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Hi Harnish,

We loved your theme and we want to buy it.

We are using opencart 1.4.1 . How can we install this theme on our system? Is it work currectly on 1.4.1? If it is not how can we fix or find the solution?

Hi, Not compatibility 1.4.1. bigshop theme. but I suggest, You can upgrade your opencart version. Thanks

Hi harnishdesign, i bought your template and its awsome, but im having a problem with a text at the top of the header just where “Create an account” finishes, that reads “Welcome visitor you can” that i cannot get rid of….can you please tell me how to remove it?, thanks.



Hi, Go to your source: catalog > language > english > common > & then open header.php file & then Find text “Welcome visitor you can” & remove. Thanks.

Hi, my footer social widget and payment option are not shown, how to fix that?

Hi, Already disable/enable option available in admin. Go to admin : Extensions > Modules > Bigshop Theme Custom Options > & set. & also Read Documentation & custom option points. Thanks.


One of my client order a eCommerce website to me, If I bought Regular License, can I remove Theme By Harnish Design link. and getting some amount just for installing opencart cms and adding product? is it legal?


Hi, you can remove Theme By name. & also our demo product images is only demo purpose. Not provide in package. Thanks.

hi, i have questions. 1. How to insert “box fanpage” to my web site? 2. How to edit “size photo” ? ex. http://www.ikhun.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=20&product_id=47

this picture in my page “very small” 3. I want homepage ( http://www.ikhun.com/index.php?route=common/home ) same you ( http://demo.harnishdesign.net/opencart/bigshop/ ) ex. size photo / link social media / Latest / slide show and another

Help me please.

Hi, please read documentation & follow. already define in documentation. if you any other question so please send me email. Thanks.

Hello, can you tell us if the width of this theme is adjustable? We would be integrating it with another site and would like to match widths. Thanks.

Hi, it is not available option for admin side. but it is possible after changes in css. Thanks.

Thanks for your response. Will changing it in CSS effect is responsive-ness? Thanks.

Hi, bigshop is compatibility 1024px & more than 1024px and less than 800px. so please let me know exactly. want you which width size adjustable? & if you any other question please send me email. Thanks.

There are one file missing: <script src=”catalog/view/theme/bigshop/js/dimensions.js” type=”text/javascript”></script>

Demo is missing too!

Hi, Not important it files Now. so I was removed file. Thanks


I want to purchase this theme, but I want to know if I can get some post-purchase customization. Of course I am willing to pay.

What I want is the ability to add quantity to product everywhere there is an add to cart button. Is this possible? If so, then I am ready to move forward.

Thank you!

Hi, it is possible after changes in core file. but I am not interested custom work. Thanks.

Thank you. I went a head and purchased the theme anyhow. I know it is possible as I have had my other custom themes changed to that. I figured since you built the theme, who better than you to do the change. Any idea on how I can start? I hate finding programmers as most of them are lazy and do not get work done on time.

Hi, I am designer. so not possible this customization for my hand. if you any other question so please send me email. Thanks.

Olá, estou querendo adquirir o template porém tenho uma duvida, se eu adicionar um modulo brasileiro CPF, RG, CNPJ o sistema vai aceitar? outra vez adquirir um template de outro grupo e o sistema ficou faltando varias coisas.

Hi, I am not sure. because I don’t know which files provide it module. & any other question so send me email & please let me know in English. I don’t know other language. Thanks.

does this theme over-write any core open cart files at all?

Hi, bigshop theme is not over-write any core open cart files. Thanks

hi there, great job! this is very nice theme!

i have a quick question, how can i add inside the search bar some text ? i saw that in your new theme you have inside the same search bar the word “search” i would like to do something like this…

found it…header.tpl line 193 ;) again great job :)

new question… when i try search something i get a maximum 10 products result… how can i make it 20 ?

great :) thanks

another one question… when i search for something, i see the 20 results, when i click on one of them i have after to click on the search icon. how can i make it work without making the click on the search icon ? also for the mobile view this would be great…. cause its faster for searching

Hi, it is not possible. Thanks.

Hello, Will you be updating the theme to work in IE 10?

Is there code I can add to make it work now?

Thank you,

Hello again. . . My client has requested the following: please take out Ex Tax and make it read Ex VAT.

Where can I change this?

Thank you,

Hi, I have sending you email. Thanks.

Greetings Harnish after SSL installation https pages like checkout, account, login show unsecured content error and the problem is the twitter plugin/script. How i disable the twitter script for 3pages with https? where the twitter code is located for this? thanks.

Hi, please send me email. so I will solve unsecured content error & send fixed file. Thanks.

Nevermind i fixed the problem. If someone else is facing it just change the twitter url in footer.tpt from http://twitter.com/javascripts/blogger.js to https://twitter.com/javascripts/blogger.js

Hi, Great :)

Hi. After I receive an order and I click “view” in the dashboard, this error appears:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method ModelSaleCustomer::getTotalTransactionsByOrderId() in /home/.../store/admin/controller/sale/order.php on line 1577

How do I solve this?

Hi, this error is admin side. so please contact from www.opencart.com. i think, opencart forum will help for you. if you any other question so please send me email. Thanks.

Thank you

Hi Harnish,

When viewing an image in ‘zoom’ mode, is there a left and right button for browsing back and forth between images?

After exiting from the ‘zoom’ screen, it seems the only way back is via clicking the ‘zoom’ text. Clicking on the image again does not result in anything. Is this a bug?


Hi, Yes, I will solved it issue as soon as possible. Thanks.

Hi, I have work out it topics. but here I have cloude-zoom & zoom view combination. so Not possible left and right button in viewing an image in ‘zoom’ mode. Thanks.

It still has the problem with images on the product page. When you click on second, third etc image, you cannot come back to main Image of product. Do you have an update/fix planned for this ?

Hi, it is not issue. when you are select & add additional product images so first of all add main product image after other images in addition images part. if you any other question so please send me email. Thanks.

That means, that for some 10 000 products, I will have to add images twice… I’ve never seen an opencart theme that acts like this before.

Hi, I have found another solution now. please send me email. so I will send fixed file. Thanks.