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littlepi Purchased

I am having problems with display in chrome

I posted the below, but received no reply, is this possible?...

Hi there, I’m thinking of purchasing your template… I’m a photographer and would like to have a gallery page, rather than a ‘portfolio’, can I add a series of images to a page, that can be clicked on to view larger, like I currently have here.. http://www.benbull.net/wedding-photography/ I dont want to host the images externally on pinterest/flickr etc, I’d rather upload them directly to the wordpress area.

Also, on the main page, is it possible for the ‘recent work’ section to be ‘recent posts’ from the blog?

Basically, I’d rather upload images, or link to the blog… not use the portfolio section. Is that possible?

Thanks for your time, much appreciated!




Sorry for not answering your questions – we had problems with main PC :(

You need default WP gallery. If you don’t like our gallery example http://demo.brankic.net/bigbangwp/gallery-example/ you can use many other plugins which should work with any theme…


Thanks, I think this will work, or we can use a plugin.

On the main page here… http://demo.brankic.net/bigbangwp/ ...you have ‘recent work’, linking to portfolio items… is it possible to replace this with ‘recent posts’, in the same style (ie.. with the image/post title)?


Hi there!

Just wondering if there is any code we can use to code out the page title so the box isn’t showing above the slider as shown in the image below?


Any help would be much appreciated.


The slideshow on my homepage has stopped functioning, instead it is showing: \\

I’ve pasted [slideshow_deploy id=’5640’] on other wordpress pages and it works. Any ideas why there’s a problem on the homepage?

My site is: http://square1studios.org/

Goatitis Purchased
My site http://tsehaystudio.hbrowerlaw.com has very slow loading speeds on the pages with portfolios the very first time anyone clicks on a page. then it works fine. any solutions? I am using a caching plugin but that does not seem to help

how can we echo the category name of our portfolio items?

<?php get_cat_ID( $cat_name ) ?>    not working when replacing
<?php the_time('Y'); ?>

Hello. I notice there’s a new version of Wordpress available. Has the theme been tested on this new version? Best wishes, ALice

Hi, is there a way to center the logo over a centered navigation?

Also, how might I add social navigation buttons to the right-hand side of the title bar?

Oooh, better yet, is it possible to provide the code to put that lovely socialize top-right bar from ZigZag at the top right of BigBang??

Thanks! Beautiful theme!!


Good morning,

I have a problem with vimeo code and prettyPhoto. In our Portfolio I want to show the images with the function “no hover with pop up”. It’s work perfectly with the images but when I click on videos they don’t work. What I have to do to solve the problem?

Thank you for your help…



Where is the mistake? In the implimented code of Vimeo? Thanks.


Mistake is in my code :)

I didn’t defined video URL if user selects “no hover with pop-up”

Please replace bra_shortcodes.php (in folder includes) with this one http://download.brankic.net/BigBangWP/bra_shortcodes1.9.3.zip

You can do it WP Editor (Appearance -> Editor), but you’ll have to unpack attached file on your computer.


YES! I’ve replaced it by FTP way and now works perfectly. Thank you for your great support!!!!

Hi Team,

We have the wordpress installation on windows azure and our contact form isn’t working (http://www.foetron.com/index.php/about/contact/)

Also, first the captcha items you enter doesn’t match and even if you remove the captcha option it says ‘Email Server error’ and the data is emailed to the listed email id in config.

Can you help us fix this as it is really critical for our website.



Easiest solution is to use contact form (7) plugin. I can only guess there is something with your email server which prevents it to work as it should. On my hosting I don’t have such a problem, so this is the reason why I can’t help you :(


I fixed the authentication issues with was there with Configure SMTP. Now if i send test email from the admin panel it works but if submit a form the email is not received. It says ‘Email Server error’ http://www.foetron.com/index.php/about/contact/

Test Email Received: Quote ” Hi, this is the Configure SMTP plugin e-mailing you a test message from your WordPress blog.

This message was sent with this time-stamp: 2013-07-25 17:35:28

Congratulations! Your blog is properly configured to send e-mail.”

Also, i enable captcha it doesn’t accept event the correct captch and refresher’s and say enter again..

aikos4 Purchased

I’ve just purshased this theme and install it on a wordpress multisite installation.

When you are using wordpress multisite, something change is the permenent links structure, and the blog slug appears on it.

I’ve deleted the blog slug and changed the structure to /%postname/, but links are not working on my website.

Can you help me to fix it?

Links are working if I choose the default structure.



I don’t think it’s theme related. I know that because I didn’t anything in the source which is related to slugs :)

What do I edit in order to change the padding between the slider and the portfolio (and also the padding between the portfolio and the footer).

I just want to make the whole page a little more compact, and dont need that much padding.




