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Very nice, glws o7

Thank you :)

Nice template, GLWS! :)

Thanks! :)

Ya I Like these Minimal Template and Simple

Good Job bro


Thank you very much.

nice work, gud luck :)

Thank you very much :)

Excelent work! GLWS :-)

I just wanted to ask you a question that may i use this template for multipage website? like may i add services pages?


you cant do it out of the box, but if you contact us via email we can send you sloution (it’s very easy, just have to change 2 things).

Best regards

Hi, i have a question:

Im going to create a Website, if i buy this template how it will work? this is only the front page or what else can i do with this?

sorry for my ignorance :(

Nice work. I just purchased your template and I am using.

FYI, css/color/color-2.css and css/style.css in the download zip file are different from the ones shown on the demo, no nice blue background for the slider-main headers.


thanks for purchase Binder template. We have made update that fixes this bug (please download again).

Best regards


At menu on the top of page, I was unable create link to outside the page. eg: http://example/blog, can you tell me how I can achieve it?


Hi, just add rel=”external” to the link e.g. text or whatever (it replaces target=”_blank” which should not be used in html5)

Best regards


still have no luck, so this is my html

href=”/blog” title=”Blog” rel=”external”

and after few second after I click the link, from inspect element it shows:

href=”/blog” title=”Blog” rel=”external” target=”_blank”

do I missed something?

Hi, I purchased the Binder HTML5 Template. I have a problem inserting in the menu on top an external link. Please see The button ENGLISH in the menu is a link to an external URL but doesn’t work. How can I fix it? Many thanks

I already add rel=”external” instead target=”_blank” but doesn’t work anyway