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sorry wrong site… ignore this :)

Hello, I bought this template, but I have a problem in Firefox. Someone help me how to fix it?


Send a link?

IE, Chrome … OK Firefox (I have v.16) ... I have a problem when clicking on the pink wheels, then the content does not display well.

I have problem with live demo http://themeforest.net/item/bigfat-single-page-filterable-portfolio-html5/full_screen_preview/2341892 Or my website http://wp.ga.cz/klarafollova/

Very thx!!! Martin


Seems okay to me, can you explain the bug? Best to message me via my profile. Cheers!

Hi, I send message you profile, but I do not have feedback.

When I see some bubbles, then me in FF displays this: http://wp.ga.cz/klarafollova/features.jpg

Hi, I search this problem many time and solution is upgrade FF to v17 :-) FF v16 is not correct :( Sorry and many thanks! Martin


With these new CSS technologies, little updates in browsers can cause bugs which are often fixed again with the next update. Glad it sorted itself out :)

solburo3 Purchased

Hi, already buy it and i try it in IE7 and do not display the border-radius feature of any element.



Hey mate, sorry, but IE7 just doesnt support border-radius. Don’t sweat it.

I love this design.. every time I look at it it makes me smile and giggle and say “WOW.. how cool!”... it’s engaging and fun.

I run a video production company, and the main purposes for my page are: - Discuss my services - Have samples of my video work which are on Vimeo and YouTube mostly - Introduce who I am with a photo and text - Share testimonials

Questions: 1. Is there an ability to have “sub-pages” of information or is that really outside the scope of this “single page design”?

2. Can I embed Vimeo and YouTube videos or playlists? I’d want it to be able to work on iPads and iPhones too, and understand they don’t support flash (and flash-based viewers accordingly)

3. When watching a YouTube video on your demo site, I couldn’t go “full screen” because those controls weren’t present, and the (very cool) sliding captions covered some corners. Any thoughts on that?

Thanks for any info! super cool! :-) Rob


Hey there,

Glad you like the design!

1. You could probably work in some tabbed system to the info pages? 2. These days YouTube and Vimeo use HTML5 versions of their players in the embed code to support iPads and iPhones. Have a test to see if it works on the demo? A playlist could be embedded manually. 3. The custom controls don’t have a full screen option. Vimeo embeds don’t use these controls however, so should be possible?

All in all, you might have to do a bit of fiddling to get what you want, most of which won’t work straight out of the box and I won’t be able to provide support for. Hope that helps, thanks for your interest!


paulayres Purchased

Hello – tried to upload this to wordpress but it is missing the following file.

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css