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Hello I wanted to see how to set the map to make it home in Bariloche Argentina . thanks

Our site was down. It is working now. Pls follow the above link.

ok . I need my site remain like this in :

We have answered you via email. Pls check.

Hi Guys, very nice theme. I am using a WP since years and also a WP Directory right now , but a friend who is a Coder told me to check out your theme.. so now I have few questions since I have NO CLUE about DRUPAL ;-( ( so hope my questions are not tooo stupid ,-P ) 1) to set up the BIZREVIEW theme .. is it like in WP with Visual composer, or Plugins or Widget areas? 2) Can I upload my own Custom Pin Markers for category ? if not you might consider this option since this give the Page owner the possibility to create a more unique look 3) how easy is to install the theme? does it work with FTP ? or how ? 4) is there a way to set up a ¬®Coming Soon Page¬®? reason is to give me ( or anybody else) the option to set up and work on the site in the back without visitors seening it until its finished and public ? 5) how does your Customer Service work ? is there a Premium Service ( beeing charged) for better support? I am not talking about Customization just helping with Trouble shots ;-) ( like some themes on TF are doing for WP themes ( very useful) 6) is there a way to see the Control Panel and maybe test with a DEMO ? if not could you share screenshots ? just to get an idea who listings are being set ? 7) what are listings? are they POSTS lik ein WP ? meaning the newest one also is the more recent one to be shown.. ? ( not very uuseful) but thats basically WP ( POST set up) 8) are Listings searchable in the backend? meaning I have an listing which I updated 6 month ago…and I know the name. Can I search it like in WP ? to find it, so I do not hav eto click maybe through 200 pages to find the listing .. ;-( 9) the Pop Ups on the Map Markers (indicating the Listing) can there be more info displayed ( Name, Foto, Adress, Tel, correo, links to website….)

I know its a long list, the Coffe will be on Me.. ;-) thanks for your time and good luck with the theme SebM

ok, just sent mail ;-) Coffee on me ;-P

thanks for answering the questions I sent you… would you be so kind to reply to the others ones I sent You also .. thanks

You Guys are really fast for answering, thanks so much.. good luck with sales


atilaro Purchased

Failed to connect to your database server. The server reports the following message: SQLSTATE28000 Access denied for user

could you help me?, im using cpanel to create the mysql


atilaro Purchased

its alright


atilaro Purchased

but not workin :(

What’s the error you see?

Hi Symphonythemes,

I am trying to do a “submit another listing” but the link which it takes to /node/add/business does not work. please help me how to fix this issue.

Thanks, Srikanth.

figured this myself … under content/business.

Thanks :)

Great you figured it out.


atilaro Purchased

help me, i just see this, how can i apply the otherthings?, i dont know how to use drupal

I just sent you an email, did you receive it?

Pls use PHPMyAdmin and empty all tables begining with “cache_”. If it is still not working, pls send us your hosting account.


atilaro Purchased

i send my hosting to u on the contact yesterday, tks

Supporting via email.

I have bought your theme and have modified content type – Business to suit my requirement. I now need display additional facets on the left hand side. I have enabled the facets in the listing index but unable to figure how are you exposing the filters. For all the facets including the one displayed – location and catgeories seem disabled on the blocks.

Thanks. Appreciate your prompt response on weekends too :)

Because of the requirement, I had to create hierarchy with locations. Now when I use locations as facet with checkboxes, the hierarchy appears flattened even though flatten hierarchy is marked as ‘no’. Is this linked to the theme in any manner because it was working well on my non biz review version

Pls raise a support request on including the link to your search page. Our support staffs there will help you.

My second query: I get the following message on browse. What does it mean: IPGV&M: differentiator category does not appear among these Search API keys: search_api_relevance, search_api_excerpt, title, entity object, nid, field_location, field_category, field_tags

The options are – display : i) none ii) Errors and Warnings iii)All messages and in fact, none is the default option.

Ok, pls raise a support topic on with the link to your site.

ok, will do. Thanks again.

Greetings, wish to buy the theme, but I have a doubt. I tried it on mobile devices (Android and iPhone) and the map does not work well when you select an icon, nothing is displayed . They can check please , I am interested to work very well in mobile devices.

Did the popup goes up then disappear? It is an easy fix, I will send you the CSS code to increase the height of the map so the marker popup will not disappear.

Greetings thanks for replay, but.. ,I still have not decided to buy , I wish the site to display well on mobile devices; perform the test and the map does not work well and is difficult to desplazarce and gets stuck , and touch the location icon this ad does not show the pop place . Please be verified. I perform the test on site a customer of you and it is the same , thanks for the help .

I have increased the height of the map on the demo. Pls check it again.

Hello. I have a problem with the website. In Submit Listing page the categories does not show as drop down list rather it shows up on the whole page overlying other options on the page.

Thank You . It worked

There is another problem.While using submit listing page on mobile device (iPhone 5s – Safari) the menu is overlying the page, so details can’t be added into the page as the menu items get clicked. Please check screenshots On other pages menu is showing up properly:

Please advice

Pls go to Configuration – User Interfaces – Responsive Menu and uncheck the option “Ignore admin pages” – See more at:


zaynyi Purchased

I cant create account at your support area even I provide the secret code. Please help for me. I am real purchaser.


zaynyi Purchased

I got fine .. No problem now :)


zaynyi Purchased

I was requested for an assist to my some issue on your support forum and still no getting any answer. Please tell me if I do something wrong. If I have no wrong, please let me get some suggestion or answer on my request.

This is weekend so pls expect some delays.

Also, your question is more as customization. We have to consult our developers, which only starts to work on Monday.


zaynyi Purchased

Oh got it now .. Thanks for reply and I will be waiting.

We have answered your question on the forum. Pls check.


nayidisha Purchased

I have changed facets from link to checkboxes with links. However, there is no space between checkbox and the facet terms, which looks odd. Also is there a way to change the title of the facet block. I tried change title on the block through edit view but it does not reflect.

Pls send the link of your facet search page via the forum thread. We will send you a CSS code to fix that.


arshenweb Purchased

I want to purchase this theme. I have some questions.. Please help me out. 1. Is thi stheme fully customizable, means will i be able to set all the modules like sliders, listing categories, enquiry mails etc. 2. is it able to integrate payumoney gateway for premium ads.? 3. will i get support if i struck in some point. As i am new to drupal. hence lil bit confused.. Quick reply is expected.. Thanks..

Yes, you can change categories, sliders, enquiry emails …

This silly comment box does not allow me to provide long answer. Pls contact us at


mherber Purchased

I purchased your theme and did some testing with it. I recognized that if I use the map to select a marker which is nearby the top, the map doesn’t autopan with the first click correctly. I need to move the map to see the complete popup. Can you fix this?

Ah, we override the map marker with larger icon and the auto-focus does not work quite well. Right now, we are not able to fix it.

If you don’t want our custom marker, you can use the default ones and it will work just fine.