There’s more than one thing to do. If you have basic CSS knowledge, with Extra CSS in Brankic Panel, you can customize some declarations. Inspect Element feature of Chrome/Firefox is very helpful…

Dmichel Purchased

Hey Guys,

I have a few questions for you:

1) Home Page slogan above slider. Can I make this not be all caps? I typed it in the way i wanted it and it converts it to all caps.

2) I added 1/3 columns to the home page and the 1/4 columns are a little too close together. I tired to add code but the theme rips it out? any way to fix this?

3)I tried to add a color code to the google font and it also strips out and will not display?

4) I am using the blue theme in the site but i want to change the color blue to something a little darker? I tired to find the css for this but none of the files are under editor. where can i change this?

5) Do you know of any way i can add a drop shadow to the slider? I would like the shadow to be on the right side and bottom.

you can view my site at:http://www.waterswisedesign.com/

Thanks for the help.



1) You can’t find css/colors/color-blue.css ? It’s in the www.yourwebsite.com/wp-content/themes/bigbangwp

2) I don’t have any issues with my 1/3 columns. If you want to change padding/margin/width, you should hire freelancer because this is beyond our support.

3) Your 1st quote is very short, so this is why double quotes are cut off. You can try to add empty extra line

4) This can be done with some basic CSS knowledge. Please use Inspect Element feature ‘cause it shows exact CSS rule/declaration for any element. There’s an Extra CSS in Brankic Panel which overrides default CSS rules/declarations…

ps: Sorry for late answer, we had some problems with our main PC…

Dmichel Purchased

Awesome thanks for the reply..

1) So I just tried to switch the main slider nav buttons to this:

.flex-direction-nav li a { background: url(../images/sprite.png) no-repeat scroll 0 0 #015fa4; bottom: 0px; width: 45px; height: 45px; position: absolute; text-indent: -999em; }

but it takes away the white arrows??? I see the oringal has the dar grey (#444) so the only thing i changed was the #444 to #015fa4 but it made it solid blue? how can i change this so it keeps the white arrow?

I am having the same issue with each page under the “Styles” Menu. I have it set up using the slides and it has the nav buttons. (I think if I change the above one it should change on this page as well right? )

Also the grid box which takes you to the main page. It has a little grid in in next to the slider on the style pages. when you hover it turns blue but normally it just shows grey.

2) My next question is if you go to the main page: http://www.waterswisedesign.com/ and just hover over styles you will see the it both blue and grey. what do i need to add to make it just be all blue? I know you will say hire someone with CSS but I know this is an easy fix. All I have is chrome and I was just trying to fix it but when I hover it shows me and as soon as i go down to copy it it goes away. Can you please just give me a quick fix on this one?

i really hope you can help me with these issues vs telling me to hire someone. I know its not typically your support but these seem to be pretty easy. Please help :)


Dmichel Purchased

in regards to #2 I just was able to switch out the blue via the browser but all I get is this:

media=”all” ::selection { color: #fff; background: #015fa4;

How Do I figure out what line to change ha

I fixed my issue of being half blue and half grey but im confused.

lavildi Purchased

Hi, the big bang theme is great!, i have one question: im doing my page in spanish. How can i change the word ‘ALL’ in the portfolio’s filter? thanx!



You should create es_ES.po file or you can change word “All” directly in includes/shortcodes.php

Hello Guys, I have a problem with the button of the shortcode. No longer works. Currently I have installed wrdpress 3.5. I have not updated since I installed your theme. how can I solve this problem? Thank you.



You have to update theme (not WP). In Support section is expalined how to do that http://themeforest.net/item/bigbang-responsive-wordpress-template/2826493/support

aikos4 Purchased

How can I delete de title and additional description next the title on my home page?

And how can I align the text on my homepage on the right. Where can I change: div class=”section-title text-align-center” to div class=”section-title text-align-right”


Hi! First of all, great theme! :) I have two problems, please could you tell me how can I fix it?

1: Right now I have two images in the home slider, I’ve used the extra images in the home page editor to create it. I want to open a pop up with a video when the user clicks on any image, but I can find where I can put the url. I just can see one place in the extra images space that put URL but this work as a link to another page.

2: I have some problems with youtube videos. They work in the pop up but didn’t in the item portfolio details page

Thank you very much :)

willibird Purchased

Hi there,

I’d like to change the hex code for the global color GREEN. I entered this in the EXTRA CSS window:

.green { background-color: #B4CC3D; }

But that doesn’t seem to have an affect.

How would I do this?

Thank you!

Can you please tell me which line of code in the CSS I change to edit font color?

Thank you!

aprenty Purchased

Our site is http://wp.letsridebikes.ca/. On the home page under the main picture there are four pictures in the section media portfolio. When someone selects a picture we want it to link to another existing page rather than going to a newly added page. For example when you select the picture of the camera we want it to link you to the already existing page http://wp.letsridebikes.ca/photos/ rather than what it does now. How do we set that up?