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Hello, we are team of web developers and we have a quick question before purchasing a theme. We have looked through the BigWig theme and Dawn theme, what is the difference because when we look at the features and tags, one seem to have more than the other, we may be wrong but we love the Bigwig theme but not too sure whether we will get the same features and files included as in Dawn. On the tag clouds, Dawn has PHP Files, HTML Files, CSS Files, JS Files whereas Bigwig has PHP Files, CSS Files, JS Files.

Please advise. Your themes are amazing.


Hi kmbiamnozie,

BigWig has more options than Dawn (multiple homepage, portfolio, blog templates and a lightbox module) and also uses a different slider plugin.

If having a ton of templates available isn’t a huge deal for your site, however, I would consider which design best suits your needs. Dawn isn’t going to look like your standard “clean, white background, minimal business template” but that’s what some people are looking for.

I do have a raw HTML version of Dawn available (not on Drupal, just a standard HTML template with no PHP) by request which is why I list HTML files on the tag cloud for Dawn. As far as the Drupal development is concerned, there isn’t much of a difference at all between the two themes. :)

I hope this answers your question, let me know if you need me to clarify anything!

When attempting to upload a iPhone or iPad icon at Home » Administration » Appearance » Settings » BigWig » Miscellaneous I get a “The file could not be uploaded.” error message. The log reports, “The upload directory public://bigwig/ for the file field could not be created or is not accessible. A newly uploaded file could not be saved in this directory as a consequence, and the upload was canceled.” I have placed the bigwig directory in the root with full permissions (just like the tmp directory which is also there). Any ideas?


Hi marcherm,

Did you setup a new installation when you installed BigWig, or was the theme installed on a different site? This is a file permissions error, so it’s unrelated to the theme—the files for BigWig won’t have anything to do with file uploads (this is handled by Drupal core).

Instead, I would try setting the permissions of the sites/default/files directory (and all child directories) to 755 (under root also, like you were doing). It’s also worth checking the location of the “public” directory, which is set at Configuration > File System.

It’s hard for me to say exactly what’s happening (it could be a number is things), but the issue is definitely related to permissions. :) I hope this was somewhat helpful, let me know if you have questions!


I solved the issue by setting correct permissions for the (already existing) sites/default/files/bigwig directory. Tanx.

I am new to Drupal, BigWig is my first project, I am way beyond a deadline and that’s not my only problem.

I am logged in as an administrator but the edit-tabs (view, edit, replicate, etc.) show up only on a few pages. After a day of roaming around I have a feeling that this is not ideal. Occasionally a bizar message tells me that I am not authorised to modify a page.

When I get a status report I notice that Node Access Permissions are Disabled. Subsequent rebuilding permissions via the link does neither change the message nor has it any effect. (but stackoverflow.com says “Everything should be perfectly fine”) With regards to Home » Administration » People » Permissions I have checked ALL administration permissions.

I’ve done all the updates. “bigwig_feature 7.x-1.2” reports “No available releases found”.

When I run Testing I get lots of errors. Haven’t seen one clean test so far.

And oh yes, it’s also raining outside. Any advice?


Hi marchem,

Did you by chance install BigWig on an existing site, or are you using the “demo version”? I’ll break down each question individually:

1) The view, edit, replicate, etc. tabs will only show up on what is called a “node” in Drupal.

The theme also utilizes blocks, views, and contexts (all of which are found under the “Structure” tab in the Drupal admin). These entities will not have the tabs, only nodes will. What you’re describing is normal behavior.

2) Regarding node access permissions / error messages, this is not normal and I’ve never heard of this happening from any other customers. I’d need to see a screenshot or login to a test site to see what’s going on. These issues may be related to the use of a db_prefix on installation (if the demo install option was used) or the version of PHP you’re running.

If you could send me a link to your test site, or a link to any screenshots with the errors via the form on my author profile page I’d be happy to help you take care of the issues so you can meet your deadline.

I’m sorry you’re having troubles, these issues will likely take me only a few minutes to fix if I could get a bit more information about the problems. Let me know what I can do to help. :)

ukolsch Purchased

I bought the bigwig theme 2 days ago and requested access to the support forum about 12 hours ago, but it is “still pending approval”. So I try this way. I try to use the multilanguage feature, and everything except for one major problem. The main menu does not transmit the current language selection in it’s links. So I have a main menu element set up in french with one french node attached, lets say node/62. On selection of french via the languae selector the the french main menu comes up, the link attached ot it is /node/62. On clicking on it it loads /node/62 and redirects to /node/61, which is the english original on which the french node/61 is based. I tried all the different options for “detection & selection”, did not make any difference. I ended up prefixing the href tag with the currently selected language, using the rather crude piece of code below, which I inserted into page.tpl.php. I’m sure there must be a better way, it should actually work “out of the box” – or did I miss something?

in page.tpl.php line 58
<?php if ($main_menu || $secondary_menu): ?>
    <div class="menu-wrap span10">
    <nav id="navigation" class="mainNav clearfix">
    $menu_name = variable_get('menu_main_links_source', 'main-menu');
    $tree = i18n_menu_translated_tree($menu_name); 
    foreach ($tree as &$item) {
        $langcode = i18n_language_interface()->language;
        if (isset($item['#href'])) {
            $item['#href'] = $langcode . "/" . $item['#href'];
    print drupal_render($tree); ?>

Hi ukolsch,

Sorry for the delay, your forum account is now approved. :) An edit to the theme’s template.php file can be found on the support forums if you prefer to go this route instead of inserting the code directly into the page.tpl.php file:

ukolsch Purchased

Thanks for this, however, I don’t understand why this fix is not included in the current release. Without a working main menu for translations the translations itself are quite useless, and the claim of being “multilingual / translation read” a bit misleading. This claim was actually the main reason for me to purchase your theme.



