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Hi there, this may have been answered but manually trawling through these posts is sucking my will to live.

Is there a simple way to add things to the ‘Review Details’ options or change the existing ones so I could have ‘Number of Players’ and ‘Compatible Controllers’?

Thanks in advance,


Not without editing some templates. If you’re comfortable doing that, you’ll want to go digging through functions.php, then single.php for the review criteria.

what is with the timthumb security issue?

What are you referring to?

google “timthumb security issue”

there are bugs in the script and i will know how can i fix it or it is be fixed in this theme.

All of my themes were updated on August 4th with the latest version of TimThumb to combat the security vulnerability.

Thanks for the previous advice Matt, I shall delve into those ASAP , loving your theme by the way, my site is one of the largest UK retro-gaming sites and it’s taken me a long time to find something I’ve felt is good enough to migrate to.

i try and install this theme on to my wordpress account and keeps on saying that the theme is broken.. it says the stylesheet is missing :S

how do u fix this ???

If all else fails, read the help document. Actually, you should read it first, since it has installation instructions. Unzip the file you downloaded from ThemeForest, and check it out.

Hi, is there a way to show the entire post on the front page instead of only just a excerpt? I went through the code but could not find anything.


I’m glad i purchased this theme. I am using a CDN . The reviews images seem to be affected by this as the wp-content/uploads etc. etc. can not be used any longer because the CDN changes the URL .

How can I edit the theme to work.? Maybe code it so I can just paste the entire URL to the image.


Thank you for that info.

Any idea how I could open the social links with a _blank so that they open in a new tab?


You’ll have to edit the header.php template manually and add target=”_blank” to the link tags.

Thanks for that info!

I just bought and tried to install Black Aperture on WordPress 3.2.1, but the Manage Themes function in WordPress is telling me, at the bottom of my available themes, that blackaperture is a broken theme because its “Stylesheet is missing.”

I uploaded the zip file via the Manage Themes feature from my admin panel on my site, but that generated this problem. So I deleted it manually via FTP , then uploaded the unzipped files. Same problem. I compared the unzipped files from my Mac hard drive to the uploaded files . . . and they all appear to be on WordPress in the appropriate places.

What to do now?



OK, I manually uploaded just the blackaperture folder from the unzipped files and that seems to work now.

There is no preview / last page link under the post.

This is the wordpress standard code for next and preview link ‘next_link’ => theme_get_previous_post_link(‘« %link’),

‘prev_link’ => theme_get_next_post_link(‘%link »’)

But nothing.

What´s i must do, to have preview and next post link in the single.php?

I don’t think the template tags you’ve referenced are correct. Here’s the entry in the WP codex for next and previous post links.


I have been using blackaperture on a guild website since buying it. I love it. Right now, I have phpBB running where I modified the forum’s header to match blackaperture. It seems fairly seemless and I use a bridge between the two. Unfortunately, I am not a developer and it takes me alot of time.

Regardless, I would really like to use bbPress and discard phpBB.

Any thoughts on adding bbPress theme support to blackaperture?

Moving forward, I may include bbPress styles in some of my themes, but I have no intentions on going back and adding support in my older themes. Sorry.

Thanks Matt for the response. I tried making bbPress work and it was frustrating. I ended up with Simple:Press and it works extremely well.

It you want to see your template in action, check out

I cannot find the original logo psd file. Is the only way to edit it is with the blackaperture.psd? Thanks in advance!

Yes, the logo is found in the main PSD .

Hello, i like this theme, seems nice. But i have some questions.

I have a lot of pages on my website, and i need have several menus (around 12) the theme supports this amount or will break the layout?

You posted you are working in the black aperture substitute, you have a estimate time for this?

The nav area is indeed limited to a single line, so there’s a good chance 12 items won’t fit. Depends how long each item is, really.

Black Aperture 2 has been in the works for some time now, but I don’t have a release date for it just yet. Haven’t had a chance to work on it in a couple months now, as I’ve been tied up with freelance work.

I cant find the showposts= in the home.php where can i find this to change the amount of posts in the homepage?

That FAQ is for older versions of the theme. You can use the “Blog pages show at most” option found under Settings -> Reading to define how many posts per page.

Hi Matt,

I apologize if this has already been covered, but at my site, we have some very long articles and I would like to be able to break them up with some pagination. I realize that Black Aperture does not implicitly support Wordpress’s native ”< ! -nextpage->” functionality.

I also understand that WP-Navi does not address this.

Is there existing implementation in the theme for post-level pagination? If not, where would it be implemented? I thought about adding something to a custom.css or maybe the style.css and then perhaps something to the single-post.php, however adding code just after the <?php the_content(); ?> line, broke the theme.

here is a reference article:

I look forward to your thoughts.

