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Hello everybody,

Last weeek I have had some minor health issues. I am sorry for any inconvenience my problems might caused. Howevrr I did not disappeared for 6 months as someone suggested. I’ll be available for work and suport tomorrow.

Thank you for your patience.

Best regards, Dimitar Koev

vymn Purchased

hey “clixs4cash” u see 18 days and no answer do u belive that he is ill ???

sometimes he does it i saw same situation about his template support before !!!

i think he is not ill !!!

if he is honestly ill i am sorry… but i dont belive..


Hello vymn,

I am really sorry for your disappointment. Unfortunately I WAS ill for real! Now I am finally well enough to work again.


i’am sorry also for my comment but i was really angry Koev.. hope u are fine now..

SpUd3r Purchased

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Hello SpUd3r,

I am afraid you message is unreadable.

this theme has a few css bugs (left and top menu backgrounds) in ie8 1024×600


Hello sleepmansel,

I’ll check this problem now.


Not just that. A few comments back i was talking about a horizontal scroll bar in mobile dimensions that let the user be lost in a blank zone ….. . This is not the behavior of a responsive design.

Any idea about how to fix it. ?

Like everybody else, hope that Koev get better soon and back to work and with him some answer about this..!


Hello petertosh,

I am sorry for the late response. I am finally back to work after unexpected complication of my illness. I am going the check the described problem. Please be patient for may be one more day before I manage to check and fix all queries.

Thank you for your patience and support.


Hi Koev. There is not bug more important that the one found in human container. Health is not just important; is essential.

Am glad that you are ok and ready for work !!. I will be waiting for your response. !


Hi Koev. Any advanced about this issue. ??

Hello everybody,

after unexpected complication of my illness, I am finally back and ready to work. I’ll start answering all questions here and by e-mail now. Please be patient as there are many inquires and it may take several hours before I answer everything.

Thank you for your patience and support, and please accept my apologies for all the inconvenience my disappearance might caused.

Best regards, Dimitar Koev

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I keep getting validation errors w3c on the cloud-zoom. …wTitle: false, adjustX:-4, adjustY:-4”>

Line 248, Column 167: Bad value position: 'inside' , showTitle: false, adjustX:-4, adjustY:-4 for attribute rel on element a: The string 'inside' is not a registered keyword or absolute URL.

Somebody has an sulotion for this?

best regards, Gavema

” />

Hi, I loved your demo, I’d like to have the product listing on the home page just like your demo, When I hover my mouse over my product image. it enlarge it, and when i click on the image, it doesn’t link to my product page. How do I modify it to be just like your demo on http://bigonetheme.eu/bigone2/

My website is: eastfrog.com

and How do I add text under featured and latest.

Thank you very much!

will your theme support a mod like this? http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=3514&filter_username=thallescard (“notify when product arrives”)

Or is it best to have one made?

please let me know

It’s possible minify and merge the js and css file for optimize the load of the page?

also if you release a new version and i have modded the template there is a changelog for backport the modify on my template?

I have see that in the documentation missing a page for the fullscreen module.

I have see that the kwirks module have a different animation on firefox and chrome.

Articos Purchased

Hi Koev,

I need use this extension: http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=9728&filter_search=step-by-step%20product

But an error is diplayed.

BigOne donĀ“t support Vqmod ?

Regards, pferreiro

Im having the extact problem like petertosh, but with the html version of the template i have tried to fix it but without any luck authors seems to be sick again, cause he is missing in action. petertosh please check the comments in the html version and let me know if its the exact issue as yours i placed some screenshots

Hi @sades

Yes. That`s my problem too. When you see this theme in a mobile, there is a horizontal scroll that let the user pass to a blank zone, just like every one can see in the pictures in your post.

Like i said before. THIS IS NOT A RESPONSIVE BEHAVIOR..! Hope that Koev returns and give us a solution ..!

In the Opencart version has no problem with the logo like you have. Check the css, #header #logo and maybe you can fix it…

Hello Koev At home page I can’t make 3 banners in 1 line they go bottom of each other and hiding it looks like slide show. Checked the stylesheet.css banner div and other related looks ok they are inline. HELP HELP HELP

Before I decide to purchase your theme can you please fix the responsive issues for smaller screens. On a phone or tablet, I can scroll to the right as well as pinch to zoom out.

Hi Koev,

Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

I have a problem that the Guest Checkout doesn’t really work. I tried recoding it into a checkbox instead of a single radio button, but I got some errors. Please can you help? Thanks :D Paulo

Hi. I’m allready buyed your theme but countdown is still dont work. I readed documentation but i cant find any information. Can u help me? Thanks


Hello bilgiliadam,

did you set special price with dates for your products?


Hello bilgiliadam,

it seems that the countdown is just not enabled on your site.

Hello Koev, when I use your theme on open cart 1.5.5 is full of errors can you please help me? I sent you an e-mail on your profile


Hello alessioBux,

the theme is compatible with OC – not 1.5.5