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I can’t locate where to edit the 70×70 image placeholder right above collection. Thanks

Hi, it’s in style.css. Look in section 5 and find the following. Replace the background image:

#prologue #logo a span {display:block; height:187px; background:url(http://placehold.it/70x70) no-repeat center center}


Do you already fix the flickering and blocking (black top banner) issue in new update?

Trying in Live Demo > Biography > Book House “Just try scroll down, move the mouse left and right, then scroll up again” (I’m using the latest Chrome)


I am sorry. I spoke too soon. Try removing the fixed in the background property

#services {-webkit-transform:none; width:100%; background:url(img/bgbio.JPG) center center; background-size:100% 100%; padding:160px 0 100px 0; -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; -moz-box-sizing: border-box;  box-sizing: border-box}

Actually use this. Notice the background-size cover:

#services {-webkit-transform:none; width:100%; background:url(img/bgbio.JPG) center center; -webkit-background-size: cover; -moz-background-size: cover; background-size: cover; padding:160px 0 100px 0; -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; -moz-box-sizing: border-box;  box-sizing: border-box}

Great! Works well now :)

This theme would be perfect for me if it had a blogging functionality in addition to the other menu items. Is this something you might consider for future updates?

Hi, thanks for your interest It’ll be in the Wordpress version.


Is there a way to add a background image to each page? I have a very long jpg which I would like to cut up into rows and add them to each section so that the image looks “fixed” in the background.

Also, please excuse me for my “newbie” question but why does the first background image need to be 3000px wide?

Thanks for your response.

Hi, just look for the section id. For example #portfolio is the portfolio section, #about is the about, etc. So for example, if you want to put a background image in the about or biography section, change the #about style settings to

#about {width:100%; overflow:hidden; background:url(img/yourimage.jpg) no-repeat center center fixed; padding:170px 0 100px 0}

The background image is 3000px just in case the user is using a large resolution monitor. You can make it smaller but make sure the background color blends in with the background image.

Hey there is a problem with the portfolio, I uploaded the theme on my webspace for testing it but all the portfolio pages are broke. When I open the sample01 the complete layout is destroyed, can you please tell me what to do? Take a look at: www.zeitgeistkommunikation.de and for example this one here:


Hi the sample pages are supposed to load inside the main page. For example, when the first portfolio thumbnail is clicked, sample01.html opens up in index.html. I hope that makes sense.

Hi Typebig

is there a way to use the arrow key as navigation in the project pages?

Thanks! Joeri

Actually, just figured it out. Open up global.js and look for the following under 8B Function Project Loader

                // show project

Under it, add the following
                  // keyboard navigation
                    if (e.keyCode == 37) { 
                        $('#media .prev').trigger('click');
                        return false;
                    if (e.keyCode == 39) { 
                        $('#media .next').trigger('click');
                        return false;

Wow, this is great. I just implemented and it works perfect! Thanks for your efforts!


Great! No problem!

Ok it seems to work, one has to wait some time after uploading it on the server :) So far, so good!

Hi, glad you figured it out. Thanks!


After playing with this template a lot I realise the “shuddering”/blur effect on the landing page does not really suit my brand’s style, please could you tell me how to turn it off? I appreciate the template a lot, this is just not really working with my bckgrd image.

Thanks in advance for your response.


1. Open up style.css and change the #intro #intro-banner element to:

#intro #intro-banner {position:absolute; width:100%; height:760px; z-index:-1; overflow:hidden}

2. Open up global.js and find and delete the following under section 5
        // move intro image from mouse on mouseover

            /* Work out mouse position */
            var offset = $(this).offset();
            var xPos = e.pageX - offset.left;
            var yPos = e.pageY - offset.top;

            /* Get percentage positions */
            var mouseXPercent = Math.round(xPos / $(this).width() * 100);
            var mouseYPercent = Math.round(yPos / $(this).height() * 100);
            var diffX = $(this).width();
            var diffY = $(this).height();

            var myX = diffX * (mouseXPercent / 2000);
            var myY = diffY * (mouseYPercent / 2000);

