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bslevin Purchased

I am having 2 issues, I am redoing our site, it has been using this theme for a while now and I love the theme, but I have run into 2 issues.

1. I am working on the new version and I deleted the logo and I can no longer get a new logo to work, no matter what image I use it uploads to the site fine and you can view it but when you are in Croma.Dash and upload logo, I just get a broken link, it will no longer allow any image upload as a logo.

2. How to I get rid of the text on the headers to go away? I cannot find any way to hide or remove them. I have custom header images on each page and the Page title sits right on top of them..

Thanks in advance

Hi bslevin

THanks for the message.

If you make contact to my personal assistance line I can take a look at the problems that you have and get a fix.

If you make contact to my personal assistance line we provide assistance on this. You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here


How do I increase my max no of guest on crona.res from 49 to around100

have you set your timezone in settings->general

thanks i will make sure it’s set correct, can u tell me me where can i find label “Special request” on booking form, i need to chage the label. thanks in advance

public/ app folder and bookingform.php file.


How can I get rss feed for the events ?

HI igouaux

THanks for the message.

There is currently no rss for events.


Thanks AJ Is this planned in a futur update ? Laurent

We are currently reworking our calendar functionality, and can add this to the list.


the homepage left and center widgets are not showing up on the homepage. What is the trick to making this happen?

Hi dwidmayer

THanks for taking time to touch base on the Bistro theme.

More on achieving the results that you want below:


I swapped out your slider for a revolution slider. I used <?php putRevSlider(“home”,”homepage”) ?> and it gives me this error when i go to home page: Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias “home” not found.

Maybe you mean: ‘home’

The alias is named home. Am i missing a step

Thank you for response both slider title and slider alias are named home. The below code is what i inputed in the index.php file. <?php putRevSlider(“home”,”homepage”) ?>

I figured it out! I got it to work! Thank you!

great news.

Is there a way you can pass a parameter to the reservations booking form so that when a use clicks on the reservations page the date is already pre-selected for him. We are running special events on particular dates and need for users to not select the booking date. Is that possible, Many thanks in advance,

Hi accross-college.

Thanks for the message.

Because of the fact that this is a restaurant bookings app it is currently not possible to force a specific date for bookings.


Hi great theme. However Can I ask how to modify the croma.res reservations booking form please? I just want to add a couple of custom boxes for ‘special requirements’ etc. Many thanks, Neil.

Duplicate question

Does this work with 4.2?


Appearance Not Working ! When i click on appearance and header on the back end it opens up as if i pressed customized on front end of site. It will not show me area where i can change header it goes to the customized area on front page and freezes.

Hi Ctucker310

THanks for the message.

i tested this on my side, and were unable to replicate the error with the same. I would very much like to assist you in debugging this properly.

If you make contact to my personal assistance line we provide assistance on this. You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here



jesseslam Purchased


Is it possible to manually order the promotions as I’ve tried installing various custom post type order plugins but none seem to work and it would be really useful to manually order the promotions We are using a child theme.


Jim Isles

HI Jim

Thanks for the message.

The promotions figures the order according to the date that the next promotion happens. it is therefore a time based ordering.