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How do I setup and create a Pricing Table.

Setting up the pricing tables can be achieved using these steps.

1. Log into your WordPress Admin

2. Navigate to the Pricing Tables custom post types section.

3. Click the “add new” button to add a new pricing table.

4. Give the pricing table a name. In this example we will call it “Professional”.

5. Now the tricky part is adding the content. You need to add a little HTML code to display the content. For this example I am going to insert the following data into the WYSIWYG editor.

        <li>100Gb Storage Space</li>
        <li>300Gb Monthly Data Transfer</li>
        <li>100 Email addresses</li>
        <li>50 Subdomains</li>
        <li>cPanel Control Panel</li>
        <li>Support by phone</li>
        <li>FREE web applications</li>
        <li>50 MySQL databases</li>

Each <li> ... </li> represents a new row in the pricing table.

6. Scroll down to the Pricing Table Options section.

7. Enter the price tag. EG 29.95.

8. Select the price type. Normal displays a normal table column where “Most Popular” & “Best Value” display a banner within the table column.

9. Enter a URL you want the button to link to. EG http://www.wpinsite.com

10. Enter a summary.

11. Save.