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Hi, am very much interested in this template. I am however very much a novis when it comes to web designs. If you could, tell me how it all works. I want an ecommerce web site that I can together myself. Am a Cisco Network consultant so do have some technical knowledge.

Hi, bigshop is OpenCart theme. so easily setup & handle from admin side. if you don’t know OpenCart & OpenCart features. so see www.opencart.com & also handle bigshop opencart theme related description include our package. if you any other query so send me email & let me know. Thanks

What’s the best way to remove the sidebar ONLY from the home page? is there a way other than editinh home.tpl?

Yes, you are select all module install & setup from admin side. so not select any module Home page in sidebar from admin side.

Thank you for this fantastic template! Everything is just perfect. :sunglasses2:

This looks almost perfect for our needs, but we need a column on the right hand side of the homepage for ads/promos (same width as you have the left column at the moment). Is it possible? Only needed on homepage – not inner pages. Thanks.

Hi, it is possible. our one user site. see example http://www.bushpigshop.co.uk/ I think, want it. if any other query so let me know. Thanks

Hello first, your works great!! I purchase this theme and I have question. there is two Specials Category in Left. I want to fixt it One Specials.How can I fix it? Please let me know. I hope hear you soon. www.makozzang.com thanks.

Hi, that means, are you want change for title word special? Thanks

Hi, I fixed it.never mind.thanks_

I bought this theme and I have 2 problems :(

1- When someone makes a search on my website www.megacartouche.ca , the search result appears at the bottom of the page. How can I make the search result appear without the slideshow, the Featured products and the bestsellers ?

2- On the product page, if I click on thumbnail image, the big image gets replaced by the new image but in thumbnail size.

Can you fix that ?? It is a show stopper for me …

Hi, I have check all possibility. but unfortunately not find it issue. though I will check again if any other solution. Thanks

I moved the “Slideshow”, “Featured Products” and “BestSellers” to the “Content Bottom” layout. Now search appears on top of page. But how can I remove the “Slideshow”, “Featured Products” and “BestSellers” from the search page ??

I got it !!!! It is finally working …

Thank you for this fantastic template! Everything is just perfect. 8-)

Hi, I’m very interested on buying this theme but I have a few questions about it. I have a lot of sub-categories, is there a limit? I will be selling auto-parts and would like to add a manufacturer module, would that be compatible? Can I upload background pictures?


Hi, No limit in sub-categories. Not available manufacturer module. & you can change easily main body background(53 patterns + upload your own pattern and backgrounds picture from the admin panel ). Thanks

Pre-sales question. Can I change the color of the white container on the website? I know you said there is a color selector but it does not specify.

Hi, you can not change color of the white container. Top menu navigation & theme color (that means orange color in our demo site now. so replace all parts orange to your selected new color.) Thanks

Is it possible to override it with custom css?

Hi, yes, it is possible to override it with custom css.Thanks

hi, i would to know How to add sub menu to the top bar menu, i mean two level nested submenu.

Hi, only 1 level sub menu possible in top menu navigation. Thanks.

Hi the ADD TO CART button doesn’t work in product page. but main page is okay.only problem is in product pages ADD TO CART button. I never modify source and I checked your demo store in product page. there is same problem.How can I fix it? I hope hear you soon. thanks. www.makozzang.com

Hi, I have check your site & our demo. Add to cart button perfectly working in product page. I have check IE, Firefox, Chrome, safari. Thanks

Hi, M looking forward to buy the theme , just wanna know in case you can add “PRICE FILTER” as it is an imp. feature.

This feature will make it one of the best theme

Hi, thanks for suggestions. I will try. Thanks

Hello, My Facebook footer widget don’t seen to be working. I already added my Facebook page ID but nothing showed up. Am I doing something wrong somewhere?

Hi, can you send me your live demo url? & please send me email. Thanks.

i am having the same issue with facebook widget.

sorry i having i am not having an issue with facebook footer widget. i am having an issue with facebook like box.

Hi, Already solved it issue few hours ago & updates so download latest source & put latest source in your source. Thanks

It would be nice if you could inform us which files have been updated in each version of your theme ;-)

Hi, only footer.tpl file Replace in your source after check.

Go to : catalog > view > theme > bigshop > template > common > footer.tpl


Im got this error on a fresh install of opencart Version

Notice: Error: Could not load template /home/*/public_html/catalog/view/theme/default/template/module/category_accordion.tpl! in /home/*/public_html/system/engine/controller.php on line 70

I did som search but i did not find any solution about this error in comments. So i need Help :) Thx :)

Hi, Select bigshop theme from admin side according to documentation. Thanks

i have followed the install guide to the point for all i know. and bigshop theme is’ marked as template. i tryed to re install it 3 times now with the same resoult. if you would take a look at my site i would appriciate it. ;-)

Hi, but according to mention above error. it error is default theme. any way it not solved your issue. so please send me email & Your site URL username/password. so i will check. Thanks

Hi! This is my version of your them http://www.mytrial.it

The is also a small issue with your custom css field.

for example when i add the following style: .box-product > div:hover {whatever} it is encoded like so .box-product & gt; div:hover {whatever} and it not intepreted correctly by the browser.

Hi, it is special character issue ”>” now. I will solved it as soon as possible. Thanks.

for anyone interested replace in header.tpl the line echo $this->config->get(‘bigshop_custom_css’); with echo htmlspecialchars_decode($this->config->get(‘bigshop_custom_css’));

Hey I bought your theme. I have had several conversation with you on email. But still i was forced to buy your theme coz its a great work :)

I’ll be glad if you can help me with this small problem of auto-Complete field.

The auto complete field is lagging, ie; even when we delete the word from the search bar the suggestion remains open.

and it only auto completes if the first word of the product is used. it would be awesome if any word from the product can autocomplete it.

Just have a look at. mangoshoppers.com autocomplete search for details.

Hi, I sending you email. Thanks


I have a multi store webshop and using your theme. Each shop has a copy of the bigshop theme (each shop will have different colors and backgrounds). Is it possible te setup a Bigshop Theme Custom Options module for each shop? With de default install all the shops get the same colors from the Bigshop Theme Options? Would be great if i can change the colors for each shop whithout changing the CSS


Hi, You can’t change the colors for each shop. Thanks