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Hello! Thanks you for theme. I have a question: How I can edit product view? If I go to /catalog/view/theme/bigshop/template/product and edit product.tpl, then nothing happens and product page displayed unchanged. How I can edit it? Please help, thx

Hello, Here, You need to refresh OpenCart system cache after modified OpenCart file. Go to admin > Extensions > Modifications and click on the blue Refresh button (top right corner) for update the system. & then check it, if, will any other query, So, Please send me Email. Thanks.

Hi, when i tried point 7 in your installation guide. (Refresh the Modifications) i just get a pages of errors. The theme is installed though, so i am not sure why there is a problem with that part of the process? Also i want the site to look like the Bigshop version 2 demo, but the moment it is only part of the way to looking like that.. e.g not full width, the footer looks different, feature products are not displaying etc. Is demo data available ? Thank you for any help.

Hello, Please send me Email. & send me following details. So, I will check. Thanks.

Site URL = ?
Site FTP Host Name = ?
Site FTP Username = ?
Site FTP Password = ?
Site admin Username = ?
Site admin password = ?

Thank you, i have emailed you the details.

Hi, did you get the details o.k ? I think i see you have made an edit to the header, but Featured products etc., still don’t show. Did the refresh modifications work o.k ?

Have you removed the Ajax Price Filter from the latest version?

Hello, I was use third party plugin there. but, I was received information by themeforest. copyright issue is in plugin. So, According to the ThemeForest removed from my subject in latest version. but, I will added new Product filter in future. Please send me Email. if, any other query. Thanks.

Ok, in the end I bought the plugin ‘Mega Filter PRO’ and after a small tweak in the code works perfect with your theme.


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HI, SIR, I had bought the theme BIGSHOP of opencart. but it seems had two problem to me . 1,when i use the theme,it had some errors on the home page. cause the home page did not work. 2.can u tell me where I can use the skin2 of theme. my website is http://www.expresscost.com/admin

please tell me where i can get the help for the theme.

thanks , sinerely


Hello, I have sent you email reply. Thanks.

Do you have feature to import products from csv?

Hello, Bigshop theme is OpenCart theme. This is not include in bigshop theme package. also, It is not available in OpenCart. You need to find third party extension for that in OpenCart Market. Let us know. if any other query. Thanks.

Dear Admin, if i buy this theme can i modified ans use with multimerch.com multi vonder module?

Hello, Normally work third party extension with our theme. though, I can not say any third party extension. Normally all third party extension are compatible default OpenCart theme. So, Some time create issue in third party extension with Custom theme. So, there, You will need to contact it third party extension support for any third party extension issue. Please send me Email. if, any other query. Thanks.


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Hello, thank you for the great theme, especially RTL feature !!
I would like to ask if I could uninstall the theme someday?

Hello, You can choose default(other) theme from admin. Go to admin > settings > system > Edit your store > & then You can choose your theme. if, will any other query. So, Please send me Email. Thanks.

I’ m getting error code on category pages under Percentage Discount Badges.

Error Code: Notice: Undefined index: saving in public_html/demo/catalog/view/theme/bigshop/template/product/category.tpl on line 314

Home page’ s badges are working fine.

Any help?

Hello, According to the Envato new support policy your support time is expired. Extend the support pack and send me Email with following details, we will investigate the issue. Thanks.

Site URL = ? Site FTP Host Name = ? Site FTP Username = ? Site FTP Password = ? Site admin Username = ? Site admin password = ?

Live search input box contains deprecated mysql -> mysqli code and I already fixed it, but to all thoose who didnt please share this change in next update. file name: getdata.php

Hello, Thanks for your suggestion. We will check. if, will any other query. So, Please send me Email. Thanks.

Hi Awesome theme, Thanks. One question: How do you get/create custom categories/links like in Big Shop Skin2 (Watches, Jackets,Shoes, Fashion for man & women) I am using Skin1 and want to create links to custom views like thoose in skin1.

Hello, You can select Categories Style from Bigshop theme control Panel. Go to admin > Extension > Modules > Bigshop Theme Control Panel > General Options > Main Menu > & then You can select Categories Style. if, will any other query. So, Please send me Email. Thanks.

How to add Social Share icons?

Hello. I have sent you email reply. Thanks.

Client licensed this theme just yesterday. We installed it today on a brand new fresh working version of Opencart. We’re getting several ‘undefined variable’ errors throughout the theme. What to do?

Please disregard… we got it working.

Hello, Great. Please send us Email. if, any other query. Thanks.

Perfect! Thank you to the support team.

friend if i purchase this theme, you will instill it in my hosting and do the customization to be like the live show exactly ? English and Arabic language

Hello, Thanks for interest our theme. Theme Installation process is easily. We have mentioned installation process information in documentation. Just, You will need to follow our documentation. though, if, You will create any query/issue for theme related. So, You can contact us from support page. We will help. Please let us know. if, any other query. Thanks.

Doest it supports sticky menu?

Hello, Sticky menu is not supported now. but, We will try added in future update. Please let us know. if, any other query. Thanks.


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I bought the bigshop theme after installing we did not the same design as the demo. what is wrong? my site is www.pizona.com

Hello, I has sent your email reply. Thanks.