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This Theme looks amazing, very fresh and cool :)

Your work is PHENOMENAL!

Nice work, GLWS!

umm… WTF is this!!! Im literally out of words. Ive seen a ton of very abstract web designs on here, but this is freaken incredible! I am dumbfounded! You have completely restored my fate in the web changing and not looking the same as everything else!


Wow, thanks you made my day.

Great theme! Good luck :)

wicked! good luck with sales

It’s really cool, isn’t it?

Awesome!! Will WP version available?

Yes, will work on it. It’ll be ready in a month.

Hello, this would be perfect for me. But i am not experienced in html. Is this doable for a dummy? i worked on html templates before and that went well, but was with less complex ones

hope to hear :-) Maybe there is a short discription, screen dump for how to personalise?


Hi, I can’t promise you anything but it is documented well. We will try to provide you with the best support possible.

thanks, i will go for it :-) hope i can embedd video as well

AWSOOOME ! ... Really best theme on ThemeForest ! ;)

Interesting work !

Awesome Work :) GLWS

Thanks for the kind compliments everyone!

Thank you for the HTML version! Love it.

Thanks for the purchase. Wish it works out for you!

very nice, ! Will wait on WP version


This theme is available for Wordpress or Blogger ?

No, not yet. A Wordpress version will be ready in a month.

Woooaa. No words. This is just awesome.


Please release a WP version of this, I bet a lot of people will be happy.

Yes, will do in a month. Thanks for your interest.

Can the portfolio images add infinite and load on the single page? Similarly WP version of this can also?

I saw the latest upgrade : “4. Enhanced usability on single portfolio page”.For this change? I think the one before is better .That has more dynamic feel.The new one although fixed the top, but there is no sense of design.

If the picture is dark and not light, then you feel it and the top together and will feel it obscured . The visual perception before will lost . I hope you consider it!

Hi, ok. You can adjust the CSS to your liking. There is no HTML change.