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How can make the individual slides in my slider link to different urls? Right now it just pops up the same image in a popup?

Thank You


I do that but it brings it up in a pretty box type of frame, It does not link to the address? It does this even when I choose none for the link url.


I see this in firebug pp_pic_holder pp_default


Do you have to do something special on a windows server install?

Hello, is it any possibility to get excerpts instead of summaries to my blog posts?

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Hi Rikard,

I’m using the_excerpt() function, so if there is any excerpt inserted it will be used. If there is no excerpt defined, 55 words will be used…

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Great theme! I love it.

Is there anyway to make the portfolio item page full width instead of 1/3 description & 2/3 image? I would love to have a full width Header image at the top of each item in my portfolio and then I can manually recreate the 1/3 & 2/3 with Shortcode.

Thanks, Tim



You don’t have to use portfolio items / category for portfolio shortcode. You can use “normal” posts / categories and normal posts can be with(out) sidebar (Brankic panel -> Blog)

I hope that makes sense…

Hi Brankic,

Was hoping for a bit of help, I updated your theme with the new version, and seem to have broken a couple of things on my site when it updated.

It’s the link to the pretty photo, originally i found something on either a on FAQ or within the comments where you mentioned what bit of code to delete to remove this, so you wouldn’t be able to click on images at all.

I can’t find where you posted this again, if you could let me know it would be great.

Just to mention I don’t want to delete the pretty photo javascript file as the images still open in separate page but I actually want to not have the images clickable at all?

Best regards, Dina


Hi Dina,

May I see the URL of the page with the problem?



Sure: http://dina-makanji.com/portfolio/crownpaint/

1. So when you click on the main image it does a pretty picture pop up, which I want to disable without deleting the pretty photo.js file. So how can I make the image completely unclickable?

2. Also you can see on the page I have added this into the brankic panel:

.section-title h1.title { display: none; }

Is there a way of removing the large spacing it has left behind?

Thanks for your help, it’s really appreciated.

Regards Dina


Hi Dina,

1. Edit (Appearance -> Editor) and remove lines with A tag around IMG just after (212th and 214th line))
                for($i = 0 ; $i < $extra_images_no ; $i++)
                    if (isset($portfolio_item_extra_images[$i]))
                        if ($portfolio_item_urls[$i] == "") $portfolio_item_urls[$i] = "javascript:void()";
2. Add this to Extra CSS
.single-portfolio_item .section-title {display:none; }

I hope this helps…

Hello, I think that purchase this template.

but I need to know before you buy if this template will do this: 1) logo on the left side move to middle and place over the menu? 2) and menu move on middle under logo?

I tried to find it here in comments. if such a possibility exists. but I never finished reading the code by which it was do. I need know this before they buy.

Thank you in advance for your help/answer.



You can’t do that out of box, but freelancer with medium CSS knowledge can do that for sure (less than 1hr of job)

Does this theme allow for child themes?


No :(

I’ve tried to include child theme, but it doesn’t work – I’m not an expert on child themes, but I think it’s because the way I’ve included CSS files in bra_theme_functions.php

Hi Brankic,

I’m having trouble with footer. How do i make the footer stay at bottom? (like this: http://www.lwis.net/profile/CSS/sticky-footer.html)

Thanks very muchhhhhh :)



Footer is not fixed to the bottom, so on “short” pages there will be empty space below :(


Hi Brankic,

I really need footer stay at bottom, please help.

Hi, Please please please can you respond to my email or comments about the gallery not showing properly on ipads! Thank you


Sorry for late answer :(

May I see the URL?

i have a very big problem :__!! when editing a pages or posts, the options of brankic panel, do not work. I have to do?

thanks fr all :)


Try to disable all plugins.

If this doesn’t work, try clean install (both WordPress and theme)

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Hi! It’s a big delight to know about this theme one by one. But I’d like to know some more! (and many more)

1. How can I remove the magnifying glass icon when I put the cursor on a portfolio? 2. How can I remove the title of portfolio in portfolio page? In this page, http://demo.brankic.net/?theme=BigBangWP titles like ‘Homo Homini Lupus’ or ‘Exercitatio Optimus Magister Est’ are there. Can I make them invisible so that there are images only. I’m korean and when it’s in Korean, it’s very ugly…. :-(

Thanks for your big support!



