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HI, I try to use Vertical Tabs but it doesn’t work please look for my web http://drogadowolnosci.org/?page_id=122

not responsive, and I see the bar on bottom as text is to long (why?).. and grey background. Can you tell me how to make same like yours ? stefan


The standard vertical tabs are not responsive. To have responsive tabs you will need to use the special responsive tabs.


Hi Broady, For some reason, don’t know why, I continue to have this notice appear from within the WP Admin “There is a new version of the bizstream theme available. You have version 3.5.3 installed. Update to version 3.5.2.” and Bizstreams always displaying (New Updates Available) which is weird right?

I already have the latest version (3.5.3), why would I go backwards to 3.5.2?

Thanks Broady, although I’m now seeing “There is a new version of the bizstream theme available. You have version 3.5.3 installed. Update to version 3.5.3.” and the new version buttons are still there too. Sorry to be a pain.

No, not at all. The message will disappear by tomorrow. There is a timeframe of 24hrs that the update messages are cached in the WordPress database. When it next checks for an update, it will disappear.


Thanks Broady.

Hi Broady, The Accordion shortcodes don’t appear to be working properly.

For instance, when using the closed or false Accordion seen below

[accordions keep_open="false"] [accordion title="TITLE"] CONTENT [/accordion] [accordion title="TITLE"] CONTENT [/accordion] [accordion title="TITLE"] CONTENT [/accordion] [/accordions]

and placing the content text within the “TITLE” as per code below

[accordions keep_open="false"] [accordion title="Some type of Question Here?"] The answer to the question or whatever [/accordion] [accordion title="Another Question"] CONTENT [/accordion] [accordion title="And Another Question"] CONTENT [/accordion] [/accordions]

shows the real page display as not displaying the complete TITLE, as per image

Is there a fix for this?

Hi Zaaax, I am looking into this now. I have been working on a major update to the theme and will be releasing it very shortly.


Cheers thanks Broady, good job!

I have 2 issues with the theme. One the menu is not working on mobil devices, and the Menu Setting tab is no longer in the BizStream option settings….

Please help

It’s not working at all on my iPhone 5S running iOS8

the menu that is…

I will look at putting in some new code checks on the updated theme.


only the first slide of my 5 slide is showing on the home page and I don’t know why…


After investigation I found that the fade effect was not displaying properly for the Fixed Width Slider with the latest version of jQuery. I have updated the theme to version 3.5.5. I have removed the fade effect option and added a new option to display or hide page titles.


SOrry… one last question: How to I hide the Page Titles on all of the pages?

Hi, I submitted the updated version to CodeCanyon on Saturday morning. I am still waiting on the staff to approve the update. Once it has been approved you will be able to download the updated version which contains the meta box options to disable the page titles. Thanks for your patience.



I installed the theme, but the alignment is not accurate.

It is giving me box [span] etc.

Can you help.


I downloaded the latest version but the slider is not displayed on the homepage. I’ve done the necessary settings but it is not yet displayed the slider on the homepage . Can you help me?

I downloaded the latest version of your theme available. I installed but the slider is not displayed on the homepage. I created the images slider but is not showing.

I noticed that when I activate the e-commerce integration, the slider is not displayed. When I turn off e-commerce integration, the slider back to be displayed. It is experiencing a conflict between the two resources. How to solve it?

Hi Rogeriodias,

I am just finishing up the final touch to version 4.0. This new release fixes these mentioned issues.

If you check the box labelled “get notified of updates” you will be emailed once version 4 is released.

Thanks Broady

Good day,

I am trying to load the demo content for this theme on my site (mezzanineware.webfront.co.za) but this is not succesfull. When I do so under the Advanced options, then I just see “demo content installing”, but it never stops and the site also does not look like the demo on themeforest.

Perhaps you can please assist to get it like that.

Thanks, Danie Ludick

Hi Broady, sorry to bug you about this. Have you been able to send me the import.xml file that I can use to setup the dummy content? This is rather urgent for us. You can even e-mail this directly to me at danie@webfront.co.za

Hi Broady,

I found now the demo content under the /demo folder in the zip file. When I however import this file (bizstream_v3.xml) via the Wordpress import functionality, then the browser just keeps on loading (nothing happens to the site).

Would it be possible for me to create an account for you to check it out please? We are in quite a hurry to get this dummy content up and running.

Thanks, Danie

Have sent you an email

Cheers Broady