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nice theme matt! ;)

Like it alot.


collis Envato Team

Brilliant looking theme Matt! I love the connect and subscribe area up the top :-)

Wow that looks great, very beautiful design, nice job

Beautiful and sleek, great work :) This will sell like hot cakes!

hi matt, perfecto guy! smashing theme! Special thanks..

My 2 cents: I think it can be useful for gaming blog, but I think it needs more icons for every posts-category shown. Every news must contain or display an icon with the name of the console or platform news-related. It also must display more than one icon: it depends from the kind of news… News can be single or multi platform. Also, this theme needs a video section: a page who can display in an beautiful way, all the latest videos. The news about the video can be shown into the home, then, when the user click on it, it goes to the “video page”. Also this theme needs a gallery for screenshots. Same thing of the video section, but this time with screenshots. Also it’s unusual to have 3 big square that display the latest features articles. Maybe better use a more beautiful gallery plugin+thumbs for latest features.

Awesome! PS3 vs Xbox….lets go! ;)

Been a long time fan of your work Matt, good job! Definitely will be buying this theme. Just one question – is the review feature built into the theme and how does it work? Good feature.

Thanks for the great comments! Stoked to see this going over so well. Is it weird that no one who actually purchased the theme has commented? I’m a n00b around these parts.

@Orobot: Indeed, it could use the features you mentioned. But that would make it a full fledged gaming site (ala GameSpot, GiantBomb, etc.), rather than just a news and reviews blog. Most of what you mentioned could be added pretty easily via plugins.

Regarding the featured posts area – I went with something out of the ordinary intentionally. Aren’t we sick of the same old slideshow yet? I know I am.

@ikonn: Yes, the review criteria is a custom panel on the write screen. It shows up directly under the main text area, and you basically just fill in the blanks. All of the extra bits are wrapped in conditional statements. So if you don’t enter a developer (for example), that row simply won’t show up. No breakage.

Nice theme Matt. People may be commenting before purchasing, if it happens in that order the Not Purchased button will show, even if you have purchased it later on :)

Great work, and already selling very well. Good stuff!

This one is straight fire. Really impressive to be perfectly honest, the only thing I think is making it a 4/5 instead of a 5/5 is the ad space and tag cloud to the left, making me wanna get-the-hell outta there as quick asap since it feels alittle bit like a domain-stealer type-o-site! :(

@liam_uk7: Ah, thank you sir!

@stenbom: Well, I hope you haven’t voted yet, then. ;) The sidebars are both widget dropzones, and the ads themselves are widgets. None are required and they’re actually not part of the theme by default. You have to enter ad code and insert the widgets yourself. Same with the tagcloud – it’s a standard WP widget and only there in the preview to demonstrate that the sidebars are compatible.

Hey there Matt: GREAT TEMP !!!

I wanted to add (6) images in the showcase rather then (3) any suggs.

What page of code, line???

We purchased yesterday.

Got it: Thanks!)

Heya Matt, I installed the theme and it looks amazing! I added my logo and am getting everything ready to roll. My problem is that the featured images don’t show up.

I have chmod the directory properly and added the image to the featured post also. I also have PHP 5 .2 installed.

Could you please take a look and possibly help me out here? Invasion Skateboards

My bad! Sorry about that Matt, it’s pretty late (2am) and my mind wasn’t working well. GREAT THEME !!! Looking forward to more of your work, I’ve been a fan for a while.

are you planning on versioning this?

Just thinking if you are then I’ll pass on suggestions.

Hi, i´m just trying this theme for a new project and it´s great!!! I have a little question for make this theme a little bit more “personal”. Could be possible to make the logo space in the header higher and wider? I want to include a bigger logo…

I´m trying to make my ISP to install GD Library on my server to use better this theme, but meanwhile, can i hide the Cover art in the post preview?

Thanks a lot, this is the theme i need…

P.D. Sorry for my english…

hello friend I bought the issue was what I liked within 209 themes I use it on my site for photos, and it will be seen by 1,500 people on average per day

and thank you can be sure that I will ask you to help rss

I upgraged the Php and I still have no luck getting the Images to show up in the featured section and the thumbnails… Can you email me at thehoodnerd at im also following you on twitter i sent you an @ reply. Thanks!