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Hey there, working on my site and trying to add a full width area at the bottom of one of the portfolio pages (one with the sliders). For the life of me I cant figure it out. Any help would be much appreciated.

Notes: Trying to add a “Meet the team” section, as seen on your About page at the bottom of this page: http://www.stonecrowns.com/?portfolio_item=issue-1-2

Thanks again.



Custom portfolio post can’t have full width area because it’s divided in 1/3 + 2/3

You can use normal post type, but I guess this is not a solution you want. You can use portfolio shortcode with normal posts, or with portfolio custom post.

Hi! Is there a way I can have

be shown as a full quote without being moved to the left?

I apologize for that typo, I was talking about the blockquote.

You can try to add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
blockquote {
    width: 95%;
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Hi Brankic, I made additional content to add to the portfolio item in Additional HTML field with iframe. http://www.grrraphics.com/johnnoelmanagement/portfolio/ade-adepitan/ As you see the iframe contains 4 tabs with different content.

Question: Is there a way to tell your theme to adapt the height of the page when you click through the different tabs (showreel/cv/bio/images)?

Thank you, G

Gianpiero Purchased

Sorry I forgot question 2.. Where exactly within your theme do I have to upload the content of the iframe to call an absolute path for the iframe?

I tried to upload it in the folder of the theme but instead of the my custom content it loads the whole wp theme inside the iframe :?



Sorry, but I think there’s no way to control that height (unless you have some medium/advanced HTML skills)

I think iframe issue is not theme related.

Hi- I just bought the theme and wanted to see how i could access and add different icons to the homepage icon widget ? thanks! sophia


This is shortcode icon boxes. In help file is explained where to upload new icons (wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/images/icons/)

Oh and is there any directions on how to center my logo in the middle of the header? - Sophia


Hi Sophia,

It’s not that easy, and we’re not providing such an support…

Of course freelancer (or friend) with basic CSS knowledge could customize the header so the logo is centered…

last question- is there any way to slow down the slideshow/transitions?



Appearance -> Editor – slider.inc.php and near the end of file are settings for sliders on page/post/portfolio



Is there a way to remove the chain icon? I see there was a way to remove the magnifying glass but I don’t see the CSS for removing the other box if you just want the magnifying glass n the portfolio items… Thanks!



Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
.preview {display:none;}

That removes the magnifying glass icon, not the chain one. Can I remove the chain and not the magnifying glass?

Is it possible to remove the footer?



You have to add this to Extra CSS
#footer {display:none;}
or to remove footer DIVs from footer.php (medium knowledge is what you (or some of your friends) need for this action)

awesome. thanks

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Hi Brankici, im working whith the Big Bang Theme and its great! I have a question:

Are there any posible to reoder the items in the portfolio??? Or are there any plug-in that can do it?


Aldendim1 Purchased

I was wondering if this theme is compatible with the latest Woo Commerce plugin? The only documentation I could find seems to indicate that it is only compatible with the Woo Commerce plugin v1.6. Is this correct? What other e-commerce plugins can be used with this theme?

Thank you!


How can I increase the spacing in between the lines of copy on my posts?

I would like to go with bigger font and more (vertical) spacing.


Is your theme woo-commerce friendly ? I installed, but could not get the shopping cart to appear on top corner- is this possible, to have the cart visible on every page when someone adds a product?

Thanks, Sophia

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Is there a way to customize the footer? I would like it to be jagged, somewhat like the header of your porfolio site:

Ol_Jibbs Purchased

In addition to this question I have a few others in order to launch my site.

1. I just want the rollover of portfolio items to make the featured image a little lighter, is this possible? (i.e.http://justinmezzell.com/)

2. The titles of my projects on my home page (portfolio) are showing up too far below and in that grey bar. Is there a way to get them closer to the work, centered, and without the bar?

3. As you can see in this particular piece, I want to show several different shots/closeups of my item, but do not want a slider. To achieve this I uploaded one very large in height image. Is there a way to add seperate images to a portfolio item but still achieve this same effect? http://www.jonathankalbaugh.com/portfolio/calcium-infographic/

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Is there a way to add full width images (full width of browser) to a page?

aprenty Purchased

I would like to have a larger logo than what can fit in the header. How would I put an image in the top left of the sidebar?

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Hello Brankic!

I’ve been searching the forums here and in the help doc that came with the theme about how to add the social buttons under each portfolio piece. I can’t seem to find any solid explanation. I’m trying to get the Google+, Twitter and Facebook “Like” buttons the same way it’s displayed in the live demo here.

I can’t seem to figure it out. Any guidance, link or what have you to assist me in achieving this?

Thanks again!

SurferRob Purchased

Anyone have any luck with this? Facebook “Like” button under each portfolio piece as is in the live demo. \m/



Sorry for not answering your questions :(

Sharing options are the same for blog and portfolio pages. Go to Brankic Panel -> Blog – Show sharing options…

I’m having trouble! All of a sudden my portfolio page looks like this: http://kidcandrive.com/portfolio

When it USED to look like this (which is how it’s supposed to look.) http://kidcandrive.com/different-sizes-with-fixed-height/

Here’s a link to the settings for the portfolio page, so you can see they’re all set correctly: http://kidcandrive.com/?attachment_id=3421

So right now I’m using the other page, http://kidcandrive.com/different-sizes-with-fixed-height/, as my portfolio page, but I’d like to have http://kidcandrive/portfolio display correctly, so it has a tidy link.

Thank you!

Hello, I have a problem with contact form in my website it doesn’t work.

contact url : http://www.tafanin.org/contact-2/

fields: Who will receive emails : info@tafanin.org Email from field: Empty Insert the number of email field below: 2

Field 1 : Name Required Field 2 : Email Required Field 3 : Subject not required Field 4 : Message Required

also I want to ask if there’s a way to retrieve any emails that was sent through the form and we never got it since the form isn’t working as it should be.


I used the new Twitter widget in the 4th footerbox. I would like to know how i can place the twitter icon in front of it. (and clickable) When using the Social Media media widget, two icons appear?

Help would be appreciated.

Website in progress: www.anneliesvalentijn.nl/Wordpress/


I bought this theme and I have some problems with the shortcode wich is displaying clients logos dans the “grid pictures” system.

On my Website, it is displayed withe pictures over other pictures and it’s really strange.

Can you help me with thaht please ?

Here is an exemple on y website (wich is based on BigBang theme). http://www.grafykdesign.fr/a-propos/partenaires/



When I look at my web site with Firebug. It seems that Wordpress decides by himself to put the height property to the

  • element that contains my link and my picture. to 57px (with an image of 500px height inside …) So it could’nt work. Refresh the and the height property as changed. Its the case on every use in all the pages of the “produits” (products) part. Helllp …. Any modifications to do in the Javascript file maybe ?
  • Crowmaster81

    Mabe any reply from Brankic ? I didnt’ finded any solution to my problem. I think maybe the problem comes from PrettyPhoto plugin … but it’s included in the theme and not reachable from the back-office / plugins section.

    Please Help …



    Sorry for late reply :(

    I couldn’t find solution too :(

    What’s annoying – this doesn’t happens all the time :(