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First of all, great work and good luck with sales !

we have some issues and we will appreciate your feedback:

1- The menu is not shown when maximizing the browser after resizing it to a resolution 320×480 or lesser. 2- The menu is openning slowly in IPhone 4 3- We intend to buy the regular version, so could you please give us the unminified css files after Purchase?



Hi and I`m glad you like our work.

1. This is happening when you go to a 320×480 or less resolution, open the menu, and maximizing the browser (this will not happen to a regular user). That`s because you change the state to the menu from mobile view which cause change to full size browser. 2. That`s because there are a lot of stuff (many menu icons and some others) – probably, in your app, you won`t have so many items. Anyway – I will try to optimize that menu too.

About unminified css, sure I will give you (just contact me through my profile form), and I will send an update to ThemeForest that include unminified css version too.


Sorry to bother so much but I am having some difficulties with the “On/ Off switches”. What script files do I need to make that work? I copied the sample code to a new page and I have the following files included:

bootstrap.css base.css responsive.css jquery-ui-1.8.23.custom.css modernizr.custom.32549.js jquery.min.js bootstrap-modal.js

All other fields work but this one, I didn’t find info online, can you help me please?

Thank you in advanced,


The javascript that control the switcher is placed on scripts.js (starting with line 185). You have to include this js and grab the markup from forms_general.html

Let me know if it works or contact me through my profile with more details.

*I prepare a new (custom) plugin for On/Off Switchers because I didn`t find something that fits all of my needs – stay tuned.

Great job. I love the template. Its a great purchase for me.

However, I want to use the datepicker (the one that drops down the calendar when user clicks in the text input field) and when do so it does not drop down the calendar. After fruitless debugging, I went to the original file that contains the datepicker example, forms_general.html. After much analysis, I found out that when I remove this line:

<textarea id="text" rows="3" class="row-fluid"></textarea>

from forms_general.html, the drop down for the datepicker stops working. This line has nothing to do with dates, its in the text Areas section. It is easy to find, there is only one instance of it in forms_general.html, so you can cut and paste it from above. I have been able to reproduce this in both Safari and Firefox.

Can you please verify this for me and if it is a bug, please let me know how I can get around it.


Hi Tom,

The problem is simple – probably you remove some javascript from page but they are still called at the bottom of the page.

What we need for datepicker?
  1. basic markup:
     <input type="text" id="datepicker_id" class="row-fluid">
  2. include js file:
  3. call the function:

Check this demo page: Demo (start with line 334)

That`s it! :) Good luck!

litefort Purchased

Hi Pixelgrade – can you please see 2 messages I sent you regarding getting the original PSDs, non-sass CSS files and a new base-unminified.css that matches base.css?



I just respond you to both of them.

For other users: 1. PSD – we don`t have it because we style this theme directly on CSS 2. I send an update and pretty soon the unminified version of CSS will be available for download.


OK this is a nice template, but man, can you provide a cleaner base.css? The way you have it, all basically in one big line, is impossible to decipher and edit.

Also, the datepicker is set to European style d-m-Y and I need American style of m/d/Y. Is there a setting somewhere to alter this?




The base.css it`s one line because it`s minified. A new update was approved and there is a ‘cleaner’ base.css file (base-unminified.css).

About datepicker – sure you can easily pass your own format:
     format: 'mm-dd-yyyy';

Excellent – THANK YOU ! Looking forward to working with this.

Hi There,

Excellent theme, just what I was looking for. Quick problem (I hope)...

I’m removing the elements I don’t need from the dashboard and all is fine however, when I remove the realtime div in the left sidebar:

The calendar function stops working (ie. there is nothing populating the calendar)

If I reinstate the realtime div, the calendar works again.

Any idea how to fix this?

Thanks in advance,



Hi Phil,

Problem is that you remove the container from realtime div but you don`t remove the function that call it – that probably breaks entire javascript code.

So – after removing realtime div go to js/scripts.js and remove entire piece of code (from lines 50 to 97) or just the call function from line 89.

The same solve for the second problem.

I hope it helps. Thanks

Hi again, I thought I saw some of the colored “notifications” or “alerts” in this template, but I can’t find them now.

Do you have any of those built in? Or should I create them myself? Thanks.

Alert`s bar can be added easily using default Bootstrap markup:
 <div class="alert alert-error">
  <button type="button" class="close" data-dismiss="alert">×</button>
  <strong>Warning!</strong> Password it`s incorrect.
This will generate a red error bar that can be closed on click. This is what you are looking for?

Switch alert-error with alert-success, alert-warning or alert-info for other colors.

Sorry, also when you remove the chart js ie:

<script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=”js/plugins/flot/jquery.flot.js”></script> <script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=”js/plugins/flot/jquery.flot.stack.js”></script> <script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=”js/plugins/flot/jquery.flot.pie.js”></script> <script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=”js/plugins/flot/jquery.flot.resize.js”></script>

it stops checkboxes and file inputs from rendering with the correct styles.




Hi Phill,

Did my above reply help you solve this problem?

Hi there,

Thanks so much for your super swift reply. It worked perfectly and everything is working as expected so thanks again! Excellent theme, amongst the hundreds on offer this one stands out!


I`m glad I can help you – I wish you luck to build the best web app ever :)

Please don`t forget to rate! Thanks

Nice job, The ui_icons.html sample page does not show any ICONS on my IE 9 .0 browser, but shows ICONS on my chrome browser. What do I have wrong? Thanks


Any word on this Fix?



