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Hi, Great job, very nice! I have a question : I’ll use it in my next ARABIC web-application. Any experience, how to change direction

Thanks lkolsi@yahoo.com

That direction will be RTL. I have a plan to make bingo RTL support but not sure when I can.

I’ve purchased this template which is extremely nice and easy to use. Question regarding DataTables/Jquery. I’ve been trying to get individual column filtering to work but i’m at a loss. Can you assist?

The code is here. I’m not sure how to integrate this into the template. I’ve added it to custom-scripts.js but it’s not working.



Sorry for my late reply. please check js/custom-scripts.js here have all function. And I forget to mail you. Let me check your issues. After check I will mail you. Thanks

Thanks very much. I’ve been tweaking in custom-scripts but I have been unable to find the $(document).ready() that initialises the script.

I appreciate your efforts in helping me out. This is an extremely good admin template.

You are always welcome

Can you advise how to bind an event to the iphonestyle buttons? I can’t work it out. Anything will do. OnChange= doesn’t seem to work.

Please message me via my profile mail form I will reply you there via mail.

I need know if the export function in data table is include in this template?

Of course it is already there. Please check http://www.lab.westilian.com/bingo/01/blue/table.html here.


I really love this template and want to ask couple of things before I purchase it.

1. I am trying to see how this works. If I have a wordpress and/or a html website how can this help or integrate with them.

2. is there some documentation for it to help me understand?

These qs might sound silly, but I have no idea how to use such a great admin template.

thank you for your help.

congrats!!! very very useful template and usable everywhere!! many many thnx to developer team. one opinion as a customer: there are some bug in form validation, somewhere in does not works properly….....improving this will increase it’s acceptability.

Thanks for your nice reply. It will be more appriciated if you are more specific about any bug or suggestions.

Very nice template! I’am using it for admin panel for a client. But I am working on an issue regarding the multiple select and enable disable checkbox. I have tried many times but the post data is not sent. The post data for enable disable checkbox is ok for post data but not for javascript onclick handle. The multiple select sent only 1 selection in post data. I hope the template is not the issue but only the scripting handle issue. Please let me know how to handle multiple select data in post method and the enable disable checkbox in javascript onclick.

Here is some code: <input type=”checkbox” onclick=”updateRow(this.value)” class=.........> the output for this.value doesn’t correct. When I remove any class on it and use ordinary checkbox, it works fine.

And for multiple select: <select name=”menu_id” data-placeholder=”’ . USERGROUPMENU_MENU_SELECT . ’” style=”width:300px;” class=”chzn-select” multiple=”multiple”> <option value=””></option>’; $usergroupmenutable .= GetUserGroupMenuMultiSelect($row[‘id’]); $usergroupmenutable .= ’</optgroup> </select>

the code above generate the options item. But when I try to select some of them. The $_POST output only 1 which is the last one.

Thank you for any help.

Sorry my fault! It works great for the multiple select. Multiple select works fine and no issue so far. But the enable disable/on off checkbox issue still remain. I can not output the correct this.value on javascript onclick handle.

Hi there,

I have problem on triggering onclick, or onchange, or other element javascript event on the form element. Some didn’t work. I tried to figure it out on firebug/chrome developer tools, and I think it because of the re-styling of the form elements which is use the jquery/javascript to show the ‘restyled’ elements and hide the original one. So the event change on the element seems just affecting the styled element but not the hidden/original.

This is one of some of the problem. I tried to set/get a combo box selection via javascript handle. But it didn’t work. When I try to get the selected index, I got none. The selected index affect the restyled-newly created on the fly element, but not to the original one. Form post works fine, only the javascript event trigger.

Please need help. Thanks a lot.

I want to show the number of rows in the footer of each table, usually this option exists in admin templates.

Iam edit this file custom-script.js with your instructions :

Adding this script <”length-info”i> After <”table_bottom”p

Now my new code is: “sDom”: ’<”table_top”fl<”clear”>>,<”table_content”t>,<”table_bottom”p <”length-info”i> <”clear”>>’

But it’s still not work… :( Please help me…

hi, i have question, where is variable set “http://localhost/ekra/files/” this url?

i can’t find it becouse i write here :) , when i create new text file in file manager and dubl click on filename then open popup window and in window is that url.

:) go to /connectors/php/connector.php. And open that file go to line # 32 and change the URL. Thanks

thank you

hi there, purchased and nice template however I would like to somehow not show the left menu when on desktop and use icons instead in centre but when on ipad or phone use the drop down menu you have what should I remove to do this?

many thanks

Hi there. How to sort string in a table column in numerical sorting format? If there are data column of $80 and $120, when it sort ASC the result will $120 first and $80 in second place. This is annoying. Thanks.

hi, if i purchase template, is there any php examples incude?


Great job, very nice! I have a question:

When you do an update of the javascript library?

Jquery 1.7 and jquery-ui 1.8 is very old.

Thank you for response.

Hello, could you please tell me 1° wich bootstrap version does this template use? 2° Howlong would it take to change my magento base admin and how can I do it? Regards, Heather

Sorry for may late reply. Actually I was working with another team that’s why I did not reply. Now I am back again :) and from now you can get me here. Thanks


urvesh Purchased

Great Theme….. Really love this… I just want to ask one question that….

How to delete calendar events once created..I can not delete it …Please help….

Thank you so much

Thanks for your message. Actually I did not work event delete option so I have to check full calendar API. I will check it and If I can do it :) I will inform you.

Does it support RTL ?

Sorry that doesn’t support RTL.

Hi there, is this offer still available?

Which offer :) ?


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Hello I ve 3 probems with your template

1) input limiter I set the input limiter for some input text (default is 80) to 160 but correctly the input text show me the remain char that can I add but the field don’t accept up to 80 chars

the code: <input name=”SiteMETATitleIt” id=”SiteMETATitleIt” class=”tip_top limiter” title=”Meta titolo pagina : max 160 chr” type=”text” tabindex=”32” value=”XXX”/>

<script type=”text/javascript”> $(function() { $(‘input’).inputlimiter({limit: 80}); $(’#SiteMETADescIt’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETADescEn’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETADescRu’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETADescDe’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETADescFr’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETADescSp’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETADescCn’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETADescAr’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETAKeyIt’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETAKeyEn’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETAKeyRu’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETAKeyDe’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETAKeyFr’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETAKeySp’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETAKeyCn’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); $(’#SiteMETAKeyAr’).inputlimiter({limit: 160}); }); </script>

PAGE: http://www.cantinebernardini.com/BACKOFFICE/SITEMAP/AggiornaSitemap.asp?VARID=112 USER: TEST PASS: TEST 2) the left menu don’t appair like your web site (is smallest) http://www.cantinebernardini.com/BACKOFFICE/html/02/black/dashboard.html 3) in form how can i place 2 or 3 input text one next the other in this page http://www.cantinebernardini.com/BACKOFFICE/SITEMAP/AggiornaSitemap.asp?VARID=112 I WANT to set Prezzo portata, Tipo di menù, Gluten free in the same line


please notify me by eamail when you answer: info@subweb.it

Please send me a email by using themeforest profile form. Then I will request to support for remove the message.


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Hello I sent you an email THANKS


subweb Purchased

Hello I sent you an email THANKS