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Can i get some sample data to get started? Thanks, Edwin

I have sending you email. Thanks

Does this work with version 1.5.4?

yes, it is working in 1.5.4 version.

Hello -

Where can I get the sample files that match the template? Also – how to make listing pages default to grid view?

I sending you email. Thanks


I purchased this theme a few days back. Awesome theme :) I installed the theme at http://microniq.com/ Everything seems to work except when the screen is minimized. When I resize the browser screen to say: 800×600, the entire screen seems to move to the right leaving a gap in the left side (before categories and lateron).

Can you please confirm what is the reason? I have updated everything as in the documentation.

Thanks again for a great theme.

Hi, please contact via email so I will send file after fix. Thanks

Hi, I have already sent you a mail two days back and awaiting a response from your side for the above problem. Can you please check and revert?

Hi, I have sent you email. Thanks

Hi, I have a question regarding the Category Accordion. When a visitor clicks on a subcategory, is it possible to keep the accordion ‘open’. So if this visitor goes to the subcategory, he does not have to click the main category again to see the subcategories?

Hi, I will implement as soon as possible. & inform you. Thanks

hi , i bought this theme, but when i try to total the item that i click add to cart . is doesn’t show auto total in the page .

my page is http://gymsporttest.juplo.com/index.php

please send me your admin username password & send me email. so I will check. Thanks

i emailed you. did you received ?

Problem fixed . Thank you

THECAPGUY! I have the answer you’re looking for!

It would be nice to be able to respond directly to some peoples comments as fellow buyers, rather than restricting responses solely to the seller, but alas, they have their reasons.

What you need to do is navigate to: /catalog/view/theme/bigshop/js

Open the file: jquery.dcjqaccordion.js

Travel to line 26 and you will see: autoClose: true,

change the value to ‘false’ to have it open by default.

You can also go one step further and prevent the accordian from closing at all by changing the value of the line above to: menuClose: false,

Only do this if you have no intention of letting them be able to close it at all.

I’m currently implementing this theme for a new website we’re launching, and overall I’m very impressed. I have noticed a bug though, with IE 10 and the main menu. It happens when hovering over a link with sub-categories. Sometimes the sub-categories show, but most of the time it just shows a small “tear drop” drop down, and the sub-cat names aren’t visible. I’ve included an example where this has happened. I checked with your live demo, and it’s happening there, so wasn’t something we changed locally.

Example (I’m hovering over Electronics) – http://imageshack.us/f/818/ie10bug.jpg/

Can you look into this? Thanks.

I will solved it as soon as possible. thanks

Is your template working with ?

I will update soon.

I have purchased this theme and working on implementation. Client has pointed out 2 things she would like and wondering if you have suggestions

Sidebar with basket contents always visible (particularly on wide screen)

1 page checkout (there are many extensions available for this) as opposed to standard checkout style

both of above requests may introduce issues when it comes to responsive design.

if possible so please send me screenshot so i can proper judge what the issue is?. & send me email. Thanks

There is no issue as such.. its the ability to put in a side bar checkout so that as you add items to cart they are visible on the site. here is the kind of extension id like to have running

as people add products to basket the full list of products is visible somewhere on the site. sometimes i see it in left sometimes in right.

i guess BigShop isnt really a 3 column theme but wondering if you have suggestions .. or maybe it can be added in as a 3rd column when the screens permit?

http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=2184&filter_search=sidebar%20basket&page=5 http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=4368

Hi, 3 column possible in bigshop theme but middle part many content in some inner page. so bad view after use 3 column in some inner page. so I suggestion you. use 2 column. & you are sending 2 links for sidebar Cart but it is not compatibility version. Thanks


Im using this theme on, It is running OK, but category menu on left ist not the same as in demo, I can not see ”+” next main category if it has subcategories. Please can you send me 1.5.3 version by email ?

ps: I can not use 1.5.4 + in case I dont have translate for newer version and lot of my current modules are not compatible.

Regards, Vladimir

Hi, bigshop theme is Compatible 1.5.5.x and 1.5.4.x. Not compatibility old version. Thanks

hi , have you received my email ? i didnt see you reply on my post …

Hi thanks for this awesome “Bigshop “

is support extension i mean mobile version http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension/info&extension_id=3922&filter_search=one%20checkout

thanks advanced

Hi, I am not sure. Thanks.

i got another 2 questions . 1) when i press the shopping cart, the detail will disappear when my mouse cursor is away from the box. Can edit so that it wont disappear unless you press the cart again to make it disappear? 2) When i click sub category , it doesn’t stick there in the category page . it go back to the main one . Example , when i click Pc sub cat – Windows it will stick there not back to PC .

My page is at http://gymsporttest.juplo.com/

Hope you can help you . thanks a lot

Hi, what type are you changes? please describe & send me email. Thanks.

i already emailed you. please check .

thanks for helping me a lot . tumb up !!! :)

Hi, i would like to hide the ‘add to cart’ button since i want users to only send inquiry about the product. is it possible to: 1. disable cart system completely 2. change the ‘add to cart’ button to ‘inquire about product’ and make it point to the regular ‘contact us’ page?


Hi, i would like to hide the ‘add to cart’ button since i want users to only send inquiry about the product. is it possible to: 1. disable cart system completely 2. change the ‘add to cart’ button to ‘inquire about product’ and make it point to the regular ‘contact us’ page?


Hi, want you hide add to cart button in all pages.(featured, categories page, product page etc…?). let me know please send me email. Thanks.

Hello harnishdesign,

I am going to buy this template of you but I have a question. As I am going to use other language (not English) on the front store, then, does this template requires any special fonts?

And will it support Thai language perfectly?

Thank you.

ps. your template is AWESOME.

Hi, bigshop theme is compatibility all other language. but I have find Thai language in http://www.opencart.com/index.php?route=extension/extension&path=2&filter_search=Thai & Not compatibility latest version for Thai language. I have just inform you. see above link. if you any other question so please send me email. Thanks

Hi there,

I really liked your opencart them Bigshop and I want to buy it, however, I am running Arabic language on my website as the primary and the only language and for Arabic language, the layout has to be from right to left. Could you please find a solution for this and make it compatible for Arabic language?

Thanks in advance, Amjad Owais

Hi, I sending you email. Thanks


I am building this store as a part of another website. I do not need categories in menu, but instead I need something like Home - Products - Forum - Wiki - Help… etc.

I can goto header.tpl file and remove categories and replace with custom links. However, when I click on Products, I need the categories to be drop down in products. Can you please help? i.e. when user hovers’ or clicks on “Products” link in the menu, it should show a list of categories as a dropdown.

Thanks, Praveen

I am not sure why Products and Wiki have been striked out in the above comment. But I need something like Home – Products – Forum – Wiki – Help in menu and products should have list of categories as submenu.

Hi, please send me email so I have some changes in header file & after sending you. & also can you send me your live demo link?

I have already sent you a mail 2 days back and awaiting reply. Can you please help

Thanks for your wonderful support. Really appreciate it.