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Yes, I answer all the questions posted to the forum. I think it’s best to have the support at one place, and also a big advantage that it’s possible to search for answers. It is a big library of answers (8292 posts).

Hi vfxdude

In the testimonials someone mentions a multi-licence,how much is this as I wouldn’t mind using it on 3 blog sites I’ve got or would I have to purchase it three times at $90


This theme is exclusively sold on Themeforest, and therefore their licensing rules applies.

vfxdude, will u improve your template according to this : https://developers.google.com/pagespeed/ ?(enter the site adress and then google will show all suggestions according to template) it will make template much faster and Google will like it more!

Hi, Before I purchase I’d like to know if there’s a way to get rid of the image slider & search field above it? Thanks.

yes, the search field and any other header element can be hiiden from the theme settings, and the slider is a shortcode that can be removed from the page editor.


when you look at http://www.vfxdude.com/bigfeature/ just below “introduction to the theme” you see the date and the category, is it possible to hide that all! also for all new posts I make?


yes. you can hide it in the theme settings. In the Post Meta Information section. btw, I recommend to post in the forum instead of here, since it’s searchable and easier for other users to see the answers I post.

I’ve added this item to my public collection!!! http://audiojungle.net/collections/1918869-best-of-the-best P.S. You can “Rate” this collection…

Hey VFX Dude,

I am having a huge headache with this, I have the site fully up and running for a client but I can’t seem to change the page the home tab links too.

Even if I set it up in the Menus section, I set the Home page to open my Home Page and it does nothing, it’s as if there is a permanent home page tab that links directly to the blogroll frontpage and nothing else..\

Please help me make the actualy home page land on my home page I created in ‘Pages’

Please post a topic in the forum, and include the link to the website. Also include some more details, like if you are using the theme navigation admin or wordpress menu admin, and if the home is a static page or the blog index.

Hi there. First of all, i must say that the theme is a great job! Congrats. But i need some help. In fact, i have purchased the theme in the first versions about a year ago… Now, i saw tha the theme had several updates and little bugs fixed. The lastest version is much better than my old version. Any way. Now, my website has a lot of content and customizations like Logo, and branding stuff has been configured in the theme (my server). How can i update the theme without loose my content and branding configurations? Is it possible? Can you help me with that? You think is better to tolk by private e-mail? Appreciate! Best regards,

Other thing: i don’t know what is my WP version, but for sure is less than 3.0. Is it possible or you recomend to update the WP to lastest version (3.3.2)? If i update WP version will the theme crash?

Upgrade the theme before upgrading the Wordpress version. The latest version works fine with WP3 .3.2. Here’s how to upgrade. Installing with the “Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades” makes the process much easier. The articles, theme settings, logo, and other branding will remain, but export the theme settings before upgrading. btw, I prefer that the forum is used for support, to build a searchable library of answers.


I’m not sure if people have this issue or not, as I cannot perform a search on the comments here. My issue is the images do not shrink on the post page (main page). I set the limits to 150×150 for small size, 300×300 for medium image size, and 528×528 for large size in media settings. The images are still not loading correctly.

Please check www.inspiringquoteblog.com


My setting is actually 450×450. I notice that when my image width is less than 528, it doesn’t show up at all.

Thanks, J

My theme seems broken since updating Wordpress to 3.4. I get a blank screen at indehekken.net. I don’t think it’s a plugin (did the renaming thing). When i change tot Twenty Eleven my content shows. Can you please take a look?

Cheers, Martijn


I wish to create a news website using your template. The news will be provided by another news site that provides an RSS Feed. Is it possible to use this template to receive the RSS Feeds, I wish to customize the site so when I receive the feed automatically it looks presentable and more aesthetic.

Forget about my last question, thinks look okay again.

One note on Big Feature: make it reponsive and your sales will receive a big boost again!


I just upgraded the theme and all my post thumbnails have disappeared. What have I done?


thinking about purchasing for my site Health Insurance Does it come with a slider? Also are you available to do logo

are you going to convert it into responsive theme later on? how do i make it available for mobile user?

Is there a better way to reach you for a quick reply to short questions?

I need help with my BigFeature theme!

For some reason I cannot add video to the main page! www.battlemycrewseries.com. I have tried all the short codes, embedded codes, and urls with no luck.

I have also tried the proplayer (even though I dont want it) and it still did not work.

I am trying to use this strictly with VIMEO , but the movie will not show up. If I click the title/link it will bring me to a page and the movie will display.

I need help, there must be a setting not checked off or wrong, or im doing something completely wrong. Please please help!

I prefer that the forum is used for support.

Any chance of Big Feature going responsive? :)