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Just to add – why are the portfolio page not designed? Could you please get in touch and send one that is set up and ready to go. Quite annoying its not set up!


this page html is missing…..?

Hi, the portfolio pages won’t work locally on Chrome or Safari. If you upload it to your server, it will work.

Great theme, very happy with this. It’s well documented and easy to follow. Thank you.

Ok, ran into a problem. Everything works fine except sample html-pages. Thumbnails are linked to them like suggested in the documentation, but it only takes me to empty portfolio slider with title on top and navigation menu on the corner ( > and X ) , otherwise empty. Am I missing some code from index or is this something caused by twitter related js or something? Last html template I bought had problems with twitter related code. Anyways, I tried to hide all twitter related material but I’m still facing the same issue. Help would be appreciated. :)

Still, top notch work. If this is problem caused by twitter, it’s not like you guys could have done anything prehand anyways.

Hi, thank you for your purchase. If you are using Chrome, then it won’t work locally. If you can send me a link to your page, I can help you out more.

Ah, I see. Everything’s working as it should be now. I’m running it locally atm so I can’t link it, but it’s not necessary as this is problem only locally on chrome. You can delete my previous comment as my guess was wrong about the twitter api. Thank you for the fast response.

Great, thank you!

The demo page won’t load. Is there any way to view the template?

Sorry server was down. It’s back up now.


First time I buy an html template. Interesting. About the menus, the height of both menus is not identic. It should no ? And I do not seee where I can modify in the css. In fact I would like to have the main menu on each page of the site. And I do not see where I can insert this. Your documentation is PERFECT. One thing is missing and I dont really find where I can interfer, the esthetics, for example the Grey color of the background, the Green on the hover …

Thanks for all …

Ah, I see. That is going to be more difficult and it would not be so quick to change because of the JavaScript involved. I am afraid it would take me a couple of hours to customize it for you. Also, I would need to see a mock up of how you want it. I would have to charge because of the time involved.

That is what i guess, so forget it :-) but I think some people ask more or less this on this forum non ? you did a fantastic work anyway. Thanks. Now I am integrating some php in it to accelerate certain part of the collections (these sampleNN.html) ... I will show you one day … Thanks again.

Ok, sorry about that.

hi. thanx for the theme. i want to move the logo div on the top of the page diametrically opposite of where it is now. can you help me with that?

Hi, I can’t really tell you exactly because the layouts change based on screen sizes. If you want it on the top on a normal desktop screen size, just change the 1st line in the following section like so:

/* 5. Logo
#prologue {position:fixed; margin-top:0 !important; top:0 !important; width:1024px; left:50%; margin-left:-514px}
#prologue #logo {float:right; width:25%; opacity:0.8}
#prologue #logo a {display:block; margin-left:45px; background:#222; text-indent:100%; white-space: nowrap; overflow:hidden}
#prologue #logo a span {display:block; height:187px; background:url(img/logo.png) no-repeat center center}

Then, you will have to change the CSS for different screen resolutions such as in the section

/* 1 - 780 */
@media only screen and (device-width: 780px), only screen and (min-width: 1px) and (max-width: 780px) {

Just play around with the section 5. Logo in your style.css

perfect.thank you!

1. ok my website shows fine on desktop but on ipad and iphone i have issues with the logo the intro image and the biolayers. they doesn’t show properly. so you say i should play with /* 1 – 780 / and / 1 – 480 */ section in css? like changing what? any idea?


ps. is there any case for you to add scrolling nav instead of tapping on project pages for mobile?

Is it possible that on the new update, something went wrong with the home-page effect?

Sorry about that. On style.css, Look for

#intro #intro-banner 

It is just referencing a non-existing background image img/profile.jpg. It should be img/3000×800.gif

KK, thank you very much! :)

To all who are using v1.1

The portfolio pages on mobile devices are rendering wrong. Please update the last section “14. Retina Display” on style.css to the following
/* 14. Retina Display
======================================================================================= */
only screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 1.25),
only screen and ( min--moz-device-pixel-ratio: 1.25),
only screen and ( -o-min-device-pixel-ratio: 1.25/1),
only screen and ( min-device-pixel-ratio: 1.25),
only screen and ( min-resolution: 200dpi),
only screen and ( min-resolution: 1.25dppx)
    #main-nav .inner-wrapper {background:url(img/slash2@2x.png) no-repeat 115% bottom; background-size:300px 300px}
    #main-nav #arrows li a#start {background:url(img/ico-up-double@2x.png) no-repeat center 12px; background-size:11px 46px}
    #main-nav #arrows li a#start:hover {background:url(img/ico-up-double@2x.png) no-repeat center -28px #444; background-size:11px 46px}
    #main-nav #arrows li a#end {background:url(img/ico-down-double@2x.png) no-repeat center 12px; background-size:11px 46px}
    #main-nav #arrows li a#end:hover {background:url(img/ico-down-double@2x.png) no-repeat center -28px #444; background-size:11px 46px}
    #project-nav #controls li a.prev {background:url(img/ico-prev@2x.png) no-repeat center center #333; background-size:6px 11px}
    #project-nav #controls li a.next {background:url(img/ico-next@2x.png) no-repeat center center #333; background-size:6px 11px}
    #timeline #periods li .period {background:url(img/period@2x.png) no-repeat #999; background-size:31px 31px}
    #timeline #periods .prev {background:url(img/ico-up@2x.png) no-repeat center center #fff; background-size:11px 6px}
    #timeline #periods .next {background:url(img/ico-down@2x.png) no-repeat center center #fff; background-size:11px 6px}
    #services .inner-wrapper {background:url(img/slash@2x.png) no-repeat right 60px; background-size:1000px 1000px}
    #inquire .step .singles li label, #inquire .step .multis li label {background:url(img/radio@2x.png) no-repeat right center #999; background-size:1000px 300px}
    #inquire .pagination .prev {background:url(img/ico-prev@2x.png) no-repeat 12px center #fff; background-size:6px 11px}
    #inquire .pagination .next {background:url(img/ico-next@2x.png) no-repeat 14px center #fff; background-size:6px 11px}


How can i make the menu to appear from the beginning?


