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Please can you let me know if there is an option to create a 5th column on the home page (middle column with the icons)



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Thank you!

pethers82 Purchased

Hi, this has worked on 42limestest.com but now i am trying it on the live version www.zealprojects.com it comes up as having an extra one stacked at the bottom, really confused!! Please help! Many thanks!

pethers82 Purchased

Hi, sorry to hasse but does anyone there know what I can do for the above problem?

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Another question…!

Is it possible to create a clients portal where they can sign in and download files?!?

Thank you very much for your help so far!



Our theme doesn’t allow that, but you should search for such a plugin…

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Thanks, are there any you can suggest?

*Please help.. Third time posting this. *

Hello Again,

I posted this and asked for alittle more help on the same topic but havnt had response again.. do u have a solution?

its been awhile since we spoke. but am doing a few updates on my site and wanted to make the bottom footer. for the 1 to 4 footer and the footer for footer left and footer right.. all with a white (clear background)

here can i change this code?

Thankyou. 1 older reply Brankic1979 Brankic1979 AUTHOR 11 days ago Flag Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel #footer { background-color: #fff; } #footer-content { background-color: #fff; } #footer-bottom { background-color: #fff; } Default-user pastamusements PURCHASED 4 days ago

sorry again brankic but its only changing it in the center and not to the left and right hand side of the part u write in. if you can understand what i mean?

how can i change the bit to the left and right also. so it makes the whole page white?

Kind Regards,

Lewis Dowman


Sorry Lewis,

Please show me the URL…



need to change the bottom left and right hand side of the footers.. and also the footers header font colour if possible

thanks again.

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Further to my previous query regarding the “all” filter, is it possible to remove the filter by editing the order script below and placing it in the Extra JavaScript box? If so, what do I need to edit to make the “all” filter and the page will all images disappear?

jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $nav = $(”#portfolio-nav”); $nav_1 = $nav.find(“li:nth-child(1)”); // ALL $nav_2 = $nav.find(“li:nth-child(2)”); $nav_3 = $nav.find(“li:nth-child(3)”); $nav_4 = $nav.find(“li:nth-child(4)”); $nav_5 = $nav.find(“li:nth-child(5)”); $nav.empty(); $nav_5.append(“ / “); // old last item $nav_3.find(“span”).remove(); // new last item $nav.append($nav_1).append($nav_2).append($nav_5).append($nav_4).append($nav_3); });

Many thanks.

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Hi Brankic1979,

with a plugin that allows pictures in the top menu, i managed to have the look i wanted.

If you could help me with 2 difficulties that occur now, i can avoid spending money for a freelancer:


As you can see the red overlay is also over the inserted grafic.

Can i disable the overlay or turn it to white?

Where in the CSS can i change the font size of the title menu?

If you can help me with that, you saved me a lot of time.

Cheers Daniel

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Hi Brankic,

As well as my above question, you kindly provided previous support re amending the arrows so that “next” is “previous” etc.

I made the following changes:

Go to the “single-portfolio_item.php” file. Then:

1. Find UL with class item-nav 2. There, swap previous_post_link_plus and next_post_link_plus. 3. Then, swap classes next and prev. 4. Save changes.

However, my site had an internal server error and after searching I found that the error was the following “PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘(’, expecting T_VARIABLE or ’$’ in C:\CustomerData\webspaces\webspace_00256648\siteapps\WordPress-56632\htdocs\wp-content\themes\bigbangwp\includes\bra_shortcodes.php on line 11”.

How do I follow your arrow instructions without causing this error, as the code initially worked? Or is the error linked with something else?

Many thanks.



Obviously there’s some kind of syntax error. We’re not providing support on these issues, so you’ll have to find a friend with basic PHP / HTML knowledge who can point to that syntax error.

We do have a couple more queries:

As you can see from the URL: http://tfm.wp-engine.com – the portfolio images under the recent work title seem to have whitish tinge (unlike the demo). Also blog templates 1 – 6 don’t seem to have any effect when selected.

Many thanks again for your help.


Sorry, but i can’t open the URL.

Please use our new Support Forum and ask your question there http://support.brankic1979.com/

Hi, I saw that the theme is compatible with woocommerce version 1.6. Is it also compatible with version 2.0.14? Thanks in advance



I think not (some users reported some issues). I’m not an expert on Woo Commerce plugin :(

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Third Time asking

How do you set it so the background color of the menu items section is the color as selected for the theme. Our default here is magenta : http://ucccoalition.co

In your demo version when I set the theme to pink the menu items have a pink box around them when you are on a page in that section.

I have set the css code as follows:

#primary-menu .current { background-color: #C25283 !important; }

Unfortunately it does not seem to be working on our page, the background of the menu is white no matter which section you are in.



Sorry for not answering before. You have to use WP menu (Appearance -> Menus -> Primary Menu)

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Hi, My blog, About Page, and portfolio and all linking to 404 pages. I’m sure it has to do with permalinks but I’m confused and can’t figure out why they don’t work. I have the page attributed to the blog, portfolio, or post categories and still they won’t link correctly. Help please? I followed your other posts regarding similar posts exactly and it didn’t change anything. I’d appreciate help.

my site is here: www.megburk.com



If you’re using default permalink settings – it’s working fine?

I think it’s something about your hosting server, so please ask them about this issue.

Hi Brankic!

I want to change my website’s color theme. I’m using the color green at the moment and would like to change it to a color that is not available on the list. To be specific, I want to change it to color gold. Is there a way I can change this?

Thank you.



Hi Sarah,

You’ll have to choose yellow color and edit bigbangwp/css/colors/color-yellow.css where you’ll replace color codes with new code (golden one)

You can edit this css file on your computer and upload it to the server, or you’ll have to use hosting file manager (if any)

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hey :) how can i remove the top and bottom border on that homepage slider?

How can i set the bottom headers bottom border to width 100% ?

thx :)

CMMD Purchased

*headers bottom border


May I see the URL?

Better – we’ve just started support forum, so please post your question there… http://support.brankic1979.com/

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Can tabs be added to this theme?




You’ll have to search for some kind of plugin. In this theme we don’t have tabs shortcode (our bad :( )

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My Instagram page was working perfectly up until about a month ago. I looked at your live demo of your photostream widget and it appears to be broken as well (http://demo.brankic.net/bigbangwp/2012/07/divinum-dare-humanum-accipere/).

Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Thanks, Annalise


Hi Annalise,

I’ve noticed the same, but right now we’re so occupied with other issues, so we don’t have time to check new Instagram API and see what’s changed.


We’ve started Support Forum, so please register and post your questions there


Are there comming an update soon?

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Just a quick question-What should be the url for the skype icon on your social widget? I thought it should be something like the twitter http://twitter.com/username am I right,but when i try it with skype.com/username it redirects me to skype’s page. Thanks in advance.

Hello Brankic1979

Please Help :-D.

this is my website .www.thurrocksupplies.co.uk

Need to change the bottom left and right hand side of the footers to white.. and also the footers heading font colour if possible?

kind regards,



i cant join forum as i cant find my purchase code?

can u answer here please?

We’ve started Support Forum, so please register and post your questions there http://support.brankic1979.com/

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Hi there,

I am running into a problem where I have a feature image in a Post but they are not showing up in the Blog-Template.

Here is link: http://sectioncut.com/how-to/

But each post has a feature image and extra images loaded.


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I’ve found the error …. Thank you. another question is where do I find my purchase code to register at support.brankic1979.com