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Hi Matt, Nice Work! I too would like to see a lighter version!


Love this theme! I have always thought you work was pretty awesome.

Few questions before I purchase this theme…..

1.) I understand that the theme is catered towards video games. What about if I want to use it as an online magazine for some other topic? Is there a lot of stuff in the admin that is catered specifically towards gaming?

2.) Can the three main banner graphics up top be enable/disabled easily? It is a great feature of the theme, but one that I may not want to initially launch with.

Looks great and certainly looks like a great starting point for my new site idea!


1. The only thing that’s actually specific to video games is the review criteria. So if you’re not planning on using the review functionality, you have nothing to modify.

2. You can take the whole section out of the template, or hide it via CSS easy enough. Everything is stacked, so it should just pull out nicely.

Hi Matt, Very nice work! I have a query: In Black aperture live preview is a very nice black box glued to bottom windows bar. In my projects does not work. I like very much this bottom box and I want to use it in site that just I bought from you. What can I do for this? Thank you in advance.

Sorry, but that’s not part of the theme. It’s just an iframe I added to all of my theme previews to show some related links and the version of the theme and WP it’s running.

I recently, purchased and installed your theme however, I’m kinda new to wordpress and wondering if we could talk some how on if you could help me correctly install your theme?

Okay, Matt I installed everything correctly however, How do I make it so the logo shows and make it so my twitter icon shows ? link

Hey Matt, I love your theme so far, but I got a quick question for you. I like using the “three feature pictures” box to showcase articles I write only. I understand everytime I make a new post, it bumps the “feature pictures”. Is there any way I can post without it auto cycling when I blog about my site updates?

what other colors do they come in? do you have a white version?

Perfect. Could we get a white version and replace myspace with linkedin? Thanks.

I would sooo want a white version! :-)

I really like the theme but all titles seem to be in Caps, is there a way to disable that?

Titles are capitalized via CSS , so it’s very easy to change that.

is there a way to make certain pages/categories show up on the bottom bar of the nav under home?

Yeah, but you’d have to hard code them.

I love this theme, but I’m a little concerned at how dark it is, I would love something more in a light blue, would it be fairly easy to customize this myself, to another color just by editing the css file, or would it require changes to the images as well?

Do you have a list of other sites that are using this theme, so I can see what kinds of things other are doing?



It’s not easy to do a full colour scheme overhaul, but a light version has been the most common request for this theme. Have a look at this and let me know what you think.

Matt, Is there a simple solution to making the showcase only show on the home page, while the pages and posts do not show the showcase? Thanks Josh

Sure. You could wrap it in a conditional that tells it to only display that chunk of code on the homepage. I’m not sure if I can use code in a reply here, but here goes…

Put this before the featured posts block…
<?php if(is_home()) { ?>
And then this after it…
<?php } ?>

first of all: WOW ! this theme is awsome! good job dude! works fine and with a lil php knowledge I translated (into german) and configured everything in just one afternoon.

great theme – 5 star rating!

cheers from germany and keep up the good work!

To those that have asked for a light version of Black Aperture, peep this!

Coming soon!

Hey Matt,

For some reason my images don’t center. I’ve added an image, clicked on “center” and yet it still shows up left-aligned. Here’s an example from my Wet Review.

The first image is left-aligned, even though the code is:

align=”aligncenter” width=”308” caption=”Eliza Dushku is hot. Now, she’s Wet. “]Eliza Dushku is hot. Now, shes Wet.

Hi, can I use this without Wordpress? I would like to use this theme in Dreamweaver or som. similar. Would it work properly? I mean would everything be the same like in the demo?

Great theme mate.. Just one thing though.. I am not really myspace fan.. can you make an icon for ORKUT ?? Its just a simple ‘O’ instead of ‘t’ of twitter.. Thatl be really helpful :)

Hi Matt,

First let me say that this is a great theme and the coding is superb and very legible. I was wondering if you had any plans to make it so that the left and right sides of the theme could support images for advertising?