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Hi. this theme support product filter?

Hi, Yes, It is support in this theme. Product filter support is Only version Thanks.


I just purchased the theme. Could you please let me know how I can create a new horizontal area below the horizontal menu and move the following three sections there? 1) the Search 2) the Welcome (currency, my account, login, create an account) 3) the Shopping cart

I wanted to do that because I have a header background image. Tried but was not successful.

I have emailed my website URL to you from the contact form in your profile.


5-star service! Thanks for the help. Now the site works like a charm!

Thank you

Hi, I’m having a little issue with the installing of the Category Accordion module. When enabled it ‘white screens’ the page affected. Error logs suggest messages like “Undefined variable: text_account in content/shard2/sites3/b/o/[DOMAIN]/web/admin/view/template/common/footer.tpl on line 127”. Lots of these errors for the footer.tpl and header.tpl. Some background info: I upgraded manually from Opencart to (stated at the bottom of admin pages), and also have another template installed. Any help would be appreciated. No products on the site so clean installation is possible.

Thanks in advance

Hi, if not upgrade your latest version properly. so may be required clean installation. please send me email & send me your site URL & site FTP details & site admin username/password. so I will check. what is possibility? Thanks.

Thank you, I deleted everything and started again which managed to resolve the issue

this theme is in default mode – grid view or i must modify some code to make default view – grid mode. Thanks.

Hi, I have one line change in .tpl file to make default view – gird mode. if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks.

hi! does it work with 1.5.6?

Hi, I will update soon. Thanks


Is there any way to remove category names from the horizontal black menu bar, and instead put new pages like ‘About Us’ ‘Contact Us’ ‘Shipping Information” etc ?

Hi, (1) not possible separately Information page display in top menu. (2) Possible all information page display in top menu. (3) Possible contact us link add in top menu. Here some changes in core file after possible. please send me email & send me your site URL & Site FTP details. so I will check. & let you know. what is possibility? Thanks.

is there any way to make autocomplete display products by searching any words from the title? (ex: product name: HDD 2TB Seagate 7200rpm SATA3, and i input words “HDD seagate”)

Hi, Sorry, it is not possible. Thanks.

This post is just to say that I needed support and assistance received quickly. Congratulations.

Thank you

Hi i try to use my facebook ID in the footer itens, but not work :(

please send me email & send me your Site URL, Site Admin Username/password. so I will check. Thanks.

Best service i have ever had online. Keep up the good work and quick service! Thanks!

Thank you so much :)

This does not seem to be compatible with 1.5.6

Hi, Bigshop is compatible with 1.5.6. Thanks.

Documentation please

Hi, already included documentation in bigshop package. please check again bigshop download source. if you any more query so please send me email. Thanks.

Hi, I’d like to change the way cloud zoom works installed on your theme. I want to show big pop up images with fluid movement when I hover on product image. Is it possible? If not, can you provide me an instruction how to disable cloud zoom?

Hi, I sending you email. Thanks.

Hi, Does your theme support Multilingual and RTL direction?

Hi, Multilingual support but not support RTL Direction. if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks


b0q Purchased

HI, I just purchased the theme. how to change widgets to others instead of twitter and facebook?

Hi, Sorry, it is many changes after possible. if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks


b0q Purchased

HI, i got problem in add New Language in your theme. when i added Chinese language in category_accordion.php, converted “category word in chinese” to ”???” how to solve it?

Hi, I already it details define in documentation. So please Read & follow Language points in Documentation. if you not any idea read after it details so please send me email & send me your site FTP details so I will check. Thanks.

Love the theme, but having a problem…. Can’t close the mini cart when using touch to open it on iPhone/mobile devices. Can you help with code to disable the mini cart for touch devices and go straight to the cart instead? I’m sure it’s simple and I could figure it out, but I’m a hack coder and I have enough mods to finish already. It would be a big help.


Hi, please send me email. so I will send fix file. Thanks.

How about, I installed the template BIGshop – Responsive Multi-Purpose OpenCart Theme, but when watching it, I get the following message in the header.tpl:

<- Notice: Undefined variable: filter_name in / home/synergyt/public_html/storev2/catalog/view/theme/bigshop/template/common/header.tpl on line 202

Everything looks bad, the search bar is giving me error, I run the template with versions of opencart / / 1.5.6 and can not get it to look good …

Can you please help me?

Thank you!

Hi, I have checked and realized. you are not Purchases of our Bigshop theme. So, How was you download the Bigshop theme? please Purchase bigshop theme & download latest source. Thanks.

Hi i need help, i have problem with cloud zoom, this plugin zoom only the first product.

Please See Documentation & Read 4th Points “Adjust your image sizes” & put all image size according to 4th Points.

Here Put “Product Image Thumb Size” & “Additional Product Image Size” both image size are same. & then after check plugin zoom.

How can I access the HTML file for this theme? I want to edit and then save it again.

I found index.html but the file size is 0

Please help

How can I edit | remove this?

Powered By OpenCart Vapor Things © 2013 | Theme By Harnish Design

Hi, Go to your source: catalog > view > theme > bigshop > template > common > & then Open footer.tpl file > find below code & you can edit.

<?php echo $powered; ?>  |  Theme By <a target="_blank" href="http://harnishdesign.net">Harnish Design</a>

if you any other query so please send me email. Thanks.


how do I leave the subcategory only expanded?

Hi, is not subcategory, is category expanded

Hi, I have sending you email. Thanks.