I’m a human, and make mistakes sometimes (many changes were made to the menu in the last update, and I thought this one was included). I’ll be sure to send out an update today on ThemeForest to include this change as well.

LETB Purchased

Hello, I have a problem with the field flare lightbox present in the type of portfolio content. Each change my node it empties my field “field_flare_image” and I do not have my photos. Yet they are still on my server. What should I do? :crying::crying:

Thank You.



This was a major bug related to image recursions introduced in Drupal 7.29—upgrading Drupal core to 7.30 should take care of the issue. :) Since this is not theme related, no edits will need to be made to BigWig.

I have set a new language for the page, but only the admin menu interface get the change and not the whole side.

1. Is there anything that I am doing wrong?

The slide transitions is on random all the time. If I apply any other set up, it doesn’t work.

2. How can I fix it?

I really want to get rip off the “Powered by Drupal”. I have spent hours figure this out without any success. :(

3. What approach you recommend me to take?

I have a project that I shared private with you.

4. Can you help me on that? :)

Hi cosaspendiente,

I’ll break down each question individually:

1. I would need to see a screenshot to really know what’s wrong, I’ve never heard of anything like this happening before.

2. I’m looking into this problem and will update the theme within the next day or two with a solution. :)

3. If you navigate to Structure > Context > global, you can remove the “Powered by Drupal” block here.

4. Regarding your private project, what is the deadline? Can you e-mail me with more information regarding your expectations?

I would not be able to have it ready for a week or two due to commitments to other projects. If you need a fast solution, I won’t be able to help. :(

:(:(:(:(:(:(I have tried to fix the multilanguage for a few days, but i can’t get a clue.

How can i filter only the current language ’s node in portfolio-list view and porfolio-featured view?

I give my best try to successful filtered the portfolio which have the current user language translation. But it still show the english translation node in the list page.


Hi superkufu,

What method are you using? I personally would try using a filter on the View—depending on what method you’re using for translation, there should be additional options for multilanguage under the “filter” section when editing the view.

Do you happen to have the i18n module installed, or are you just using Locale / Content translation for your setup?

blast311 Purchased

Hello, does this theme work with either TB mega Menu or MD Mega Menu? Also, have you used it with fivestar, rating, display suite? last question, would you say this would work for a site where users post content, rate that content and comments on that same content?


Hi blast311,

My only big “question mark” is the mega menu modules. I’m not a big fan of the TB Mega Menu, find it difficult to style, and personally have no experience with the MD Mega Menu.

We’re adding a page builder to all themes in the next couple of weeks which includes mega menu functionality, but if you’re willing to fight with the TB Mega Menu styles I’m sure it would work just fine.

Regarding fivestar/rating, these should work with any theme since they depend on fields/views—I can’t see any reason for conflicts to arise, and if they do, I’d be happy to help out. :)

I personally haven’t used Display Suite since the Drupal 6 days, but once again, any module should work with any theme (the only conflicts that should ever come up are CSS conflicts). As far as Drupal is concerned, the logic for modules and themes are independent from one another.

I hope this info helps, but in short, I think a site for ratings/comments would be relatively easy to build out. ;) I have quite a bit of experience with fivestar/rating as well, so can help out if any issues do happen to arise.

blast311 Purchased

sounds good. i’m sold. thanks.

Is there any way to mix videos and images in a gallery or portfolio? I can also wait on the answer if it has already been answered in the support forum (reg pending).

Peace, Michael


Thanks for the info on that. And for approving my access to the forums. Although, I did not find the answer to the video question I posted at the top of this thread. Can you explain how to add videos to a gallery?


Hi Michael,

Views like the fullscreen gallery or fullwidth portfolio will show a video if you are using the “video” template on the node being listed in the View—this is the standard method used to render the video in the Flare Lightbox (through the template field on node edit form).

If you are trying to render a video on an individual node, however, we will need to add an extra field for the video URL and/or self-hosted video (I can help with this). You can then use the image field for the video “thumbnail”.

I hope this info helps, let me know what you had in mind. The answer to your question really depends on which gallery you are using (is the gallery a view or a node?). If it’s a node, we may need to add a video upload field, but for Views the functionality is already included and can be triggered via the node edit form.


Thanks for the reply on that. We got it working by adding an upload field and a bit more CSS work.

Hi, this is a pre-purchase question

Just wondering if there is a possibility of getting a PSD with the theme. We are designing a site for a client and would require to mockup the design to show them before starting to produce the actual website.

Is this something that could be arranged? Because I notice the “ThemeForest files included” don’t mention a PSD being included.



Hi cayenne_creative,

An HTML version of the theme is available, which may make mockups easier, but a PSD does not exist. We are adding a new page builder to BigWig within the next 7-14 days, which will make mockups very easy, but until then the HTML version is going to be the fastest method for creating mockups.

I could arrange for a copy of the HTML version with a purchase of the Drupal theme, unfortunately no PSD is available. :(