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Hello, I seem to be getting an error at checkout saying $google_checkout is undefined. Also when i proceed thro the checkout process on the …/index.php?route=checkout/checkout page the ajax is not functioning for the checkout options. Also is this theme vqMod

Hi, can you send me your site URL? & Send me email. http://themeforest.net/user/harnishdesign/ Thanks

hello can you help me with arabic language my default site is arabic

Hi, please send me email & can you send me your site url? & specify details what is issue in your site? Thanks


I have two questions about featured menu : 1. How to make the featured content to be align center in my site www.shavetheprice.com ? 2. How to sort the featured content using date added ?

Thank you.



Hi, which featured menu? that means, you are ask for Top navigation menu. please send me email. Thanks


is it possible to do this?

When a category in the sidemenu is open (showing its subcategories), when clicking on the name of the category to close it? Like it does when I click on the icon next to the name of the category.

Hi, Already link available in Categories. so it is not possible. because when clicking on the name of the category so redirect it page. Thanks

This is really a great theme and the support is superb. I can really recommend buying this theme. You will not regret this!

thanks a lot for been supportive and helpful * 5 stars

I have purchased this theme, it’s perfect. but why r there two categories in my index page? can u help me? www.ohobox.com

I sending you email. Thanks

sent u email, check it, thank u very much!

Hello, how I can to check your template on mobile device?

Can you please tell me how to disable responsive?

Hi, Fixed in header code file after possible. so can you send me your site FTp details. please send me email. Thanks.

Does this theme have a ‘category wall’ module which shows the categories and a few sub categories in grid view on home page? If not do you recommend any modules I can purchase which you recommend?


Hi, Not available it module in bigshop theme. but see below link & find module. http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension Thanks

Looks nice, however, comparison page is not responsive.

Also, it would be nice to have brands in menu, just like shoppica

Hi, I will convert to responsive it page as soon as possible. & also I will try add brands in menu. Thanks.

Hello, i have a question. When I use left menu (Category Accordion) and is not used the top menu then the menu isn’t appears the responsive design, why?

At the top menu categories don’t fit in so i will have to move then to the left menu and they disapear from the responsive design. Can the form of the left menu of the responsive design be the same as the top menu?

Hi, can you please send me your site url & FTP details. I will find possible any other solution. & also please send me email. Thanks

Thank you very much! This works perfectly!

Hello I have question that what is Font Name in Main BIG Banner? I hope hear you soon. thank you so much.

thank you for your answer.

Hi, I purchased this theme and installed it on my server yesterday. The Category accordion perfectly fit in my needs. However, I want the search form located at the header to be re-located at the left column above category. Now, I comment out the section of search form code from header.tpl. The ideal way I want is to make the search form module, and I can turn on or turn off it from the page left column through admin like what you did for latest and special. Could you suggest how to do it? Here is my current site :


Thank you!

Hi, I agree to making the search bar module is too much work to do. Is there anyway I can hard-code the search bar at the left column above category?

Hi, want you customization search bar? please send me email. harnishdesign@gmail.com Thanks

Thank you so much for sending very useful information to me. I will talk to my client about the price of the template customization. We will need to discuss about all the custom requirement. Might need more help from you other than the search bar.

I send you email no reply from u..

Hi I just purchased this theme and installed opencart I installed the BigShop theme but it is a mix of the default opencart theme and Bigshop theme. I don’t know why that is. Can you help?

I made sure I uploaded the version of the theme but nothing has worked. Please get back to me asap.

The website is vnbeautysupply.com

Hi, I have check your site. & perfectly working in bigshop theme in your site. please other settings modules according to documentation from admin side. Thanks

Hi, I have installed the theme… everything was working fine… But now the navigation is centred and does not align to the left? Can you please help me with this..

my email is: t.overend@gmail.com

Hi, I sending you email. Thanks

my top menu bar is missing:


Could you pls help!


Hi, Go to Your Admin: catalog > Categories > edit your category > Data Tab > On check box for top (Display in the top menu bar. Only works for the top parent categories.) Thanks


I would like a module to show up when viewed on the mobile. Currently the theme only shows the slider when viewed mobile.

the module contains the stores operating hours and is very important to us. www.cabanamenu.com

thanks, Joe

Hi, left & right panel are not possible display in tablet & mobile device. Thanks.

My site link is www.avalondataproducts.com

Two issue u should help me with :

1) check bottom footer facebook box , it is not displying properly

2) top right side checkout box once you click drop down arrow the box checkout ajax came then if you try to move cursor inside it will go off since the arrow is on menu buton .

give urgent solution for these two please . Very urgent

Hi, check it our bigshop demo now. if you like. so download latest & put in your source. otherwise send me & your ftp details so i will check & solve. send me email. Thanks