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Matt I had one more questions. Sorry to be such a pain . I was wondering if a feature was taken out .

Before when you clicked on a category ( On the Navigation bar) with Sub Categories it would show up on under the Main Navigation bar ( The gray area) . That no longer seems to be the case. Was this taken out ?

Here is an image of what I mean

The sub Directories seem to be missing from the new theme .. or im doing something wrong.

Yes, and no. The nav is now handled by the new Menu system, which was added in WordPress 3.0. Head over to the Appearance section, then Menus. Create a new menu named Main Nav, and add the pages and categories you want to include. You can drag and drop to reposition them, and build the nav exactly how you’d like. No more excluding pages and categories manually.

I started playing with that.. The issue is we have a bunch of shows. Too many to put on the main Nav Bar . It was nice that we could have a mini bar on the bottom with all the Categories . Is there a dope down menu Add on I can download that would create a drop down menu for The Categories ?

I’m not sure if you could do that with an add-on. I’ve never looked into that sort of thing. I could add a second menu for you further down the theme, but I would have to charge for my time. If you’re interested, send me an email via my ThemeForest profile and we’ll continue this conversation there.

How can i set the template to Full-width template? I find no option.

You have to pick Full-Width from the template drop-down for whichever page you want to apply it to.

Thx for support

i have another question…

how can i change the logo.jpg to a logo.png? i dosnt find the line but i need a png logo file not a jpg.


You can change the logo file name in the Theme Settings panel.

Okay thx.

Hi Matt,

First I would like to say that I love this theme I have been using it for a few months now. You do great work! I have the previous verision and I was wondering if you can give me instructions to upgrading to the new version. I tried to upload the new files by replacing the old one’s but its not working correctly.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


Grrl Rep

Replacing the existing theme files should do it. You’ll have to make sure your FTP client is set to overwrite existing files, as some will skip them by default. It might be easier to install the latest version as a new theme in its own directory.

i have a lot of personaly chanes in the template an update is very hard.

can you make a guide for update with text insert by hand? i cannot overwrite the files i have to many own code insert in it.

Unfortunately, no. Black Aperture 1.5 was a massive update, with over 60 files changed.

The easiest way of upgrading, is to install the latest version as a new theme, then make your modifications again manually. Some files have changed so drastically that you wouldn’t be able to copy and paste around your custom bits.

I wish there was a better way, but when you’re modifying files, there’s really no easy way to upgrade.

okay but maybe by the next not so big version?! ;) thx for request.

the right social button (rss) its not so dark likemthe others but i will alle are the same color

how can i change this?

That’s intentional. The RSS feed and email buttons are brighter than the others, to signify their importance.

another question… came the shortlink button in wprdpress from youre template?

I have no idea what you’re asking here.

its okay no problem more…


I just tried to upload in WP 3 .0 and I get this error:

The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description blackaperture Stylesheet is missing.


Obviously all the files didnt load via FTP .. sorted.

Question… How do i remove the hardcoded HOME tab or at least update its destination?


i have a wish for a next update but i wasnt it is possible.

in the gamebox on top (with cover, name genre etc.) i wish me a amazon button for buy.

ne blog owner can simply insert the amazon partner username an the button search automaticly for the game name and make a “buy at amazon” button.

it is possible?

Just about anything is possible, but I’m not adding any more new features to Black Aperture at this point. It would be trivial to add this if you can make your way around the templates.


Is there an option to show who the author is by the post title on the main page?

For instance, if I had a post called “Welcome” it Will look like:

WELCOME Monday, September 6, 2010 blah blah blah blah

but I would like it to show

Welcome By Admin, Monday, September 6, 2010

Or something like that. Can this be achieved by wordpress code or something?

No, there isn’t an option for that, but you could add it pretty easily yourself. Here’s the template tag you’ll need –


Would it be possible to get a light version of this?

Also, would it be possible to get a version that makes the default install look like the demo page? My install looks very, very empty and some of the side bars are not working.

Sorry, I only offer support for paid customers.


Is there any way i can change the width of the posts section of the template another 50 pixels?

Sorry, I only offer support for paid customers.

If you’re considering purchasing and asking an honest question, the answer is yes, but you’ll have to dig into the CSS and change the width of the containers yourself.

Hey I did pay for this theme on this site…please check my previous posts. Not sure why it’s saying I didn’t pay. Anyways do I have to change each post or is there a CSS section where every post width from know on will be 100 pixels wider?

Is there an issue with this site? When looking at the discussions, there’s only info available from 1 year ago, and my profile wasn’t showing that I purchased Black Aperture anymore…weird…

EDIT – now its working lol

MAtt, are you able to lead me in the direction of where the change would be to add the extra width to the news posts made? -AJB

Template integration to our existing site was a breeze. Had some toruble getting the logo image linked and we will have to get the writers to start using standard image sizes but overall, we love the new look!

Thanks Matt!

Digital Download Game World.

Check out our implementation of Black Aperture here…

Matt, my nave bar is missing the tab showing where I currently am on certain page. Why is this and how do i fix it?

Have you read the help documentation? It explains how to setup the nav.

This theme rocks! Hey Matt, is there an easy way to remove the post teasers?

I just want to save some clicking and show the post itself.


You’ll have to dig through the index.php template and replace instances of the_excerpt with the_content.