will I be able to connect them to the blog “page/category”?


Sorry for the double post but I just remembered another problem I was having.

I’ve embedded a SWF file to one of my portfolio items. I updated and previewed the changes and everything works great. However, I can only view the Flash file when I go to “Edit page” and “preview” the changes. It doesn’t seem to show up when I click the portfolio item from my homepage nor in the portfolio page. I’ve tried other computers/networks and it does the same thing.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks!

[Edit] DISREGARD my questions about the blog page! I’ve figured it out! Thanks! I still want to know where I can find the help file though! That’ll be great! Thank you!


Help file is in the ZIP file you’ve downloaded – in folder HELP…


Sorry, but there is no such folder. There’s the css folder, images, includes, javascript, and languages?

Another thing, I’ve embedded a SWF file to one of my portfolio items. I updated and previewed the changes and everything works great. However, I can only view the Flash file when I go to “Edit page” and “preview” the changes. It doesn’t seem to show up when I click the portfolio item from my homepage nor in the portfolio page. I’ve tried other computers/networks and it does the same thing. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks!

Again, sorry for the triple posts. I figured how to create blogs, yes, however, when I click the title of the blog or the “Continue reading” button/link, it redirects me to the Blog page.

I realized that the permalink for the posts aren’t changing. So it’s still “domainname.com/blog” instead of “domainname.com/blog/posttitle” . I figured that’s why it redirects to the blog page. Is there a way to fix this, so the post title and the “continue reading” button/link will direct it to the whole content of the post?

Many thanks!


It looks like some redirection rule is still active :(

Try to disable all plugins, and check your permalink settings (try default one)


Thanks so much! But is there another way to make it work and still keep the custom permalink? “domainname.com/blog”

It just looks messy using the default. Thanks a lot!! (:


Nvm, I’ve figured out a way! Thanks so much Brankic1979!!

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I didnt get my question answered. Its important… Are you going to do pagination in a future update for the portfolio?

Hi there.

I sent this a few weeks ago but it must have been missed, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Just been looking through the HTML code of my website and have noticed that none of the images have alt tags when placed in shortcodes. I always add alt tags when uploading images so no problem there. I have tried adding alt text to them in the page editor but this is not updating the html.

Is this a problem with the theme or Wordpress itself?

Any ideas would be appreciated as I am stumped!

Thank you in advance and kind regards, James Capper


Absolutely love your theme, great job!

Just having a problem with the background image. Not sure if I’m doing something really obviously stupid, but when I upload any image for the background (have tried a small tile, and larger image) nothing happens. I’m just getting the standard grey background.

Any ideas? My site is www.murrayme.co.uk.

Thank you! :)


This is a pretty nice Theme – Just one question.

When I purchase the Theme – do you you deliver a demo XML for the first setup?

Thank you and kind regards. Dzoni

Hi Guys,

I was doing so well until I messed up! I’m newbie (please don’t hold it against me!)

I was trying to make my home page the landing page for edwardchristie.com.

I tried to do this by changing either the Settings – General or Permalinks and now it’s completely messed up my website. Can anyone advise me on what to do?

I’m so annoyed with myself…



Hello I somehow deleted the place on the home page where it says “HELLO AND WELCOME, WE ARE BRANKIC1979, ONE OF THEMEFOREST’S TOP AUTHORS. We like to make things for web, in fact we are little bit too obsessed.”

How can i put that back? Thanks!

Another quick question:

I’d like to use secure https Vimeo links in a portfolio…however when I add a secure URL, the video won’t play. If I change the video URL back to “http://....” it plays normally. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanks again!!

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I’ve just installed and all is great! However, I’m seeing an issue with the padding on the comments section. The word “comments” is cut off.

I’ve compared to live preview & played with CSS a bit but have come short – any ideas?

See what’s happening here > http://dabbledoneright-production.s3.amazonaws.com/production/files/Comments_Formatting.png


Thanks for your great service so far:) Have a couple of questions.

1)There are no padding between the columns:http://romler.no/?page_id=79.

2)I would like to change the page header from this: http://romler.no to this: http://romler.no/2.png. Could you help me with that.

Thanks for a great theme!


Quick question – Why does the Reading (sub menu from Settings) not display? Does anyone else have this problem?

p.s I solve my earlier problem that I was having yesterday

L.O.V.E this theme

Hello! How can I create a portfolio item with one-column layout instead of the default one third/two thirds?

Also, for most of my portfolio items I’d like it to just take you to the portfolio page if you click anywhere in the highlight rectangle, know what I mean? Instead of having to click the little “link” icon in the lower right hand of the highlight rectangle.

Thank you, great theme!!


So my client doesn’t like the portfolio page options that are provided with the theme, but they absolutely love the individual portfolio page items. I have a “gallery” set up for them that simply opens the first portfolio item in the list, and then cycles through them.

Is there a way for me to make multiple portfolio galleries this way, and if so, how?

Link to the site here: http://laurabdelind-linocuts.com

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Hi! Is there a way to remove commenting from Portfolio items? Thanks!



For each post you can disable/enable comments via “Allow comments.” in Discussion toolbar.

If you want to disable it on all portfolio items, edit (Appearance -> Editor) single-portfolio_item.php and delete
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Hi, another question. Is it possible to hide the Portfolio Item Title in the Portfolio Grid View? Just show the image.

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.item-info {
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