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What are the chages in the latest update? I did not find any change log


We had a change log on the theme description:

v.1.6: 03/28/2015 - Implement new Facet Search - New Full source code installation


The major feature on this release is the Full text Faceted Search. We have the update guide here: http://www.symphonythemes.com/drupal-themes-support/bizreview-update-guide#comment-7143

Hi, I would like to update my theme to this latest version that was released, am new with drupal so i need a documentation that will help me update my theme without loosing my images that i uploaded.

Thank you


HI, i have managed to update ..thank you


Great you figured it out.


I am curious if it is possible to limit a single advertisement per user ? And if it is possible to add two types of users (normal and paying) and if i can add more options for payd users !



We only support pay-per-listing at the moment. Your requirements are possible but it require additional custom work.

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Good job on the latest update. I have a question regarding the map functionality.

when you click on the markers near the top of the map, the popup loads and then the image follows. but when the image follows it displays half as it doesnt move the map in order to show the full popup. if you close and reopen the marker again, then it centers the map where it needs to be.

see this image: http://i.imgur.com/2y7zaDn.jpg I have uploaded the image on imgur.


It is because the listing image is loaded after you click to the marker. So for the first click, it can’t calculate the pop-up window height to re-focus.

When you have loaded the image and click again, it works properly since it knows the image size.

It is a minor bug which we will fix in the future update.


Supper. Thanks a lot. If you can provide the solution separately too, that would be awesome

Hi There; i Found Out a minor Bug “not showing Icon category” but simple blue marker in the search map result, while at the main map(home page) its loading normally. i Checked Out the Attachment View Setting and seems Ok. that’s Weird.


Hi Again; i Created some new Taxonomy vocabulary, but when i try to add in a new or existing content type, doesn’t show the new created but just the old came with the theme, i tried flush any cache and cron and db update but still the same. thats weird… so im not able to associate new taxonomy filter when i try to add new facet.


Got it, Created new Field setting with term reference !


Great, you figured it out.

I want to purchase this theme but please clear my below points before:

1. I want to use this theme like Just Eat site (http://just-eat.co.uk/). 2. Visitor can search restaurants and order online just eat minus the profit of order and remaining amount gives to restaurant. 3. Restaurant owner can make a account for add restaurants. 4. Visitor can also create account but only for enter information like address, tel, email etc and he don’t need to enter again and again its information because he has also users and passwords. 5. Restaurant owner can enter and add restaurant and menus types etc Fore more details please visit just-eat.co.uk and confirm me that your bizreview theme can use for Just-eat purpose or not.


It will take alot of work to make this theme to work similar to a multi-million dollar business.

So my answer is no :)

Hi, im new to drupal, is there documentaion to install the theme, also.

the search box is customizable? i mean, i need users to look for category#1, then subcategory, then type of service and finally location, is that possible? has review system? and also need to register 3 type of users, a normal user that will look for the products, also a publisher user that will publish their products, and need to be able to edit those products profile etc.


There is a documentation with the theme. Review system is available. Any user can give reviews and submit listings for approval.

The search box customization is possible, but it is not built-in and considered a custom job.

Is this compatible with the Disqus module?


Using Disqus is easy, just install the module and enable disqus for the content type you desire.

Pls note that Disqus does not have ratings with it.


Cool. Thanks!

Feature Suggestion:

On mobile displays Facets in side sliding menu.

Such as


Download from https://www.drupal.org/project/recruiter

I hope that’s helpful :)


We do have the Facet Search. Pls click on the Search button and you will see.


Ah, you mean the sliding menu. That’s new. Thanks for the suggestion.

Cazper Purchased

Hi Symphony,

As per the documentation provided I have uploaded the source to my web root and i get 500 error.

Please explain if there is anything out of the ordinary i need to do to have this functional.



I see. It happens sometimes with some hostings.

Pls download the latest version of Drupal on https://drupal.org/project/drupal, unzip it and upload to your web root folder to override the existing code. Then run the script again.

If you still have problems, pls contact us on http://www.symphonythemes.com/contact

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I deleted the content “Welcome to Biz reviews” and now I see in it’s place “PAGE NOT FOUND, the requested page / could not be found”. Could you guide me where else to go delete this? Thanks


This is the main component of the homepage. Pls create a new Basic Page and go to Configuration – System – Site information and set a new path for the homepage.

livellouno Purchased

Request : Add Custom Row Field in “Business Detail Header” View; In that view when i try to add a custom field (same setting like any fields shown) Field doesn’t show under col-md-8, probably because it need to override some view tpl.php file ? i checked out in the theme foldere but theres is not any file relative that output, but just global stuff.

Output should be like that Title Address Phone WebSite ======CUSTOM FIELD RIGHT HERE========== Custom Field Output Thanks in advace.

Pls raise a support request on our forum: http://www.symphonythemes.com/forum . We will show you detail guide there.


I want to delete Welcome to BizReview content. (node/45) but after delete this content, page not found error message appears on the front page. Can I delete that? Please help me.


It is the main part of the homepage. Pls create a new Full Page node and go to Configuration – System – Site information and select a new path for the homepage.

Any plans for WP in future? If yes, when will it be ready? Thanks & GLWS :)


We are preparing the WP version for review. It may take a month.