1. Add this to Extra CSS (Brankic Panel)
.preview {display : none ; }
2. Add this to Extra CSS
.item-info {

This is the second time I’m posting this question. If you can’t answer it could you at least tell me. Thank you….....

Hi Brankic

When using the Flickr photo stream on a page is there any way of disabling the hover over effect on the thumbnails?

I would just like people to be able to click on the thumbnail and open the full size image in the lightbox.

Hope that makes sense!

Many thanks



Hi Glenn,

Sorry, I was pretty sure I’ve answered this question :(

You’ll have to edit javascript/bra.photostream.js . Below (317th line)
if (o.social_network == "flickr")
is this line
if (o.shape == "none") {
After that you’ll have to remove DIV with class item-info-overlay. Of course, you must have basic HTML knowledge…

Hi Brankic

Thank you for getting back to me.

I don’t want to sound cheeky but if I give you the login details is there any chance that you could do it for me? I’m not great with code.

I understand if you don’t have time.

Best regards


Hello ! New Question.

When i’m over the preview project on the portfolio grid, i would like see just the descriptif and on the bottom the small icon link, not the magnifying glass icon ( for open the picture preview ) It’s possible to remove this small icon easy ? Thanks for your feedback !

Best regards,


Hi! Great template, loving it so far. I’m having some trouble with the grid and map shortcodes though, they don’t seem to be working.

For the grid, this is the shortcode I’m using:
[bra_grid grid_columns='4']<a href="http://denver.org"><img src="http://denver.org/RMS/images/king_soopers.jpg" /></a><a href="http://denver.org"><img /></a><a href="http://denver.org"><img src="http://denver.org/RMS/images/CU_logo.jpg" /></a><a href="http://denver.org"><img src="http://denver.org/RMS/images/CSU_logo.jpg" /></a>[/bra_grid]
with this result: http://www.rockymountainshowdown.com.php53-3.dfw1-2.websitetestlink.com/sponsors and for the map:
[bra_google_map location='Amsterdam, Kalverstraat 92' zoom='15']
and the result: http://www.rockymountainshowdown.com.php53-3.dfw1-2.websitetestlink.com/map

Any ideas why that might be happening? Did I miss an update?

Hello Brankic! Thanks for that theme, just what I was looking for.

Three questions remain.

1) I read in the comments how to make the image-hover-color semi-transparent so you can see through to the images on hover. Please post the extra css for that again, I just spent 2 hours searching for it…

2) Can I change the hover color on portfolio menu? (I’m shure it’s extra css again… :) )

3) How can I change the color around the portfolio items on 2 colums layout. Also the area where the title is set.

Thanks for your concern in advance!

cheers alex

..and another easy one, how do I center the featured images on the portfolio pages if the boxes are to small?

You told user tfhny to:

Try this Extra CSS for fixing the triangle image .triangle .item-container img { width: 100%;}
But how does the code look for regular rectangle shape? thx!
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Hi Brankic,

On the main home page at the bottom we have four photos at the bottom as part of a “Portfolio”. The first is titled About us. When someone clicks the link button we’d like it to just link to one of our other pages, specifically http://wp.letsridebikes.ca/team/. How do we set that up instead of having it go to where it currently takes you. I can’t find where that coding sits for those boxes.

How do we move widgets (Facebook, Twitter etc.) to the top of the page instead of the bottom?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I don’t know if it’s part of the theme or if I installed or changed something, but now every link I put in a post image, WordPress tries to open it in a lightbox.

It’s definitely not a plugin, because I Deactivated them all, and the image links still try to open in a lightbox.

Is there a way to have just some images open in a lightbox and some open a regular link?


Hi! Is there any way I can make the portfolio into five columns wide? I tried to just add one but it ended up creating a second row.

Please see http://websitemockup.co/pwf/ as a reference. You’ll find the problem at the bottom of the homepage.


Hi, I bought this theme a while ago and have been very happy with it. I was working with it lately while updating my site and was wondering if I could disable to ‘expand’ option for photos in my gallery. I like the initial size that comes up when you click the magnifying glass and would prefer that to be the only viewing option. Is this possible?


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Hi, I am getting the error message ‘Email server problem’ when the form on my contact page is completed.

Can you please provide some info on how to resolve this?

Cheers, Erin