            $(this).find('#intro-banner img').animate({right: '-' + myX + 'px', marginTop: '-' + myY + 'px', opacity:'0.8'},{duration: 100, queue: false, easing: 'linear'});
            $(this).find('#intro-banner').css({'background-position': 'right -' + myY + 'px'});
            $(this).find('#intro-banner img').animate({right:'-100px', opacity:'1'},{duration: 100, queue: false, easing: 'linear'});
            $(this).find('#intro-banner').css({'background-position': 'right center'});


Thanks to some comments, I solve some of my issues… Still one, how could it be possible to adapt the vertical size of each sections to the screen? It is very well adapting horizontally… A white band is for exemple visible on the first page, because I guess of the following line in the section 3 of the css :

 #intro {width:100%; height:760px; position:fixed} 

I tryed changing height to 100% or window.innerHeight, but none worked…

any solution would be appreciated, very nice work by the way!

Hi again! I solved somehow the canvas issue… It was actually to make working a processing.js sketch inside a canvas, but it did not work. Solving this by calling another html page..

I have now another issue, regarding the php script of the inquire part. It was working on a temporary server. But it is not working anymore in a more official server. The error message is showing up while the mail is actually properly sent and received… I was in touch with a technician from the domain supplier, it is not connected to the server, but rather connected (according to him) to the php script. Do you have any idea what could be the reason???

many thanks.

Hi, may I see your page to debug the problem? You can email me privately at syungh[at]gmail.com

Hi, I sent you an email few days ago, did you find something wrong with the php? thank you

Hi, amazing template, i just purchaced and i´m trying it but i have a probl. And it´s about hte portfolio section , when i clikc over any thumbnail it shows anything and i guess it suposse to send me to “sample01” 02 , etc. It even doesn´t show the load animation . Can you help me? thank you

Hi, you are probably using Chrome? It won’t load locally on Chrome. You have to upload to your server for it to work. You can try Firefox to test it locally.

Yeah, that was the deal, thank you so much i just have a last question, i want to add youtube videos instead vimeo on sample01, 02 etc. How can i do that? i tried by inserting the yourube html code and it didn´t work. thank you again

Try in this format:

<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/ZUDXJMe_hTQ"></iframe>

Hi guys,

This is an awesome theme. Thanks for doing such a great job.

I have a few questions though.

1) How do I stop the background in the first page (3000×800.gif) from moving around? I want a static image.

2) I rearranged the site a bit since I feel the biography should come before my work, but when i readjusted the HTML code the background seems to malfunction. i.e. I scroll down and back up and I’m stuck with a 1800×900 background instead of the 3000×800.gif. How do i fix this?

here’s a link to my site: http://debodhi.com/laura/biography-files/biography/ Cheers


Hi thanks,

I’ve got a second problem now. I have my about page before the folio. And the sticky navigation doesn’t come down until I scroll down to the folio section. How do i change this?

Hi, can you insert the following code before the about section?

    <!-- 1. Logo (Prologue)
    ==================================== -->        
    <div id="prologue" class="section" style="display:none !important">
        <div class="inner-wrapper">
            <div id="logo"><a href="#"><span>Laura</span></a></div>
        </div><!-- // .inner-wrapper -->
    </div><!-- // #prologue -->

If that doesn’t work, could you zip up your files and send me the zip file to syungh[at]gmail. Thanks.

Actually, just send me your email. I will just send a modified version for you.

Awesome template, I have a few questions;

Is there a way i can remove the prologue square and logo? When i do it seems to mess up the template, i.e. 3000×800 becomes 1300×600..

Also is it possible for me to switch-up the Portfolio & About/Biography?

And also can i simply remove the Inquiry and Timeline?


Hi, what I would do is download the latest version and use that first. Then, hide #prologue with css. Open up style.css and add display:none !important to #prologue

#prologue {display:none !important; ......}

If you have done lot of editing, send me your files and I will try to make it work for you. You can message me at http://www.themeforest.com/user/typebig if you want to do this and I will reply back with my email. Thanks. By the way the new files contains another version of the services section along with the circles version. You can view the demo if you haven’t seen it already.