Sorry, none of my themes support pagination of posts out of the box, but it’s easy to add it.

You were on the right track by looking in single.php and putting the tag after the_content. Perhaps you used the wrong template tag, as wp_link_pages works just fine. Try putting wp_link_pages immediately following the_content in single.php.

Once you’ve done that, you can add <!--nextpage--> to your posts, and the pagination links should show up on the front-end. I tested locally and it worked like a charm.

Thanks for the answers Matt, i’m doing some changes to adapt for my use. But i’m not a expert on webdesign. You can tell me if is possible do that?:

My website:

But i want change the BG. In the screen.css the bg part is that right?

body { font: 62.5% “Arial”, Verdana, sans-serif; color: #c6c6c6; text-align: center; background: #111; }

So i’m thinking in change for that:

body { font: 62.5% “Arial”, Verdana, sans-serif; color: #c6c6c6; text-align: center; background: url(”../images/fundo.jpg”) repeat-x 0 0;; background-attachment: fixed; }

The BG i want put on:

But here is the question. How make this image be centralize in all resolutions? If i use this css i had made in the lower resolutions (lower than 1920×1080) the bg be decentralized.

And i have other question. Is possible make the mid-bg.jpg (top gradient) repeat only in the posts area?

You’re close. To center the background image, you need to specify the position.

body { 
    font: 62.5% "Arial", Verdana, sans-serif; 
    color: #c6c6c6; 
    text-align: center; 
    background: url("../images/fundo.jpg") fixed no-repeat 50% 0; 

You’ll likely also want to specify the top position (the zero at the end), since the header has it’s own background image, and you want to make sure your custom background starts below it. Also, #mid has it’s own background, and you need to get rid of it in order for your background to show through.

#mid {
    float: left;
    width: 100%;
    background: transparent;

Hope that helps.

Any plan to launch a Buddypress+bbPress version of this ??.. It can be a great gaming community site.

Also any yupdate regarding WHITE version of this theme?? I had seen couple of screenshot ages back, are you working on that? IF NOT can you please provide me with PSD of that file, Ill be happy to edit the theme CSS if youve shelved that plan.

Also id love if you throw some love at Black Aperture like you did with Imperial. ANy update planned for this theme in near future?? If love a recent reviews block like that of imperial in the side bar


No, I don’t have any plans to expand Black Aperture to support BuddyPress or bbPress. It’s nearly 3 years old, and as you pointed out, I have been working on a successor. Albeit, very slowly and I have no idea when it will actually be released, but it is in the works.

I wasnt asking for a free Buddypress upgrade.. I was suggesting next version whenever that will be to have a buddypress+bbPress version..

You can sell 2 version of same theme separately here.. A normal wordpress version and nother wp+bp+bbPress version

Yeah, I realize that. But with the theme being nearly 3 years old, I don’t think investing a whole lot of time into it will prove to be worthwhile.

Hey, i have a question. I change for the posts appear entirely in the home page. But the spaces dont appear between paragraphs in the home page, only in the post, is possible change that?

Maybe i expressed myself poorly. My website already show the entire posts in home page, but the home page dont show the spaces between the paragraphs, if i want show the spaces i need do 2 spaces in the post instead one. See this example:

The post on page: The post on home page:

Oh okay, sorry I did misunderstand you.

What you need to do here, is add a bigger bottom margin to paragraphs on the post index. You can do this without modifying the main stylesheet, by adding the following to the head include section of Theme Settings.

<style type="text/css">
    .post.archive p {
        margin-bottom: 15px;

Hi there Matt, I’m getting on really well with BA and can’t wait to see what you’re working on next.

One final question from me, and apologies again if this has already been covered…

Is there any way to use a specific post category for the recent post feed on the main page, without posts from other categories vanishing from the featured post showcase?

I’ve tried several plugins that reduce the recent post feed at the bottom to just my ‘news’ category, unfortunately they also reduce the showcase to that category also, which isn’t what I’m looking for.

Hope I’ve explained that ok.

Many thanks,


You would need to perform a custom query to filter the homepage down to just a single category. Here’s some code you could use…

<?php $paged = (get_query_var('paged')) ? get_query_var('paged') : 1; query_posts("cat=1&showposts=5&paged=$paged"); ?>

Place it just above the while statement at line 11 of home.php. You’ll need to make sure you change the category ID to that of your News category, and adjust the showposts value to whatever you have set as the amount of posts per page.

Matt, you are a scholar and a gentleman, thank you!

Hey Matt,

I love the theme and it has been working great. I was wondering if there was a way to change the rating system from 5 stars to 10?

Not easily, no. There are only images for a 5 star rating, and you would have a fair amount of customizing to do on the template/css side. Sorry.