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I’ve just been setting up my store with your template. After removing the test/demo products that are installed with OpenCart, the main menu of your theme has disappeared… I’ve created some categories and some products which are accessible via the side ‘accordian’ menu but the main menu is still missing… Any ideas?

I’m developing this locally at the moment, but do let me know if you need to look at the site and I will set up so you can view it via my IP.

I’m sure it’s something simple…

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Just to update you on my previous comment – I have now fixed the issue…

I had to to tick the ‘Top’ option within the categories screens (under ‘Data’) to ensure that my categories were shown within the ‘Top’ menu and my categories are showing in my menu correctly now.

chinyee Purchased

hi, any one want to share demo link, i wan to have a look of your in my ipad view. see whether i am the only 1 having the problem.


kristoz Purchased

Please respond to my email, I need this theme to get fixed..


Hi, I have send email. thanks

Good looking theme! Some question before buying: 1. Can i use my own images as backround (fixed, not scrollable)? 2. Can i use different images in different categories? 3. Can i have products with “call for price”? and no price (not in all product, only in those i choose) 4. Can i change the price tag size? it is to big to my needs! 5. Can i add some pages in main menu? (or only products categories?)

Thank you for your theme and for your answer!


Hi, (1) backround images fixed & now scrollable but if you are not scrollable image so i will fixed send you. (2) you can use different images in different categories. (3) you can easily edit changes price for products from admin. (4) you can change the price tag size after changes in CSS . but it is change in tag size so I will fixed size for your requirement after bought theme. (5) No, you can not add some pages in main menu, only products categories.

if you any other question so please send me email. Thanks

Any tips on how to setup the facebook like module above footer? I’ve added my page, but that didn’t do it, so I guess it’s something else.

Btw, very nice theme, and easy to work with!


Hi, please send me your live demo url so i can proper judge what the issue is? & please contact for me via email. Thanks.

Hello Master

How do I make change category colum’s width size ?

im trying to insert a google ad 300×250



Hi, please contact via email for me so I have fixed size after send file & also send me your live demo url. Thanks

Hi Again) Auto-complete search don’t work correct in Google chrome browser. Auto-complete text appear to the left of content DIV . Please fix.


Hi, auto-complete is working. I have fixed now. Thanks

please contact me on gmail id …i need your help to setup store with demo data..


Hi, I was reply your email. check mail. Thanks

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HI , i have few doubts in this theme:

1) In my site there is a scroll bar in the home page in right to slider and feautures items but whereas it is not in the demo how to remove that scrolling . also only 4 items per row for feautured in my site but there is 5 in demo how to ?

2) Above slider thate is a quote like text in demo how to bring it ?

3) In Top navigation bar in demo all is left aligned whereas in my iste it is center aligned y and how to left align it ?

4) Autocomplete not working even after following documentation?

My site installation link is : http://avalondataproducts.com/ecom/



(1) please disable carousel Module in your bottom part. because are not add any images in carousel part so not Enable. after your solved your scroll & 5 items issue. (2) Use Welcome Module & put your text. (3 & 4) please contact via email so I will send fixed css file. Thanks

The auto complete features isnt working also the facebook plugin of showing the images of people liked the pages doesnt work in chrome.


Hi, I have sending you email. Thanks.

Hi! Lovely theme! I want to buy it soon :) One q – can you make a screenshots of diferent color schemes and what elements can change color?


hi, orange color is working now in our theme. if your are change color from admin side (one click & choose color). so easily replace color all working orange elements convert to your choose color. Thanks

hi i am interested in purchasing this theme and i was wondering if the column on the product could be change from 4-5 or 4-6 or 6-4 or 5-4? hope to hear from you thank you

hi. i think the top does not explain what i mean. i am interested in purchasing the theme from the homepage the products are showing 5 items in a row. could we edit to make the product to show 4 or even 7 in a row? hope to hear from you. thank you


Hi, it is not available option in our theme. if you any other question so please send me email. Thanks

Hi , i am not getting the sliding banner images.

what could be the issue ?


Hi, I have sending you email. Thanks


The facebook like button is coming up to big and is covered by the photos of the people who liked the fb page.

Also the auto complete field is not working, is there a specific module or setting that needs to be enabled on the server.

I am very interested in this theme; however, I have read reviews about OpenCart module and have concerns about this cart. Can anyone calm my concerns?? Does it work ok?

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Hi! I found that jCarousel down with the error “Uncaught exception: Error: jCarousel: No width/height set for items. This will cause an infinite loop. Aborting…”. The only you need to do is provide an option “itemFallbackDimension: 300” for init script. Found the answer here: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3784925/no-width-height-set-for-items-this-will-cause-an-infinite-loop-aborting

Anyway, thanks for amazing theme!


Hi, please send me your live demo url so i can proper judge what the issue is?. please send me email. Thanks


Any update on my queries and issues.


Hi, I will solved your issue in your server soon. Thanks


Im having trouble getting the facebook ribbon that is displayed in the footer of the demo to work.

I tried just putting the facebook ID and the complete URL : regardless I get this error message:

Could not retrieve the specified page. Please verify correct href was passed in.