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Hello! I have bought this theme a few months ago, and now I am planning to update it to the latest version.

How do I perform the update? Do I just re-upload the theme, or overwrite the files or something?

Hi, how can i push the logo up – i tried in the css to use margin but it didnt move it. can you please advise? thanks

Hi,ib-original, I’m so sorry for late reply. To move the logo you need to open the style.css file and find the following code:
.navbar-brand {
    padding: 10px 20px;
    height: auto;
just change the value padding Best Regards and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! DSAThemes


I think I left a similar comment on one of your other templates.

Is this template compatible with Aweber autoresponder?

Can I insert Aweber form code somewhere in this theme and expect it to look and function as designed?

Thank you.


Hi,rpstaller, sorry for late reply and thanks for your interest. To be honest I have never used this form before but if you have some developer or you can edit the code then you can insert Aweber form. Thanks

katty83 Purchased

Hi, i have just 2 questions, so i hope you can help me.

1.- Is there any way to include a preloader? it takes too much time since the website loads at the first time, it would be great a preloader in order to not have a blank screen for a few seconds.

2.- Do you have any idea how can i reduce my background image size, i dont really know what to do to have an smaller file size without reducing quality, i supposed it would help it loads faster.

Thanks in advance


Please contact me via email. Thanks