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Great design :)

Just a couple of questions. 1) How do we use the template? Could it be used with WordPress? Also there is this unsubsrcibe link. How do we enable that?

Sorry if my questions sound a bit stupid but this is my first visit to Eamil templates category on themeforest.

Thanks for your help.


Thanks for your support, razzc.

1.This template use for your business . Edit Dreamweaver or HTML editor software. 2.WordPress.sorry i am not sure. 3.Use Email Templates in your Contact Manager or more site available http://mailchimp.com/
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Firstly I love the layout and overall design of this mail. But I’m encountering a slight challenge with outlook (2010) and was hoping you could help. When sending the mail out from mail chimp it arrives fine and displays as it should, however when forwarding the mail outlook add a number of breaks in the mail, I’ve had a good look on Google regarding this issue and despite everyone having similar problems I have failed to find a solution. Can you help?


Hi thanks for your purchased my theme, 5ilver_5urfer.

ok i will check and fix the problem.

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@5ilver_5urfer Hi, fix your problem. Please contact williamdavidoff@hotmail.com and we will help you out in no time.

Regards, William

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Hi there, I’m interested in purchasing your template but have a quick question about the problem forwarding the email in Outlook…

Is the Outlook fix mentioned above, fixed in the current downloadable template or would I have to contact you (via the hotmail account detailed above) for a work around solution?

I need to create an e-newsletter for a client, who will then forward it on to their contacts in Outlook so it would be good to know.

Many thanks :)


Hi Thanks for your support. Fixed the problem in outlook (current download file). you have any problem i will support you.