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Best Wordpress theme i’ve seen in my life. Amazing. I might buy this!

Got everything rolling – I can’t seem to get the thumbnails to appear…

Agreed Snagget:

I am having the same problems.

Matt – can you update your help text to explain in more detail – this feature. This Image resize is a toughy.



The image resizing depends on a few things. PHP 5 and the GD Library, as already mentioned. And the imagecache directory in the theme directory needs to be writable – permissions set to 755 (mentioned in the help file). Aside from that, and making sure your paths are correct, there isn’t anything else I can help with.

I’m working on another theme now, and I’ve added a “disable image resizing” option in the admin. It removes the dependency on the script all together and relies on you to resize the images manually, or they’re downsized to fit via CSS , which isn’t exactly pretty. I’m going to retrofit Black Aperture with this option as soon as I’m done with it. So if we can’t get your issues sorted out, you can simply disable it and you’ll be good-go-go.

looks loke an intresting skin…

would like to see a gallery in there… then i would buy as portfilio theme

Just a quick note to those that might not have noticed the updated description – I’ve setup some forums for added support and a better place for discussions regarding my themes.

Ok-Still have problems how do I get rid of the Thumbnails all together.


Well: Just deleted the home.php code.

Let me know when you have a solution to the image.php

Until then I will stay posted on your forum.



Hopefully a fix for this comes soon. my site is null if I cant display images. very promising. I am running PHP 5 .2.5 with the appropriate GD functions and still nothing. I have uploaded the image.php everywhere just to see if that would help and nothing. I set imagecache to 755 AND 777 and yep you guessed it.. nothing I even tried to chmod the file to 666 and 777. I went to your forum and its blank :/ aarg lol kind of frustrated. Anyways killer theme wish it would work so as soon as you find a fix please please please let me know.. I just spent my last 30$ to get this.

Ok I checked the image file and and I received the error: Error: No Image Was Specified I also did this through the media browser after uploading do you know what this could mean ?

AHA ! I found a work around!!! maybe I should have been doing this the entire time BUT I just uploaded the image via ftp to the imagecache folder and linked it from there!!! and voila I tried signing up for your forum and I never got an email not even in my spam folder. FYI . thanks!! this theme is sick as hell I love it!

im gonna try that djsociopath…hopefully it works! I’ve spent hours trying to get this theme to look like the demo. Also does your homepage post’s misalign the thumbnail pic?

The tabs better be in a warm colour, but it’s nice anyway : )

Hey Matt ,

I took off the category on the nav – and I got sum funk…

What’s my fix?


I tried the /imagecache workaround and didn’t work, alas.

I cant get ANY images to work :( I followed the readme and everything! I could really use some help with this, as my site doesn’t function at all with it, and my previous theme somehow broke and i can no longer use that one.

Please download the latest version of the theme (currently 1.2) and re-read the documentation. I’ve included a few more steps for troubleshooting image problems. As a last resort, I’ve added a new option to disable image resizing all together.

The majority of the people I’ve helped with image problems have been simple issues like incorrect paths, which is something that’s mentioned in the help documentation that comes with the theme.

Is there any way to re-arrange the nav bar at all? I see some code regarding ‘orderby=name&’ but I’m not sure what I would have to change it to. Thanks.

Hi Matt – this really is a great theme, bought it 20 mins ago and it’s installed and looking great; haven’t got around to the dynamic resizing yet but I’m running PHP on IIS so once I figure that out I may post here for others to benefit with the same setup.

Great theme!

I’ve got Black Aperture 1.3 ready to roll, which has a completely different method of resizing images that I’m hoping will work for all of you who are having problems with it. If you’re interested in testing it prior to release, please read this post and get in touch. You must have already purchased the theme to be eligible to test this new version.