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Hello, A strange thing has happened. On March 9th, I inserted all my categories. Everything worked fine. Today I tried to add a subcategory and I have no drop down box to choose which category (parent) it goes under. Just a plain text box. Where did the list go?

Also, I could have sworn I had a couple of levels of drop downs in the Main Navigation bar. Now I only have one level. Very strange!

I appreciate your help getting this resolved. Thank you

Hi, I am not exactly understand. I think are you talking about admin side issue. & also Possible only One Levels of drop downs in the Main Navigation bar. Thanks.

Is there any way that you could make also like here http://www.ethemeuk.com/dresscode-oc/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=121

Product custom block, also to menu maybe also custom block?

Hi, it is not easily possible. it is many customization in code after possible. Thanks.

hello, interested in purchasing this theme, before i do, i want to know: do you have a demo product page that actually shows the “available options” working ? my concern is i do not want the options hidden in a “non-active” tab. thanks PL

Hi, You can manage(Enable/Disable) from admin side. already available option from admin side. Thanks.

thanks for the response. I have another question, if i have an extension called idevaffiliate that has overwritten some files, if i install this theme, will it break that plugin?

Hi, i think not any issue after install idevaffiliate extension. though i am not sure because I don’t know which files provide from idevaffiliate. Thanks.

5 Star Template, 5 Star Support!

I rearranged the header in my Bigshop template and messed up the responsive design. Over 3 days Harnish worked on my shop and got it fixed. Now its as smooth as butter, and is working great.

I will definitely buy another template from Harnish again!

Thank You.

Hi, I want change “currency to THB (Thailand). Can you help me.?

Hi, Go to your admin: System > Localisation > Currencies > & then insert your Currency. Thanks.

hello, i have 2 questions:

1. How can I modify the add to cart button

2. my product title are very long, usually they are 7- 8 words, will the layout mess up?

Hi, (1) which type changes in add to cart button. that means want you change add to cart button text? (2) if your product name is more than long product with so automatically move second line. Thanks

ok, thanks

Hi Harnish,

I am showing a client of mine this theme. Another client of mine had purchased your U-Store theme and loved it. You respond to issues right away which is good.

Never Mind, I just found that you have an Admin login for Demo. I’ll send him there.


Hi. I bought this theme. But search form not work correctly with cyrillic.Screen – http://s018.radikal.ru/i510/1304/43/51612233458b.jpg

And any ideas why the dynamic increase of product image is not working? Works when you press the button zoom

I have site on localhost

Hi, can you please send me live demo url so I will check your site and I can proper judge. what is issue? Thanks.

Sorry. Cloud zoom is working. I had a picture of one color and I did not see the movement))

Hi, please upload any product image & after check. Thanks.

Hi Harnish,

My client chose your BigShop Template! I was wondering though, how can I add a font to the Google Fonts list? I looked through the usual places and couldn’t find anything that looked like the place to add it.

Thanks for your Help!

Jordi WEBDesignsI

Hi, I will fixed code & update as soon as possible. Thanks.

Thanks Harnish, Please Post when the update is available.

Thank You,

Jordi WEBDesignsI

Hi, please download latest source. if you any other question so send me email. Thanks

Hi, I have bought and installed this theme, its great but there is one issue. people who liked the facebook display there images it duplicates. can you tell me why this happends and how to fix. thank you

you can visit my website to see what I Meant. www.imart.co.nz

Hi, I will check & find solution as soon as possible. Thanks.

Hi dear harnish,

I have a question, is the auto complete field using Vqmod ? or integrated in your theme ? can i add just this filed to any theme after buying it ?

Hi, Auto complete field is not easily possible implement other theme. some changes & some add files after possible. & also not using Vqmod in our demo site. if you any other question so send me email. Thanks.

Hi Harnish,

I’ve send you a email regarding my problem,

Peter Poortinga (info(at)creteon.nl

Hi, I have sending you email. Thanks

Auto Search is not working in the Cyrillic alphabet. The problem with the display font. For example on this site – www.zaduvka.ru enter this word http://translate.google.ru/#ru/en/%D0%B7%D0%B0%D0%B6%D0%B8%D0%BC (RUS)

Hi, every language special character only find it language. not possible in other language. Thanks.

He is looking good. But display Russian characters wrong in the drop down list. The module has a problem with the encoding. I do not advise a template to those who use the Cyrillic alphabet


I am using the default ‘Helvetica’ and ‘Trebuchet MS’ fonts. These are the default fonts I guess. But still, it tries to contact font.google apis. If I select ‘default’ in bigshop theme options for font, it does not contact google apis. How to make sure it does not contact google apis for this?

Hi, yes, if you are not use google fonts so should not contact google apis. if any issue for you so send me email & send me you site url. so i will check it. Thanks.

Also, SEO URLs are not working even after enabling SEO URLs in settings and activating htaccess file. Is something wrong somewhere?

Hi, I think, should you contact opencart forum. Thanks

After the new update there are no review stars in homepage, only stars from reviewed products but this causes unbalance in align of products. How i bring back stars in homepage ??

Hi, when minimum 1 review in product. so display automatically stars it products. if no any review so not display stars now. If always so all product star so please contact me via email & send me your ftp details. so I will some fixed in source. Thanks

Great support , thanks :)

Thanks Harnish, great support as always! Keep the good work.