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amazing style, fresh for TF, keep up your good work

Great template. Congrats!

My GOD this is sick! Very, very nice work. I bought your Typebig resume and I’ll be buying this too! Only thing I can’t decide on is whether to buy now or wait for the Wordpress version you mentioned is coming soon…

Any idea when it will be out, and will it have the exact same animations\features as this one?

Hi, thank you so much for the compliments and purchasing Resume. The WP version will be ready in a month. It will have the same features as well as a blog.

Hi. I know nothing of javascript or Ajax, but I do know html/css. Would I be able to customize this theme with dreamweaver? Thanks and awesome work, guys!

Hi, you don’t need to know any JavaScript or AJAX. Yes, you can customize it with Dreamweaver. It’s straightforward and we’ll do our best to support you. Thanks for your interest!

Thanks, guys. I’ve purchased and we’ll give it a try in the next few days. Awesome style you have.

Thank you! Hope it works out for you well.

Nice one, love it. Simple but perfect.

Looking forward the WP version!

Have a nice day!

Thank you!

I shouldn’t use this area for this type of comment but you are a genius for posting that quote under “what i do” :) I had to sing it all!!

Wow, you know the song!

Hey mate, love this template and all your work!

Unfortunately it seems like a shady site called zizaza is selling Themeforest author’s works on their site (mine are being sold there aswell). I noticed yours (http://zizaza.com/webstore/website/580979/biography_responsive_one_page_template) and thought I should alert you.

I have made a complaint to them myself and also tweeted to envato in the hope that they might be able to do something..

Thanks for the heads up!

Is there a way for each portfolio piece page to open up in a space above the listing instead of one fullscreen window popping up above it? The people I’ve tested it on have had trouble figuring out how to navigate back since you can’t see anything beneath the portfolio item and I guess the navigation isn’t as apparent.

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I like your idea, but there are many elements that will need to be changed. My partner suggested I implement a back or close button that is more prominent. Would that work for you?

Hi typebig,

How can I make the thumbnails to be of different width’s and height’s?

I’m using the template to showcase art. I have paintings, sculptures, pictures. Every one of different sizes.

Would be good to have the inner wrapper to be auto and fit the size of the image.


Hi, they can be any size but if you have different height there will be inconsistent gaps vertically.

I have sent you the url. Thanks P.S. the feature of PeterPer would be nice. = )

I’m highly intentioned into buying this template, as well as I’m buying your resume one. Just a request before the purchase, though: while your resume template as a fixed bar on top even without javascript enabled (as you achieved that with just css) – it is possible for this template to achieve the same effect, even without js? I understand that the “fix to top” happen when scrolling thanks to javascript – but without it enabled people wold be required to blindly scroll trough the website

I hope it’s a fixable thing. Thank you for such awesome suppport and templates

Hi, thanks for your interest. Well, you can always make it show with CSS but it would be redundant on the top part of the page. There will be two sets of navigation. What happens currently is that whenever the user scrolls away from the top section, the black main navigation opacity changes from 0 to 1 and top position changes from -80px to 0. To make it always appear, you do the following:

#main-nav {width:100%; position:fixed; z-index:2; top:0 !important; background:#222; opacity:1 !important; border-bottom:solid 1px #111} 

the default top setting is -80px and opacity is 0.

Forget the upper comment, I resolved it by myself. Instead it would be cool from a usability point of view if clicking inside the slide on the Single Project Overlay page would make the slide cgaanhe – since on small height desktops you won’t see the nav arrows and number. Plus, it’s a really common feature. Maybe the ability to make it starts on his own too. I would efinetely buy it, with these two features added.

Yes, I agree I will need to work on the usability of the single project overlay. The auto start feature, you can set it easily with the jQuery slider plugin option.

Thank you, sorry but didn’t checked that out, just a five minutes idea before I hat to run outside. Will definetely buy this!

Hi typebig,

Will you have much trouble adding a drop list fuction for the menu?


Hi, no it’s not difficult if you intend the dropdown links to go to different pages. If you intend the dropdown links to go to different parts on the same page, it might get a little tricky.


I intend to use the dropdown links to go to different pages. = )

Hi there!

Love the theme…is it still planned to come out for WP within the month?

Thanks! Emily

Hi Emily, it should be ready by August 5th at the latest.

awesome template! Just one thing, how to I remove the mouse over movement on the intro banner image and on the portfolio details page? Thanks!

Hi, open up global.js and comment out 518 to 540 starting at


. Comment out 742 to 759 starting at
$('.pslides li').mousemove(function(e){

So there IS a demand for HTML template after all, you sold 65 copies of this baby :) There is a demand for QUALITY work like yours. Your work is stunning!


HI, that’s really good theme … but i have just one question. WHY THE BACKGROUNDS OF SECTIONS ( ABOUT, INTRO, TIMELINE, CONTACT ETC… ) AREN’T 100% HEIGHT? ... If someone will have image like background .. it will looks terrible … ;/ Gr.

I mean this one: http://i44.tinypic.com/iylojo.png ... The white background, ... of bottom of other sections is other background color line bottom: 10px white color … you know what i mean? ... on resolution 1280×1024 it dosn’t looks good .

I mean also this: http://i41.tinypic.com/t8q538.jpg ... why is te white bottom border?

Hi, that is easily done if each sections are separate pages but keep in mind this is a 1 page site. I would have to add JS code to keep each section’s height at 100% on resize of the browser. Then, I will have to take into account what other elements are affected based on screen height change.


Just checking you received my message regarding the page flickering when scrolling past the top section? :)


Ok, looking into it now. Thanks.

1.) To fix flickering in Safari: Open up style.css and try adding -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden in #sections-wrapper:
#sections-wrapper {position:absolute; margin-top:760px; width:100%; -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden}

2) To fix slight vertical movement on exiting intro section and entering portfolio section: Open up global.js and look for 1E. Change to the following code but note that you will lose the sliding animation effect of the logo:

/* 1E. show or hide #main-nav based on position of section section
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */     
            if (direction === 'down') {
                $('#main-nav').animate({opacity:'1', top:'0'}, 200);
            else {
                 $('#main-nav').animate({opacity:'0', top:'-80'}, 200);
                // animate and shake logo
                setTimeout(function() {
                    $('#logo a span').trigger('startRumble');
                    setTimeout(function(){$('#logo a span').trigger('stopRumble');}, 500);
                }, 100);          

            offset: 0

Genius! Thanks very much, that fixed both the issues. :)


Is there a way to have the project images a fixed size to stop the hover action/movement.


Hi, in style.css look for the following
#project #media img {width:110%}
and change to
#project #media img {width:100%; margin:0 !important}

Thanks for the fast response :)

Hey I just purchased this site!! Love it!! But I am frustrated that the thumbnails in the collection section 300×400 – My thumbnails are thats and it keeps pushing the thumbnails under it! any advice?

Hi, sorry to hear you are having trouble. Could you make sure all the thumbnails are the same sizes one more time? It doesn’t need to be 300×400 or 400×300 just as long as they are the same sizes. If it is, could you possibly send me a link to the page? You can message me privately on http://themeforest.net/user/typebig

Instant Fav! but is the form ready to use? thanks in advance :)

Yes, if your host or server is PHP compatible then it is ready. All you will need to do is change an email address to yours.