Did you check if the font path it`s ok ? Did you try to re-download the package template?


Figured it out.

I found this on one of the Font support sites… (and it works now)

Another thing to look at is the MIME type (Content-Type HTTP header) with which you serve the files. I’ve set eot, ttf and woff to be served as application/octet-stream – the same used by the font-awesome web site

OK – here are the errors I’m getting when running the file in debug mode ( f12 developer tools ) in IE.

CSS3114: @font-face failed OpenType embedding permission check. Permission must be Installable. fontawesome-webfont.ttf

SCRIPT438: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘preventDefault’ index.html, line 731 character 7

In doing research it appears there needs to be either some type of header added to the files or the .ttf file needs to be modified to allow additional permissions. Any idea what the next steps are to fix this?

Hi again,

Sorry… another question for you:

I’ve tried to merge both forms and dynamic data tables together on a single page and it seems that the js function calls at the bottom of the page get confused and some functionality works and others dont. ie. if I include all of the js functions and then remove a form element, the data table stops working etc. Is ther one consolidated js function call I can use across all pages that will allow every thing to work or will I need to remove elements of the js function calls in order to run different types of pages.



Hi Phill,

You have to include all js files needed for forms and datatables and call only the functions needed for that forms. So – for datatables (one js file and one function to call) next add checkboxes – include uniform.js and their calls, etc.

Let me know if you succeed – if not contact me through my contact form from my profile to discuss more.


Hi There,

Another question (Sorry!) I’m trying to implement a form with multiple file upload fields however, the form only recognises the first instance. Is this a jquery issue or again am I missing something in the code?

Thanks in advance.

PS I ’ve given the theme a 5star rating!


Did you mean the File Upload from General Form Elements or another Multiple File Upload plugin?

Can you point me to the markup that you have used to create that multiple file upload?


Just file upload from the general form elements.

Here is the markup I used:

<label class=”control-label span3” for=”normal-field”>Project URL </label> <input type=”text” id=”normal-field” class=”row-fluid” name=”projUrl” value=”<?php echo $row_rsTableUpdate[‘ProjectUrl’]; ?>”> <label class=”control-label span3” for=”search-input2”>Slideshow upload</label> <input type=”file” class=”spa1n6 fileinput” id=”search-input2” name=”IndeximgUpload”> >



Hi – I understand now. The problem is these two upload fields share the same call function – so will be treated as one.
The solution
The solution is to remove fileinput class, give each input an ID and call them in the footer area.
HTML Markup:
<label class="control-label span3" for="normal-field">Project URL </label> 
<input type="text" id="normal-field" class="row-fluid" name="projUrl" value="<?php echo $row_rsTableUpdate[‘ProjectUrl’]; ?>"> 
<label class="control-label span3" for="search-input2">Slideshow upload</label> 
<input type="file" id="search-input2" name="IndeximgUpload">
Javascript calls:

This should solve your problem. Let me know if it helps!

Recently i purchased your template and i am having problems in ie 8, the left na is pushing the main content down,

can you help me fix this issue


Can you send me a message through my contact form from my profile to discuss more details?


Thanks for this lovely template, sorry about my previous query. It is working for me in IE 8 now and I would say this is one of the best templates that I have ever purchased…good luck and thanks for wonderful template:)


Many thanks for this kind of words – we`re glad you like it!


first of all i want to say that i really like the theme. it´s looking fine on themeforest. But i have some problems with the installing. i´m really new to wordpress and i feel sorry for the question. but what do i have to do to install the template? Then my next question would be if there is any easy way to translate the theme in an other language. Is there allready a translation into german?

Kind regards!


Hi Kalle,

This template unfortunately it`s not an Wordpress theme – it`s jut CSS/HTML that can help to build an Wordpress theme or something else. About translation – that can be done easily by edit the HTML content.

Thanks, George

Thanks a lot for the fast answer. I know that there isn´t the opportunity to upload and install your theme like a normal wordpress theme. But can you explain me how to use the html and css files with my wordpress installation? Or is there a page in the web where it is explained.


You can try to create a theme from this admin template. You can start from here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Theme_Development – but will be a lof of working :)

ipratico Purchased

hello ,

i purchased you fantastic template but now i want to expand you login because i have 1 more input but your white content is “blocked” and i don’t undestand in witch way i can modify you can help me?

thanks a lot


Send me an email through my contact from my profile with more details and I will help you.


Dear staff, I would buy this template but with the latest version of firefox 17.0.1, the template is slowed in all its animations, menus, graphics, etc. There will be resolution to this problem? Thanks and regards

Hey, gorgeous template – I’m working on bringing it into my Rails app.

Question: is base.css (and base-unminified.css) the basic twitter bootstrap css or have you customized it directly in that file? I ask because I’m installing bootstrap/less/compass first and then bringing in the theme, and if I don’t have to futz with the cascade that’d be excellent…




The base.css are entire styles merged – I edited mostly base.scss (if you using SASS). Anyway – it`s the latest bootstrap – so don`t worry about updates.


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First of all, congratulations for your template… you’ve got talent.

I’have a little problem. I need to change the value for the upload fileform.

Now, the text into the form is: “Choose a file…” and the button contains the text:”Upload”.

I’d like to translate these information, so where i can find the code that works on this form?

Thanks ;)



We have used Uniform.js to style that Upload button. I think you should use fileBtnText(string) function to translate that button. Read more about that function here: http://uniformjs.com/