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Thanks a lot Mr PolarisFx

rkquest Purchased

Beautiful design. I think this will be quite difficult to code (since I don’t like using large background images) but it may be possible. But still it’s a great work.


It is quite difficult to code but you are quite talented to do that:)

Anyway good luck and thank you for purchasing it !

pbarney Purchased

Has anyone actually built a site from this template?

REALLY COOL . Waiting for HTML /CSS and I will buy it…

Amazing design, very nice and modern!


& M-e-f Thanks a lot!
senel78 Purchased


I am still waiting on the HTML + CSS template.. and I allready bought it in .PSD.

Make me happy :-) !

anar_kh Purchased

Thank you very much, a lovely template indeed! :)

ridged Purchased

Hi – Great template! How do I change the image (of the car) under Project > btn > btn > img ?

Many thanks