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Wow thanks Matt! Too bad I couldn’t have made it more worth your while! Looking forward to the update!

Back Again… While I applaud your quick return on assistance, the ‘Next Page’ style does not fit in the review scenario that we use where some of our reviews are 5-9 pages in length. Would there be any way I could get you to customize the page numbering as such, or contact me and I will pay for the assistance with respect to that? Here is an example (see bottom)

Sorry I didn’t use the method that you would have preferred. You can make the change pretty easily yourself, though. Line 59 of single.php is where the pagination link tags can be found. And you can refer to the codex for parameters.

Hi Matt,

Thank you for releasing v1.8 so quickly! It was a painless upgrade and it resolved the aspect ratio issue with post thumbnails once I ran “regenerate thumbnails.”

I eagerly await the release of “Son of Black Aperture”!

Best regards,


Good to hear!

Hey Matt,

Back at it again and, in the new release, the post excerpt does not move to the far right when the third (left) column is turned off. It remains exactly where it was as if the left column was still there.

Did you update all of the files in the theme directory? If so, then your browser might be caching the old stylesheet. Hold shift and hit refresh. The thumbnail should be on the left when the left column is hidden, and on the right when it’s visible.

Sorry I cannot edit or I would delete the issues I figured out through Google and playing with Code. We are up and it look absolutely great!!! I only have one remaining issue which is trying to limit the front page posts to 11. Using WP Read options to limit it doesnt work and neither does the html code that is normally used. Thoughts??

I’m seeing 9 posts per page on your site right now. The “Blog pages show at most” setting in Reading is what determines how many posts per page.

Yesw… Googled and found. I have just about EVERYTHING sorted out except one thing. When I am on my home page, the grey tab doesnt not fill the Home menu like on this site:

As well, I would love to know how they got that search there.

Been doing alot of playing as you can tell and very easy theme to work with tx!

Glad to hear you’ve had a good run with Black Aperture. It’s an older theme (over 3 years now), but has held up quite well.

Regarding the home tab, it looks like you’ve created a menu properly and have added a custom item for home. I think the issue might be that you have your domain in all caps. Looking at the source code, I see http://THESSDREVIEW.COM as the link href for the home tab. Try making that lowercase and see if it fixes it. is using an older version of Black Aperture, where the search was built into the header. The problem with this, is that it takes up nearly 1/4 of the sub-nav real estate and a lot of people complained about it. That’s why it’s been moved to the sidebar.

That was it thanks! That gives me a whole row of submenus that can be put into use right off. EXCELLENT !

If I could do anything further right now, it would be to improve the menu so when you hover, you see the submenus automatically. That would be something.

I’m sorry if this has been asked, but I wanted to be absolutely sure. Does this theme support embedding videos into posts?

Many thanks in advance.

Nevermind, I figred that one out!

Thanks for the beautiful theme.

Good stuff! And for anyone else who might be wondering – yes, you can embed videos in the post content.

Maybe this is the wrong question to ask but could this theme be available in a light theme? I like the theme features but it has too much black.

No sorry, there won’t be a light version.

do you have joomla 2.5 version ?

Super theme!

This is the best theme my clan has had since its creation almost a year ago! Thank you so much! The clan website can be viewed with the theme at

Due to the 1 website limit I believe this has for my purchase, my clan website may no longer have the theme and I will be using it for another, so the theme is perfect and this author deserves a 5 star rating, I am just informing people that the link may become inactive soon.


Just checking in! Any solid plans for Black Aperture 2 as yet? :)


Not at the moment. I had planned on working on more themes in the second half of 2012, but I ended up moving across the country, so that kind of put a damper on things. I’d like to release more themes in 2013, and I’ll most likely be doing successor themes for Black Aperture, Imperial, and Wave.

How do increase the width of a single post? The custom CSS is not working. I want my posts to be the same width as the About page template (full-width).

You could do it with custom CSS, but you’d have to remove the sidebar, then expand the content column to the right edge.

Easiest thing to do, would be to use the full-width template as a basis for a new single.php template. The only thing you’d have to add, is the author info and the comments below the post content.

Any plans on making this compatible with 3.51? Id like to buy it but dont want a headache. thanks.

It’s good-to-go.

The theme says it was last updated – June 2012 – how can this be good to go with WP 3.51 ? I just dont want to buy something that will have problems I need it to be straight forward.

There’s nothing wrong with the theme and it’s fully compatible with 3.5.1. If something breaks due to a new version of WP, I will release an update for it which fixes it. As long as my themes are for sale, they will be compatible with the latest version of WP.

I would also like to know if this is compatible with wordpress 3.5.1. please advise.

Yes it is.

I recently update Nivo Slider to version 1.9. Now I am getting error messages in the header and footer of my page. Is this latest Nivo update not playing well with Black Aperture? Or is it only an issue with my site?

errors below:

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: open(/var/chroot/home/content/69/8714169/tmp/sess_g49ol9stsn8bv2ssbqjgll8k56, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in /home/content/69/8714169/html/wp-content/plugins/nivo-slider/nivo-slider.php on line 10

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home/content/69/8714169/html/wp-content/plugins/nivo-slider/nivo-slider.php:10) in /home/content/69/8714169/html/wp-content/plugins/nivo-slider/nivo-slider.php on line 10

Just checked on the demo site, and everything seems fine. Running latest WP and Nivo Slider (had to upgrade to 1.9).

a really good style … but why do I have on all sides of the Nivo Slider. I need only the Nivo slider on the home page. can anyone help?

There’s an option for that. Simply check the box beside Only Show Features on Homepage in Theme Options.