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Very nice work! Good luck with sales :)


Thank you louiejie..

Hi brilliant themes.

This looks good and before I buy, can you let me know if the slideshow on the homepage can be configured to run automatically?

Many thanks and nice work



Hi chtouki, Yes of course can be configured.. After you buy just send me an email from my account page on themeforest and I will send you file with configured settings and you just to replace..

Thank you

Looks awesome good job, I see you have used the skeleton system but can’t see any skeleton classes on the divs, am I missing something?


First thank you n1kko.. Yes I use skeleton just in some parts of coding, else I use Media Queries for Standard Devices :)..

Absolutely stunning design! Brilliant! Love it!

Good luck in your sales! May have to be a buyer of this soon enough :D

- Bryce Wisekal


Thank you very much OurWebMedia :)..

Thanks for the reply, may have to purchase for my own site to save some time but convert into CMS :)

I love this theme! Great job, keep up the good work!


Thank you themelux :)..

Great looking theme! Any WP plans?


Hi voodoogal, after a certain number of sales we will take the next step with WP version.. Thank you..

Hi great design, however in safari version 6 on lion the bottom footer background does not appear.


Thank you designer101, but please look at Compatible Browsers :)..

Hope design will be popular. Like theme.


I also hope, thank you very much :).

Nice design, you’ve obviously put a lot of work it this, however I wish I’d noticed it’s not IE8 compatible before purchasing, it’s a shame.


Hi davepronta, You can see at “Compatible Browsers” for what browsers is compatible, and there does not exist for IE8 version, but please give me an email from themeforest and I will be glad to help you. Thank you for your purchase.

Hi, ive just bought the template. good work.

I havent seen this wasnt ie compatible. Since i need it working on ie8 and ie 7, ┬┐There is any way of having this workingon internet explorer 7 and 8?? even if its a simpler or non responsive version.

Thanks for your help


Hi roquelage, Yes it is possible working on ie7 and ie8, but in this moment I don’t have time to do this, in future will be available. If you have questions or if I can help you with something don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you for purchase. :)

Hi again and thanks for your response.

Aproximated time to have it working on internet explorer? I Bought the template to do a project with and i dont want to overwrite changes when you come up with this new release.

So, what amount of time are we talking about?


Hello guys,
BIZfolio was successfully updated into “BIZfolio update”

The news that comes are “Compatible Browsers” for older browsers, like for example IE7 & IE8 also keeping Responsive layout and for those browsers.


Which files were changed? I already did some variations and i wont like having to remake all of them.

Thanks for your response


Hi “roquelage”

For first I’m sorry for this late response but I had a funeral in family.

You must go into css files and search lines that are begin with .ie7 and .ie8 All that lines you must copy into your css file like are there (exactly lines). Also you must copy js url from tho bottom of the page and js file from js folder. And last thing you must copy IE folder from images and put into your images folder. That is all and thank you

Thanks for the response John, and sorry for your loss.

dandlweb Purchased

HI, I’ve purchased your theme and I’m delighted with it so far!

Just one query really… I’ve mase a couple of slight CSS changes and added the price table to the homepage… All looks fantastic in Safari and IE9 , but there’s no backgrounds being displayed on Google Chrome as viewable here: http://www.dandlwebdesign.com/psi

Could you advise please?


For first thank you for purchase and as second I was sending you an email :).

Hi John,

How can i stop the slider from auto transition?

Thanks in advance


Hi roquelage,

Q: How can i stop the slider from auto transition? A: Open js file (jquery.cslider.js) and edit at line 17 from autoplay : true, into autoplay : false,// slideshow on / off

Thank you

Hi John, i see that using the “old” js files i can achieve that, so no worries about.

Im having two more issues that im sure you could help me a bit out.

1. Menu displaying in to rows (as contact doesnt have space to be shown on first row)

2. da contact and da work are shown too in two rows (in fact im having this issue in all browsers so its not ie related) Dont know if matter but i erased the “or” element.

Please some advice would be really helpfull

Thanks John


If you want to help you with this please contact me at email, because I must to see what is exactly happening.

Thank you

Hi, I purchased this template and want to know what predefined skins are included.

I see on the demo here it says it comes with different skins but i dont see anything mentioned in the documentation.

I like the dark version which you see on here.


Hi ollie,

For first thank you for your purchase. Template has included just light version. Dark version will be very soon available on next update (in about 10 days), and you’ll be able to download again.

Thank you