brillianthemes does not currently provide support for this item.

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Thanks for letting me know.

Look forward to seeing the update.

Keep up the good work :)

Like I was promise, Dark version is finished and included in theme.

Thank you

Thank You brillianthemes!

Welcome “vissionet” and thank you for purchase :)

Will this be available for WordPress?

Yes will be :)

Great. Around when?

Would it be possible to easily change the color scheme to another color such as red?

yes if you know just a little css you can make those changes in second and if you don’t know I will help you :)

Overall, the theme is pretty good, but I’m staggered as to why lists, tables and p tags have not been styled. Seems lazy to me…

Just purchased it. Would it be at all possible to send me the configuration for your test site complete with all dummy text? I learn much quicker by reverse engineering and this would greatly help me develop my site.

Thanks for your time, Zach

Hi zack,

First of all thank you for your purchase. If you want to have an website like in demo link just download files from themeforest and look in documentation file. You have there documentation for 2 ways, how to install theme simple and how to install theme with dummy text.

Thank you, John

theme installation is still not working. i am trying to install it on acquia dev desktop. i contacted them and followed their instructions which didn’t work. I’m simply unable to install this theme. any suggestions? I would prefer 1 specific and clear answer as opposed to multiple vague ones.

please reply to

i am beyond frustrated with this. I have followed you documentation file exactly and bc some of the instructions are not exact, i have yet to successfully install the theme with dummy text (exactly like the test site) which is my goal.

Hi, please send me an email from my profile page with your hosting details and I will be more than glad to help you installing this template. Also please provide me your prefered color.

Thank you

Hi, Thanks for developing this excellent theme for us. I already purchased the theme.

My problem is – the top orange header is distorted due to some reasons whihc i don’t know. Can you please help me how i can restore it to its orginal yellow state. The website is


First of all thank you for your kind words ans also for your purchase. In your preview link unfortunately I don’t see any problem. But if there exist any problem than please just give me an email with more details from my profile page.

Thank you

Are you still selling and supporting your themes through ThemeForest? None of your live previews function. Says “this domain is for sale”.