Worked perfectly, cheers! Do you do custom editing against a fee perhaps?

You can contact me true info(@)kladwerk(dot)com

Hi, sorry but not at the moment. Thanks for asking!

Nice template. Are you planning to create Wordpress theme for it?

Yes, working on it. Thanks!

Found a glitch – when there is only one image in the portfolio details page the mouse hover effect isn’t working and the image is cut off.

Any help with this ?

Open up global.js and look under section 8B Function Project Loader and find the line


and change to
$('.rslides_nav, .pslides').mousemove(function(e){
I just added the .pslides selector

Yep,that did it.


Hi. I love the theme. Great work. When I add list items to the portfolio thumbnail spread, it seems to break the layout. Am I missing a step in order to extend the amount of portfolio items?


Hi, I would just check if there are maybe missing closing tags. Each thumbnail should be in the format

<li><a href="sample01.html"><img src="img/thumb01.jpg" alt="" /><span>Kreativa.</span></a></li>

I would need to see your code or page for me to debug it. Thanks.

Ah! Please disregard my previous comment. It turns out it was a case of a certain thumbnail title being too long and messing with the margins. Thanks anyways.

Wow, it’s looking great but I don’t see any problems. Did you fix it?

Nevermind, all your thumbnail images are 800×450 but the last three are different sizes. Make the last three 800×450 also.

ah! of course it’s something obvious like that. Thanks again.

But I prefer the services section (circles) before.It made more page hierarchy.

The circles version still comes with the theme. It is very hard to please you.

Thanks.I just hope that I can choose it in the wordpress version. I love the parallax effect on this page.Looking forward to your improvement?

Hi guys as promise i have purchased the template. I’m not a developer but your documentation it’s perfect. just one question I like so much the new expertise section, but its possible add again the parallax effect on the background? I hope its possible!

good work


Yes but its not so simple for me becouse i know only basic code…how can i made just a section with only the logo of my client?

Hi, that’s is a customization request I really can’t spend much time on. It wouldn’t be fair on other buyers and I really don’t know how you want to lay it out. I can only get you started and you will have to adjust the CSS. Try adding the following wherever you want the section to be in the HTML

    #clients {padding:100px 0 100px; background:url(img/your_background_image.jpg); background-color:#ffffff}
    <div id="clients" class="section">
        <div class="inner-wrapper">
            <img src="img/your_client_logo.jpg" />
        </div><!-- // .inner-wrapper -->
    </div><!-- // #clients -->

Then, add you link like the other links

Ok Thanks a lot!

Is there a way to deactivate the sliding effect in the portfolio pages? I just want static portfolio pictures there – no motion effect for mouseover. How can I change that? Thanks so much!

Hi, just comment out or delete the following in global.js under 8B. Function Project Loader

                // move slide slide image from mouse on mouseover

                    /* Work out mouse position */
                    var offset = $(this).offset();
                    var xPos = e.pageX - offset.left;
                    var yPos = e.pageY - offset.top;

                    /* Get percentage positions */
                    var mouseXPercent = Math.round(xPos / $(this).width() * 100);
                    var mouseYPercent = Math.round(yPos / $(this).height() * 100);
                    var diffX = $(this).width();
                    var diffY = $(this).height();

                    var myX = diffX * (mouseXPercent / 1000);
                    var myY = diffY * (mouseYPercent / 1000);

                    $(this).parent().find('.pslides li:visible img').animate({marginLeft: '-' + myX + 'px', marginTop: '-' + myY + 'px'},{duration: 100, queue: false, easing: 'linear'});

I tried to change to google font, pasted the code into the css ( in the h1, h2 etc. ) and in the HTML( on top, in to the <head> , but it did not work. do youknow if it is possible at all?

Hi, just put in something like the following in your head tag:

<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

Then, in style.css replace “Arial Black” or “Helvetica Neue” with “Montserrat” or whatever google font you are using.