Hi, we can only help out if you post with the account you have purchased the item with. Thanks.

Can you help me with my twitter feed? is it as simple as changing the username? I’ve looked at the documentation, but I don’t really know what the ‘access token’ creation is… lost me. My username is ‘webitosis’ any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi, the logo or the text? I don’t think I have the link to your page.

The logo, I currently updated the image… here’s the link http://www.webitosis.com/new

Delete the following lines in global.js under section 1B. Logo actions.

    // initialize vibration plugin
    $('#logo a span').jrumble({
        x: 0,
        y: 0,
        speed: 10

    // vibrate logo on hover
    $('#logo a span').hover(function(){
    }, function(){

Hey typebig!

I’ve updated to latest version of the site, but a couple of things still not working correctly..

1. There’s a small area of grey space above each of the images on the project detail pages (project01, etc) both on desktop and mobile layouts.

2. On mobile devices, on the project detail pages, you have to tap ‘2’ twice to advance to the second image, rather than just once.

Thanks for your help! :)

Yes happens on the demo site too

Oh ok I see now what you are talking about on my ipad mini. I think on iOS, the first tap is considered to be a hover event.

You’ll have to delete the following line if you don’t want this to happen, but then you won’t have the hover effect

#project #media .rslides_tabs li.rslides_here a, #project #media .rslides_tabs li a:hover {background:#eee; color:#333}

You can read about this and other solutions here: http://www.prowebdesign.ro/how-to-deal-with-hover-on-touch-screen-devices/

I can not install the theme because apparently it lacks the style sheet. Any ideas? Please help!!! Thanks..

Hi, I am sorry but it’s not a Wordpress theme.

Cool stuff.One question before buying:

Could I use two “inquires” – one for contact and one as a inquire? There won’t be any js conflicts,right ?


Hi, there will be conflicts if you use two. You will need to edit the javascript file but it’s just a matter of changing out the jQuery selectors in the js file.

Ok, if that’s all then you have a new customer

Great! Thanks!

Hi, the video embedded from vimeo doesn’t play in a portfolio page. When clicked the play button it goes to the next slide.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Hi, which version are you using? It would help me if you can provide a page link so I can debug it. Thanks. You can send me a message privately at http://themeforest.net/user/typebig

Hi, I apologize for that. Replace your global.js file with the following: http://themes.seench.com/biography/js/global.js if you have not edited the file. If you have edited global.js, let me know.

Hey again!

Just installed the updated version and now am having a time with the black bar. In addition to the gray space around my pictures (within each portfolio item), when I scroll through the items the black navigation bar also gets stuck and covers my images so they aren’t visible, as well as the nav bar disappearing.

Also, is there anyway to keep the images their true size and stop the shifting around?


To remove the gray space, open up style.css and go to section 7, find

#project #media .rslides li {padding-top:50px; background:#f0f0f0; width:100%}

and delete background:#f0f0f0 so it’ll be
#project #media .rslides li {padding-top:50px; width:100%}
I don’t understand your problem with the black navigation bar. If you can show me a snapshot or a link of what you are talking about it would help me.

To stop image shifting open up global.js and under section 6B, delete following

                // move slide slide image from mouse on mouseover

                    /* Work out mouse position */
                    var offset = $(this).offset();
                    var xPos = e.pageX - offset.left;
                    var yPos = e.pageY - offset.top;

                    /* Get percentage positions */
                    var mouseXPercent = Math.round(xPos / $(this).width() * 100);
                    var mouseYPercent = Math.round(yPos / $(this).height() * 100);
                    var diffX = $(this).width();
                    var diffY = $(this).height();

                    var myX = diffX * (mouseXPercent / 1000);
                    var myY = diffY * (mouseYPercent / 1000);

                    $(this).parent().find('.pslides li:visible img').animate({marginLeft: '-' + myX + 'px', marginTop: '-' + myY + 'px'},{duration: 100, queue: false, easing: 'linear'});

Attention v2 users

If you are using videos in your portfolio slides, replace your global.js file to: http://themes.seench.com/biography/js/global.js

Sorry about the above post kierra.

Attention v2 users

If you are using videos in your portfolio slides, replace your global.js file to: http://themes.seench.com/biography/js/global.js

great theme! I like it!

Thank you! Daehan Mi Guk!

Dear typebig,

beautiful theme. I simply love it.

I ran into one issue: I want to add a video in the gallery (portfolio) like you did on your preview demo (Chic Magazine) I tried it with the same vimeo-link that you have and I tried it with a local video of mine. When I want to play the video by clicking on the play-button of my player or the vimeo-player it gets me to the next picture. (which is the normal behaviour of the gallery of course) How did you manage to “clear” the play-button from this “behaviour”.

I hope you get what I mean.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


Got it working! Thanks, Pierre


preview is not loading

It is now. Sorry about the delay.