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Author Contact does not work. There is no config for it anywhere I can find and when using it, no emails come in…

Author Contact is from this module: . It has no settings, it creates an author contact link on each user profile and an author contact block.If it does not work, pls raise an issue to the module developer.


saya972 Purchased

Hello, i need add in my frontpage the list of category in “home classic” of your preview. I can have the name bloc ?

Ah, it is a page, not a block. You can create a new block and copy the HTML code of that page to the new block.


saya972 Purchased

Where’s the HTML code for this ?

Just edit that page, the click on the Source button of the editor to copy the HTML code.


1) Can excerpts be placed here?

2) In the banner listing, can the map be an image:

3) Can excerpts be included in the events?

4) Is there a user directory?

5) Is there a business directory (other than the individual listing)?

Thanks! IC

@symohonythemes – I just noticed that this isn’t a Wordpress theme. Thanks for your time.


ChrisB76 Purchased

Hi … I have 2 first Questions (must say i am beginner). First is that I want the “Highlights” Field changed… I need a second “Description Field” with the Button from Highlights. How can I make this best? The Second is that I want to deactivate the Buy Options. I want to put in own datas in the Site and dont want to give the option for visitors to make own Entries and pay for it. How can I make this and deactivate it?

Pls raise your support request on, your supporting staffs there will help you. You may also find your question have probably been answered there.


tsuguse Purchased

Hi, i would like to buy this theme, but i want to ask a question: The package is exactly same as the demo version ? or i must pay extra for some modules ? Thank you..

Yes, it is the same, no hidden fee.


anry7500 Purchased

map marker is not showing while the path to it is wrong “NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://bizdoc/drupal7/bizreview/sites/all/libraries/leaflet/images/marker-shadow.png" marker-shadow.png “NetworkError: 404 Not Found – http://bizdoc/drupal7/bizreview/sites/all/libraries/leaflet/images/marker-icon.png" marker-icon.png HOW TO TAKE OFF ”/drupal7/bizreview” ???????????? I can not find this code on the site!

Are you working on your local host? Pls install it on a hosting and give us the link to your problem page.


tsuguse Purchased

i bought this theme and just install it.. but i can not enter admin panel.. here is the screenshot: can you help me please…

Pls use PHPMyAdmin and empty all tables begining with “cache_”

Hi, can unregistered visitors add listings to a bucket [session] and then to save and share publicly a list, they would need to register? I’m looking for a simple biz directory/guide where people can share their lists of places to visit.

I believe it still requires the user to login to be able to save the list.

It is not a built-in function anyway.


tsuguse Purchased

hi.. i installed the theme but i did something in theme for learn drupal and bizreview theme… and i think i broke something.. now want to bring the site first installed status.. how can i do that ? thank you..

Pls go to Configuration – System – Backup and Migrate – Restore, then upload the BizReview-2015-11-19T21-27-46.mysql.gz file under the Assets forlder of you download package.

It is a good habit to use the Backup and Migrate tool to backup regularly so you can revert at any time.

Hi, I want to buy the theme but trying to load my Everton wallet using skrill is not successful and PayPal does not support my country. Can you please show me an alternative market that I can equally bought it. Thank you

As we are the theme author, we can’t do anything with the payment. It is handled by Themeforest.