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DoNock Purchased

last half monthes IO’s devises start to generate errors

tried to access non-existent page http:/site.com/apple-touch-icon-57×57.png Browser: Safari version 5.1 running on iOS

and tons of similar : apple-touch-icon-76×76.png apple-touch-icon-114×114.png apple-touch-icon-120×120.png apple-touch-icon-144×144.png pple-touch-icon-152×152.png and so on.

what apple devises trying to find? is it possible to fix in your new theme?

I would like to implement it http://mehmetalimersin.com.tr which is a personal blog. Do you suggest me? Would it be useful for me?

Would you please recommend a hosting service that I can use your theme without a problem? Im from Turkey. My site will be international.

webjump Purchased

Hey Ddoranmarel,

Try Varihost.net in UK – they host several international WordPress sites (incl. Turkey, Australia and USA) and we trust them everyday. We host 200+ with them.

Hey there. Downloaded. says:

style.css stylesheet. is missing

DL failed.

What do I do?


nvm – solved it.

DL’d the Favicon plugin. Works on my dashboard, but everytime I visit the site – it won’t show up….what’s happening man?


Yo man, more importantly, I can’t get rid of the “ReadMore” button. I just want the thumnail to display the whole writing – as I don’t write much. How can I fix this??

archnew Purchased

I want to buy it for http://archnew.com and i would like to know if this theme is responsive?

I liked your theme, but before buying it I’d like to see which child themes it supports are responsive. Are you coming up with a responsive version of your main theme soon?

fabinho Purchased

Hello friend,

Quick question:

Is there a way to change header height through admin panel? If not, how could I do that? Thanks!