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hi matt, I bought your theme blackaperture on ThemeForest, but I have a problem, try to show 10 post per page and only show 5 and nose where changing, because the change in both read and not changed, I have to tell me modified to appear 10 post per page? greetings

Hi Matt,

Currently, I am using categories as page navigations and I was wondering if you could tell me how I can change the showcase images that are displayed at the top based on the current category that I am viewing.

I have tried looking into the functions that are in WP but I have not been able to accomplish this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance,

~Stephen R.

Ignore my last comment.

The image does align properly in Visual mode. However in HTML mode, when centered, it’s still left justified.

Does BA support the <!-nextpage-> code? Some of the reviews on my site are pretty in-depth so I’d like to cut them up a bit. Please let me know. Thanks!

Hi all,

Just launched a site using Black Aperture and I just wanted everyone to see how I modified it. Visually, (color wise) I didn’t change the theme but there is a lot of customized behind the scenes coding that took place to make this site possible.

To anyone interested you can view it here:

Thanks again Matt for an excellent theme and keep up the great work!

*P.S. Matt, I am still curious if you have any plans on implementing a “Background AD” option to the theme. It would be nice to fill the left and right sides of the site with AD space.

Like a few other folk i am checking into see if & when a light version will be available?

Like the screenshot posted to flickr – can’t wait to purchase.

Prior to purchasing… I would like to confirm that it will work fully with wordpress 2.8.5

Thank you.

I just purchased this theme, and it is really coming along. While reading threw these comments, I found a feature I would love, but am not sure where to implimenet it. This one from Matt:

“Sure. You could wrap it in a conditional that tells it to only display that chunk of code on the homepage. I’m not sure if I can use code in a reply here, but here goes… Put this before the featured posts block…”

<?php if(is_home()) { ?>

And then this after it…

<?php } ?>

I have been looking everywhere in terms of where I should put the <?php if(is_home()) { ?>and the <?php } ?> code.

Header.php? If so where? Please help if you can. Regardless, thank you so much for an amazing theme. You are truly talented!

@eve212 I’m currently using Black Aperture with Wordpress 2.8.5. (

Hey seeson – thanks for the confirmation

hey matt,

really nice template..

i uploaded the template to wordpress, but the logo and sidebar doesn´t appear..

a preview is available at

what did i wrong!?

I figured out my previous post. I do have a question for support Matt.

You say that you will not respond to comments on here for support.

You now no longer offer support through the Forum because of people getting non-pay versions of your theme.

It states you will only offer some support via theme forest…but I have no clue how to even do it. You click on support and its a bunch of random things.

1 thoughts: On this page, it verifies if the theme has been purchased when a comment is posted? It does not function nearly as well as a forum style, but it is pretty accurate.

If not – can you help with how we can get support? Maybe a URL or how one can actually use theme forest.

I am so happy with this theme. I am even learning more about the coding because of how clean/smart your code is.

Please help me out. I am sure there is a lot of us paying customers who would love some assistance whether from you direct, or some other peers. Thanks!

You can email me directly from my profile: Look for the “Email mattbrett” box in the sidebar.

Often enough, I end up having to login to a customer’s WP-Admin to see what the problem might be. That information can’t be shared on ThemeForest as it’s public.

I work freelance and have little-to-no time for anything aside from my current client work. My inbox has a strict set of rules that help me stay on top of everything and it’s the best way for me to remain productive. Asking my customers to email me directly is not too much to ask. I answer support requests at least every other day, and even multiple times on any given day.

I just have OLDER POSTS button on the homepage.. how do i enable pagination thing like in the demo site

Thank you Matt. I can respect that. Oh and happy to report – I am in fact using your theme as a video game site! :)

Good luck with everything. The theme is fantastic.

Hello, Matt!

First let me say that I am a fan of his work, is simply extraordinary!

Now, I would like to know if it is included the “option” of ratings, as seen in the demo preview? []

Sorry for the “English”, I am Brazilian and I’m improving my knowledge in the language. HAHA ’.

Hey Matt,

First of all I love the theme and think it will work well with what I am trying to do. I have been reading the discussion posts and came across a post that you advertise a “light” version of this theme (link to picture: ). I would prefer this theme over the “dark” theme. I have a few quick questions:

1. When will this theme be available (if at all)?

2. If available will this be a separate download (purchase) or just an update for all people who purchased the original “dark” Black Aperture theme?

I would hate to purchase the “dark” theme and then to have to repurchase the “light” theme soon after considering I only need one theme at the moment.

Thank You, Craig

works with wordpress 2.8 ?

@ neikbahau yeah works perfectly

@ sueliorodrigues yes

Hi realy one of the best templates i have ever seen! i am making a “video portal” kinda like but a lot simpler…i and i still havent decided which template to buy…others are also here on templateforest :)

i have few questins,i dont know wordpress much,i started using it few days ago,but i know css/javascript…
1.rating system,which one would you prefer with this template?
2.would embeded videos work on this template?
3.i am wondering if it can be done…to post videos as posts that would show in specific page(example:Funny…) have one page show everything and many pages containing their posts(videos) that page ‘Video’ would be funny,other one would be Sports,other one Fails…and one to have them all..

4.and one last thing,commenting on site? i need users to register and sign in,what plugin or extension do i need to use and can it be set to work with this template? like on “our magazine”


Hi Matt, i tried to register to your forum to ask you something, but you’re not accepting more subscriptions… so im here.

Everything is fine with the theme but i would like to have the pagination system you have on the demo site, i tried to use some pagination plug-ins but none of them worked and was a compatibility issue, i hope you can answer me soon. i want to know how can i fix that or what line of the php i must erase and use a plug-in. Thank you.