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Hi, when do you plan to release Drupal 8 version of this theme?

We want to, but we have to wait for some important modules to be available in Drupal 8. So it is not ready yet.

Is there a predicted date?

Because we have to wait for other modules, so we can not decide which date it is.

Hi Is there any way Facebook Event Plugin: Import All Events to drupal Website Effortlessly

for example the following link

I want to ask you the above mentioned feature is available in this BizReview – Directory Listing Drupal Theme?

Best regards Mohit Girdhar

Unfortunately we don’t have that feature.

Which missing D8 modules are preventing the port of BizReview to D8?

The IP Geolocation & Views module, which display a group of results from a view into a map.

Can I use this theme with Drupal 8?

Not yet, it is not ready for Drupal 8. We are still waiting for some important modules.

Is it possible to use Facebook register/login?


secoval Purchased

Hi, i’ve just installed the lastest version of BizReview, but i don’t see the autocomplete search field in home.. what should i do?

Could you please raise a support request on our forum with the URL to your site

Hello, I have some presales questions. I’m running self-created drupal directory listing site, but want to migrate to professional supported one. My site is 60k listings, about 800 categories + subcategories, about 100k tags. 1. What do You think about performance of Your theme after migrating data like that? 2. What is the difference between normal listing and featured one? 3. Is it possible to make free listings not expiring, and featured one after expiring automatically becomes free one?

Thanks for Your time, Piotrek

Could you please contact us at The answer may be long here.

Hi, I need a functionality that only paid members of the site are able to send message through contact business owner form, can this be done?

It is ok, you can add a role to paid users and set permissions for only that role to be able to send messages via the personal contact form.

This can be done out of the box or do I need to buy additional subscription modules? Any news on Drupal 8 release?

It is additional setting. The Drupal 8 version is not ready because many important modules are missing.


I am a complete novice to drupal or any other coding, would someone of my limited background be able to get this theme up and running? Is there a guide to follow?

I wrote an ebook for novices like you. You will find it much easier when tackling Drupal:

hey i was checking the demo version n found some css error in mobile view of my account page edit tab. The menu is not hidden so overlaping . And the username is not displayed properly in my account page. Can you fix these bugs i was planning to buy this theme.

Thank you for your feedback. Can you send us the link? We will investigate the problem very soon. This is the link of my account page but when you click it will redirect to home page. The bug is in mobile view in “My Account” page “edit” tab. Please provide a email Id so that I can the images of the bug.