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Looks nice mate! Good luck with sales :)


Thanks a lot! We`re glad you like it!

Great work! Good luck with sales :)


Thanks! :)

Awsome template! Congrats and good luck with sales! :D

i like your login page :)


Thanks! Did you check the Sign Up button too?


Yes, I’m talking about them :)

Everything seems ok! No questions for now :)

Please don`t forget to rate!

djnet00 Purchased

Hello, You can implement a file manager plugin and full data table examples?



Seems like a good idea! We will add it in the next update!

Looks great… I’m not a developer, I have a team for that… Perhaps a bit of a low level question but how difficult is it to link your UI to user databases?



If they are developers – I`m sure they will find very easily to code using this UI. There is not an easier way to develop an app than using this kind of admin template!

I`m glad you like it.

This is a nice looking template, and I’d probably use it, but there are some responsive issues that need to be fixed. • On the media table it doesn’t react correctly to window resizing and cuts off data. • On the form page, when resizing the fields shrink to nothing and then bounce back. • On the statistics page, the values in the top stats boxes extend beyond their containers. • The search and profile menus in the top nav cover up the New Users stats on resize.

All of those issues except the last one occur at around 780px, the last one is starts to be affected at about 1200px.

If you can get those issues fixed with an update, then I’d buy this template to use. Good luck!


Thanks for feedback! I will try to fix those issues tommorow.

danhum Purchased

Maybe I am doing something wrong but if I rename a file or folder (i.e. image or CSS ) and CTRL + F5 the page, it still appears?

I made some changes which didn’t appear to update. I am running the site template locally if thats of any help. Thanks.


Did you try a refresh + clear cache ? Ctrl + Shift + R ?

New update it`s pending!

Version 1.1:

- File Explorer implementation
- Full Data Table example added
- responsive bugs fixed

Changes can be seen on live preview for now and will be online in a few hours.

Thank you!


Approved! Now it`s available for download.

Yesterday Bootstrap was updated to version 2.2.0. We took care of that and have updated the Bird Admin Template too.

Version 1.2.0

- Updated to Bootstrap 2.2.0
- Added Just Fluid Grid example on Grid page (I find it very useful)
- Fix some minor bugs from General Forms page

Changes can be seen on live preview for now and will be online in a few hours.

Thank you!


Approved and available for download!

RodRod Purchased

I purchased this a few days ago, nice work! One thing I’m having trouble understanding is the map controls… I have altered my Control Options but it still gives that jerky little white bar for the scale control.

Can you please explain where this is being changed, I can seem to find it.


Hi Rod,

When you call gmap3() function, go to options and add:

disableDefaultUI: true,

So, full code should be something like this:

$("#gmap-container").gmap3( { 
           options: {
            disableDefaultUI: true,

Let me know if helps and don`t forget to rate :) Thanks

RodRod Purchased

Very nice! I could not find any reference on the GMAP3 site, works like a charm! Thanks for the quick response.

Hello buddy, nice work, I’m very interested in purchase it. Let me ask one thing I will need: are you planning to release an html5 file upload?

Thank you and congratulations!!



That sound like a god idea. Please tell me more about which features have you thought about this file uploader and I will give it a try in the next update.


Hello, I like your template very much. I am trying to make the log in form to work but I am having some difficulties, here is what I have:

<form class=”form-horizontal row-fluid” id=”loginForm” action=”_services/formtest.php” method=”post”>

and the button to submit the form is:

<button type=”submit” class=”btn btn-primary”>Take me in</button>

The PHp side is:

echo trim($_POST[‘username_field’]); echo ‘

’; echo trim($_POST[‘password_field’]);

and I get:

Notice: Undefined index: username_field in C:\wamp\www\Bird\_services\formtest.php on line 2 Notice: Undefined index: password_field in C:\wamp\www\Bird\_services\formtest.php on line 4

I can’t figure out what the problem is, can you please help me?

Thank you,

P.S. I found something interesting, if I change this:

<input type=”email” id=”username_field” placeholder=”Your Email” required class=”row-fluid”>

to this:

<input type=”email” name=”username_field” placeholder=”Your Email” required class=”row-fluid”>

it works, in other words, changing the parameter ID to NAME makes it work… Do you know why?

Thank you,


I`m glad you solve that problem! :bigwink: The things are simple:

- Use name attribute like an identifier for POST and GET calls on form submit.

- Use ID attribute whenever you need to address a particular HTML element with CSS , Javascript or a Fragment identifier.

Sure, it`s possible to look up to html elements by name, too, but it`s more efficiently to use ID instead.

I hope it helps! (don`t forget to rate) Thanks! :)

Hi, I’ve purchased this theme and I’ve noticed if I switch to the unminified versions of both base.css or responsive.css, it breaks the theme. Is it possible to get proper versions of the unminified css files so I don’t have to go through bit by bit to make my adjustments?


Don’t you want to use Sass instead ? I think it’s a more powerfull way to write css. Contact me through contact form from my profile and I will give you a proper unminified css.


Thanks for the quick email with the files.

Problem solved – so anyone who need unminified version – contact us through contact form from our profile and I will give it to you. Anyway – we really encourage you all to use SASS instead simple CSS – it`s very helpful and pretty easy to use.

ideafizz Purchased

Hi !

First of all, nice work on this theme !

I have an issue understanding how really works the line charts on the index page.

Indeed, in the “placeholder” div (where the chart is actually displayed), how can I modify the JS to get on the X axis each integer of a range of numbers (e.g. 1,2,3,4,5) instead of floats numbers (e.g. 0.75, 2.25, 3.75, 5) ?

I’m not sure that I’m really clear :p Don’t hesitate to ask more details about my problem if I wasn’t !




I`m not sure if I understand what`s the chart that you want to modify – the big colored one (full width) from the homepage? If yes – then the horizontal axis (X) already display integer numbers (1,2,..,12,13) – that`s equal with total number of data inserted.

Anyway – send me a message through my profile with more informations!


Problem solved before I can give him an answer. :) Anyone who have the same problem here is the ideafizz message:

Thanks for your reply ! I found what was my problem !

I just had to add “ticks: ‘a_number’’, tickDecimals: 0” under “xaxis:” attribute in the JS :)


FYI : your demo keep crashing my browser… can even open it. i am on mac with Safari


We tested on a lot of devices, even on Safari from my MacBook (air) and works very well. I cannot give you an explanation with so few details – please let me know more.

The base.css is not the same as base unminified.css its a totally different look… can you please give us the base.css unminified properly thanks


Please contact me through my profile to send you unminified version of base.css – as I said I really recommend you to – try using SASS (.scss files) to generate your CSS .